Chapter 1: Suspicions

** JC **

Why am I doing this I'm married, I shouldn't be sleeping with another woman or kissing, or even looking at another woman like tha-

~ Ring ring 3:32 p.m. ~

"Ahhh, shit" I screamed getting startled from my thoughts then looked at my cellular phone as if it was a call from the devil himself. I picked it up seeing it had HER number on the caller id "Hello, is that you?" "Yeah who else would it be? Well come over I need you right now" she said in a seductive tone, "I can't Hailey is right down stairs and she is already suspicious." "Ugh fine. God why did you have to marry her, I wish you didn't say yes when she asked you to marry her, and now we can't fool around as much" She whined.

"Hey JC what are you up too?" Justin said as he jumped into the room. I thought I locked the door, I said thinking to myself. I put one finger up to tell him to give me a minute. "Omg is that Justin? JC answer me, hello?" She said sounding very nervous. "I'm sorry I have to go but I want those papers on my desk tomorrow, ok bye" I said quickly covering up, hoping Justin would fall for it, and then hanged up the phone.

"So who was that?" Justin asked raising an eyebrow. "Oh just my secretary" I said lying through my teeth. "Come on man we have to go I want to see the Knicks get a beat down by Florida" Justin said a little over excited, I shoke my head and got up.

** Justin **

3:32 p.m.

I was just about to walk in JC's office when I heard him say, "I can't Hailey is right down stairs and she is already suspicious." I couldn't believe this how could he cheat on Hailey, but maybe I'm wrong I thought Britney was cheating on me but she was just planning a birthday party for me. Let me find out that you cheating on Hailey, JC, I'll kill you for hurting her.

"Come on man we have to go I want to see the Knicks get a beat down by Florida" I said getting excited.

** Ashlee **

Downstairs - 7:13 p.m.

"So are you alright?" I asked my bestfriend Hailey. "Yeah, just don't tell JC this but I am a little suspicious that he might be cheating on me. I started noticing little things about him after I proposed to him, I pray everyday that it isn't true. I don't know what to do." She said as she started to cry. Yeah he is cheating, I wanted to say but instead I said, "TRUST ME JC IS NOT CHEATING, I know him. All that time he spent away he is with Justin or one of the guys, anyway he loves you, if he was cheating he wouldn't have married you, think about it?"

"Yeah your right, I was just tripping, I don't what has got in to me. You know what? I sound like my sister, did I just say tripping? I think her 'slang' talking is rubbing off on to me. Well I know you have to leave soon so I'll let you go, call me later?"

"Yeah I will, but isn't your sister half black, half white and your half Puerto Rican, half white? Umm...different mothers right? Nevermind. I have to go now. Bye bye bye." Hailey rolled her eyes at me as I left and got in to my Lexus that Justin bought me. Poor Justin, he has no idea what I'm doing while he's not looking.

1/2 hour later - 7:47 p.m. - Hotel Trump Tower, Florida

"JC are you in here?" I called when I closed and locked the door to the hotel room. Thats when I saw him. He only had a towel on. "Join me" he said with a smirk and went back in to the bathroom. I practically tore my clothes off my body and ran in the shower with him.

The cleaning lady walked in to the room when she heard moans of pleasure, screams, profanity, and grunting coming from the bathroom. With that she made a 360 degree turn and jetted out the room making sure to put on the do not disturb sign on the doorknob.

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