* 6: Alibi *

This chapter is based on the interviews given to the main characters during questioning by Detective Reed who is in charge of the "Christina Case". Each question will be shown along with the answers given by those who were asked that certain question. Maybe you can figure it out and crack the case by choosing "who dunnit" at the end of this chapter.

1. What is your relationship to Christina Kirkpatrick?

JC: Christina is my fiancee. *sigh* I miss her.
Maddie: She is my best friend.
Jack: *hesitation* She was one of my closest friends. It's weird without her, ya know?
Joey: She is just a friend I knew around the club. *smiles* Pretty cute, too.
Courtney: Relationship? *snickers* She was with my ex, that's as far as it goes.
Joni: I hardly knew her, just through Courtney.
Abbie: She is JC's fiancee. We really didn't get along.
Kelly: She was with JC. *taps fingers on table* She knew I liked him so we didn't get along.

2. You didn't like her?

Courtney: Like I said, she was with my ex.
Joni: Well, Courtney didn't so I didn't.
Abbie: I'm not sure. I really didn't get to know her.
Kelly: Not after she got jealous when I was talking to JC and tried to kick my ass!

3. What did you like about her?

JC: *smile* Everything. It was like love at first sight, like we were ment to be together. She is wonderful.
Maddie: Her personality brightened up my day. *smile* I knew her since we were in school but we got closer when I started dating her brother. I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Jack: *grabbs a tissue* She was my girl. She was the most down to earth person. She loved me for me no matter how my personal life was different from others.
Joey: *grins* Like I said, she was cute. Seemed really nice too.

4. When was the last time you saw Christina?

JC: Right when she left to close up the club that night. *looks to the floor* She gave me a kiss even though I was sick which she hates to do. She smiled and then she was gone.
Maddie: I was at the club that night. It started snowing and Jack came in to take me home. She was getting ready to close up so I told her I'd see her the next day. *sigh* Yeah.
Jack: I saw her for a brief moment when I came to the club that night to pick up Maddie to take her home. I was spending the night with Kevin so I quickly came by to get Maddie and to tell Christina about the weather.
Joey: I stopped by her house to say hello earlier last week. I think it was the day that she and JC got engaged at the club.
Courtney: I was at the club that night. I was mingling most of the night and then I saw her when she came to close up. We had a brief encounter and I left after I drank a beer.
Joni: *thinking* I would have to say the day they got engaged.
Abbie: I saw her the night she disappeared. I didn't talk to her though.
Kelly: Not since our little fight. I haven't been in the club since then.

5. How long have you known Christina?

JC: Only since she started working at the club. I'd say about five months.
Maddie: We have been friends since we were in school. Since I was going out with her brother we have been best friends for about six years.
Jack: Actually I was friends with Maddie for like ever and she introduced me to Christina. I had a little crush on Christina's brother, Chris, *blushes* but like who didn't. He was hot. Maddie ended up with him anyways but Christina and I stayed good friends.
Joey: Only since JC opened the club, like a year ago. That's when she started hanging out there. I'd run into her every now and then but only became good friends with her like a month ago.
Courtney: I saw her around the club all the time but I've only really known her since she's been with JC.
Joni: Not long, I mean, we weren't friends. Since she's been with JC I have only talked to her when Courtney had her occasional spat with her.
Abbie: Just since I started hanging around with JC. Maybe about 2 months.
Kelly: Only since she's been with Jace. I didn't want to know her anyway, she was just in my way.

6. Do you know anyone that would want to harm Christina?

JC: *pause* I don't know. I don't even want to think about it.
Maddie: She's never been mean to anyone. I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt her.
Jack: She was a great girl. *sigh* I don't think anyone that knows her would hurt her. It could have been a random thing.
Joey: Not really. She's always been nice to everyone.
Courtney: I wanted to hurt her a couple times. *smirk* But I, nor anyone else would want to kill her.
Joni: I'm not sure. Like I said, I really didn't know her much so I don't know who all her friends are.
Abbie: Well, I might not have really liked her much but she wasn't a bad person. I don't know why anyone would do this.
Kelly: I dunno. *rolls eyes* She was a bitch so she must of done something to whoever did it. *pause* But don't look at me cause I didn't do it if that's what you're implying.

7. How long have you been going to The Midnight Club and do you know anything about the rear exit door?

Maddie: Ever since it opened a year ago and I know that the club has the rear exit but I've never went out that way.
Jack: I'd say about *pauses* 7 months or so. I knew about the rear exit. I used it once to get away from Courtney.
Joey: I have been going to the club probably for about 3 months now. I don't know anything about the exit.
Courtney: I helped Jace open the club about a year ago. Of course I knew about the rear exit. Used it alot.
Joni: Since Courtney has been at least. I helped her and JC get things started. I used that back door I think once or twice with Courtney.
Abbie: *straightenes herself in her chair* Um, about 5 months I guess. I've seen the door in the back but never used it.
Kelly: Probably about 4 months since I moved in the area and heard about JC. *smiles* I don't know about the door.

8. Have you ever been in the club office?

Maddie: Well, once I did stand right inside the door one night when Christina was closing up.
Jack: Nope, can't say that I have.
Joey: No.
Courtney: Of course. *grins* I used to say up there with Jace all the time. I don't think you want to know the details. *smiles*
Joni: No, I've never been up there.
Abbie: I did wait once to talk to JC and looked up when he came down to open the door. Other than that I've never been up there.
Kelly: I did try to go in once but one of the bouncers chased me away. *shrugs shoulders* I was just curious.

9. Where were you and what exactly did you do before the club closed that night?

JC: I was in bed sleeping. Like I said, I was sick and I waited for her to come back from closing.
Maddie: *looks to floor* Ok, well, my car was in the shop until the next morning so I had Jack drop me off at the club about an hour before it closed. I waited around for Christina and then talked with her until she closed up. I remember Courtney coming up to the bar at the last minute asking for a beer. We got into an arguement about a charmbracelet she was wearing which was given to her by JC which only made Christina mad. By then Jack showed up and we all said our goodbyes. As we were leaving I saw Courtney leave as Christina locked the doors.
Jack: Well, *sigh* I dropped Maddie off at the club because she was having car problems. I decided not to go out because I wanted to have some alone time with Kevin. We had our own little party at his house *grins* and then I came back to the club to pick up Maddie.
Joey: I had to work so I was working until about 6. I stayed home the rest of the night.
Courtney: I was mingling most of the night. Hooked up with a new hottie. *smiles* Right before Christina closed up I grabbed a beer and talked to Maddie for a brief second. I noticed that Jack, Maddie and Christina were talking a bit before she closed so I pretty much chugged my beer and left after Jack and Maddie did.
Joni: Every so often my parents and I go up to our cabin that we own up in the mountains. That's where we were.
Abbie: I was at the club for maybe an hour. I saw Christina and Maddie talking most of the time by the bar. Courtney was doin her own thing, making her way around the club as always. I left about a half hour before the club closed.
Kelly: I had to work early the next morning so I was in bed.

10. Where were you and what exactly did you do after the club closed that night?

JC: I was sleeping until Lance and another officer woke me up around 3:30.
Maddie: Jack drove me home and I went right to bed.
Jack: I dropped Maddie off and went back to Kevin's. We got a little drunk and started messin around. You get the idea.
Joey: I was sleeping.
Courtney: *smirks* Well, the hottie that I picked up showed up outside the club and noticed I was drinking. He let his friend that was with him take his car and he drove my car back to his place. Let's just say we had a nice night. *smiles*
Joni: We were all in bed since like 11 p.m. so we were sleeping.
Abbie: After I left I went home and pretty much fell into my bed. I was really tired.
Kelly: *rolls her eyes with attitude* Hello? I was in bed so I was sleeping. *groans*

* 7: Signs *

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