They saw themselves in each others eyes and forever was a word they repeated often. Being apart was never an option for they saw their future within each other. Even as others tried to tear them apart they stayed faithful. Only when she was gone did he grieve like he had never known and feel more alone than he'd ever had. What he didn't know was that she was with him every day, holding the secrets that would finally set him free.

* Author's Note - You may notice that the relationship between JC and Christina doesn't go into detail and seems really short. I have written the story this way on purpose because the plot of the story revolves around the death of Christina and my main goal was to stay with that main objective. ~Lamae~ *

Christina (Non-*NSYNC) Character Pics

Check out the soundtrack song list that inspired me for "Christina"!

Intro: Christina

1: The Midnight Club

2: The Secret

3: Raindrops On Roses

4: Faithfully

5: Tea and Sympathy

6: Alibi

7: Signs

8: Bittersweet Confession

9: The Old Mill Bridge

10: Goodbye My Love



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