* Intro: Christina *

If they knew what was going to happen they would have savoured every moment; each kiss, every I love you, all those nights they slept side by side. All of the times they fought and broke each others hearts could have been saved if they knew then how precious life was. Every minute and every second was flying by in their own destiny which they thought would last forever. The last words, the last touch, the last memory was so important now that things had changed. Every breath was another painful reminder of the living. Those who could laugh and sing and play to those who would never again smell the sweet aroma of the red rose in the summer or taste the fresh innocence of a winter snowflake.

In his heart was an empty void of darkness that had once held the brightness of the sun and the spirit of the wind. She filled him with the purest form of happiness that even with the rarest altercations with her would still pull him towards forgiveness. Her touch would jump start his day and fill his mind with the sweetest pleasures. Her flavored lip gloss he could still taste, her softly scented perfume he could still smell.

As he sat on his bed; pictures of her strewn about on top of his bed sheet, he listened to the rain hitting the roof. He remembered how she used to curl up beside him as the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed in the distance. Their body heat created an envelope of security which always made her fall asleep quickly. He softly caressed her hair and stared at her as she slept. She never knew he watched her.

How he wished he could touch her once more. He wished he would see her walk through the door as she came home from work. Like she was doing that day when she never returned. He cried lightly to himself, looking around suspiciously as if someone else were watching him although he was alone in the house.

She stood behind him, watching him as he grieved for her. She felt his pain and his loneliness. She could hear every thought and taste every tear. She longed to touch him, to hold him once again. She couldn't speak, she couldn't physically touch anything, but if she could gather enough emotion, or so she was told by those who had also gathered in the in-between, she could build up enough energy to mentally knock something over or close a door.

Trapped between two worlds, unable to leave those she loved on Earth to join those who were waiting for her on the other side, she stayed and watched him every day mostly when he felt lonely. And there she would stay until she could set the truth free, until he could finally get the answers he deserved and the stability he needed.

But, until then, she would have to watch him, a silent witness filled with so many words and emotions that if it all came bursting out she could create an earthquake. She brushed past his cheek, sending shivers down his spine. She floated to the other side of the room. With all the love for him she could gather in one day, she leaned over and blew out the candle that was lit on top of his dresser. In the darkness he smiled lightly to himself. He wasn't alone. He would never be alone.

* 1: The Midnight Club *

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