* Christina Soundtrack *

Song playing is "My Immortal" (band version) by Evanescence

Since I had discovered Evanescence, I loved their music from the start. Although I had already started to write "Christina" before Fallen was released, I soon realized that a whole Evanescence CD could tell my story on its own. Therefore, I used the Fallen CD as my soundtrack and also included "Even In Death" from their first album, Origin. You can click on the titles for the lyrics.

1. Going Under - Jack's theme
2. Bring Me To Life - Christina main story theme
3. Everybody's Fool - JC's song for Courtney
4. My Immortal - Maddie's song for Chris
5. Haunted - Courtney's song for JC
6. Tourniquet - Courtney's theme
7. Imaginary - Christina's song about the other side
8. Taking Over Me - JC's theme
9. Hello - Maddie's theme
10. My Last Breath - Christina's theme
11. Whisper - Christina's song for Courtney
12. Even In Death - JC's song for Christina