“She said you know where the gun is.” She spoke softly as she leaned in closer. “You and Josh are supposed to get the gun and get her brother without anyone seeing anything.”

“Josh?” He paused. “Okay, then what?”

“You are to tell her brother to put his fingerprints all over the gun and then put it back to where you got it. Her brother is to confess to the murders on the stand. Of course no one is going to believe that he would just all of a sudden confess so he is also supposed to tell them where the gun is and then they will find his fingerprints all over it.”

Elijah put his hands on his face and then interlaced them together. “You just totally skipped like a chapter of a story. There are a lot of holes missing here.”


“Like, for one thing, he has no motive.” He started but Charisma cut him off.

“What was Jessica’s motive?”

“What? Jessica didn’t…uggh. I’ll think of something.” He sighed.

“Uh, yeah, you better.” She huffed.

“And, another thing!” Elijah continued. “So, Josh and I are supposed to threaten him to say that he did it? He could go to the police or anyone and tell them what we did. It’s not that simple.”

“Well, then you better threaten him pretty good so that he doesn’t narc you out. Jessica said you had connections. You can find some way to keep him quiet about that.”

Elijah shook his head. “I guess I can think of something.”

Charisma looked into his eyes with curiosity. “What did you do to your dad to make him say he did it?”

“Actually, I didn’t have to say anything for that one. When he came home from work he found her. He was stupid enough to pick up the utensil I used and put his fingerprints all over it. Before he could get up off the floor the police were already there.”

“So, its like Jessica’s case. At the wrong place at the wrong time?” Charisma raised a brow.

“Something like that.”

Charisma stayed silent for a moment but then continued. “If it helps you at all, Jessica said that her brother isnt as good as he seems either. He did something pretty bad but he thinks he got away with it.”

“And what’s that?” Elijah questioned quickly.

“She said to go find some girl named Abby Boone. Jessica thinks that her brother might have tried to rape this girl or something. I don’t know the details. Find her and then you might have something to blackmail him with.”

Elijah bit on his lower lip as thoughts enveloped his mind. “Interesting.”