"Justin, c'mon!" Anna sighed as she stopped in the middle of the mall. "Shopping with you is like hanging out with my little brother."

Justin looked at her as he stood with his four other friends. "You can go do your thing if you don't want to wait."

She rolled her eyes and turned and walked away. "Everytime you see those guys it never fails." she said under her breath as she walked into another clothing store.

"Anna!" a tall girl with long dark hair waved to her over the racks. "Over here!"

"Hey Kel!" she yelled back as she met up with her at the lingerie section.

"Whatcha up to?" she asked as she sorted through the underwear.

"Not much, literally." she sighed. "Remind me never to bring Justin again."

Kelly smirked as she looked up at her. "That's why I always go shopping alone."

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that yet?" she laughed lightly.

"Don't tell me, he found the four horsemen?" Kelly joked.

"Instant guy mode let me tell ya."

"So, what have you guys been up to?" Kelly asked as she continued looking at the underwear on the table.

"Not much to tell ya the truth. We work all the time so we hardly ever get to see each other. When we do he is always with his friends." she replied as she looked down at a pair of floral bikini briefs.

"Well," she leaned in closer. "I know how you can get his attention more and to spice things up if you know what I mean." she smiled as she held up a pair of barely there red thongs.

"Ewwe, no. Those things are gross. I'm not wearing a pair of butt floss." she wrinkled up her nose and looked away.

"Girl, you are crazy. These things are so in right now and the guys go nuts when girls wear them." she smiled.

"Don't remind me. I only hear it from Justin every time he sees one."

"Oh yeah, that one is hot!" Justin yelled from behind them.

"See what I mean?" Anna smirked.

"I gotta get you in some of these." Justin smiled as he grabbed the one Kelly was holding.

"Never." Anna replied bluntly.

"Seriously, Anna. They aren't that bad. They may look scary at first but trust me, you never even know you have them on." Kelly informed her.

"That's nice but I pass. C'mon, Justin, I'm getting Chinese and going home."

"Cya later, Anna!" Kelly yelled to her as they walked out the store.


Justin sighed loudly. "You know I don't like Chinese. I wouldn't eat it if it was the last food on Earth so why do you keep getting it?"

"Don't worry, we can go by McDogfood and get you a fatburger on the way home, okay?" she said sarcastically.

"Oh, so you are gonna be like that then?"

"Well, if you want that crap, then fine."

Justin stopped near the exit of the mall and looked at her. "Tell ya what, if you wear a thong for me then I will eat Chinese for you."

He turned back around and walked out the door. Anna smirked to herself and followed.

They returned back to her apartment a half hour later with shopping bags, Chinese and McDonald's in hand. Justin quickly went to the living room and fell down on the couch with a thud and turned on the tv. The crunching of his french fries was heard all the way in the kitchen where Anna went first.

She went into her usual routine as she grabbed a bowl to dump her rice into. Her chicken and broccoli went over top and included many little packets of soy sauce. Her usual bag of fried wontons and container of sweet and sour sauce came next on its on own plate. At last she found the fortune cookies. They were the only things Chinese that Justin would touch and it was mostly only for the fortunes.

"You know that stuff stinks?" Justin complained as he sat up and moved over so that she could sit down.

"Yeah, I know, you tell me everytime. But, I'm still nice enough to give you your fortune cookies." she replied as she sat her stuff down on the coffee table.

"They don't stink." he said as he looked at her seriously.

"So what does it say?" she asked as she ignored his comment.

"Make a wish, it might come true." he smirked.

She took a mouthfull of rice and swallowed. "Ya never know."

Justin sucked on his straw and made a loud noise at the bottom of his McD's cup. He shook the ice and tried again only to sit it back down and stuff the rest of his quarter pounder with cheese in his mouth.

"I guess you need another drink, piggie?" she looked at him with disgust as he looked like a chipmunk.

He just shook his head as Anna stood up. "Fine. I need one anyways."

By the time she returned Justin was finished and was flipping through the channels. He was hardly thirsty anymore but still hungry. Her Chinese food was actually starting to look appetizing.

"Took ya long enough." Justin reached out for his can of soda. "Did you have to go to the store for this?"

"No." she bluntly replied as she sat back down.

"Why are you wearing no shirt? And where did that bra come from?" Justin became confused.

"Sorry, its really hot in here. Besides its not like you haven't seen everything." she giggled.

"Okay, okay." his face turned red.

"The bra came with a pair of underwear. It was a set. I never wore them before." she finished.

Justin opened his can and took a swig but almost spit it back out. "What is that?"

Anna took a bite of her wonton as she looked over at him. "What is what?"

"What is that sticking out of your jeans?" he said eyeing her up.

"Oh, that." she casually replied.

"I'm guessing that came with the bra?" Justin said touching it.

"Yeah, I've had it for awhile but ya know, never wanted to try it out."

"Very pink. Man, thats nice." Justin said as if he were drooling.

"Glad you like it."

"What's the occasion?" Justin turned his attention back to her.

"You asked me to." she replied.

"And when do you do anything I ask you to?" he retorted.

"Since we made a deal." she grinned.

"What deal?"

"Oh, how we forget so quickly." she laughed.

"The thong..." Justin remembered.

"Uh huh."

"Oh my." Justin sighed, knowing he had lost. He had challenged her and she came out the winner. He should have known better but a deal was a deal.

"Wonton?" she said as she held it out for him.

"Can I have sauce with that?" he asked as he took it from her and smiled in defeat.



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