"Sara! Come on, let's go!" Jen Andrews yelled to her friend, Sara Brown.
"I don't wanna go!"
"Come on! I won you a ticket to go see *NSYNC and you don't want to go? People would die for your ticket!"
"Tell them they are not worth dying for."
"Ugh! Please just come with me! They are having a drawing for one lucky person to go backstage and meet them, too!"
"Great! Knowing my luck, I'll win. Not like I want to." Sara said while getting up off the couch.
"So, you're going?"
"I guess."
"Yeah!" Jen yelled as she grabbed Sara by the arm and pulled her out the door.

They jumped in Jen's silver Eclipse and drove ten minutes to the show. The place was packed. They seemed a mile away from the stage but by the time the show started, they had wiggled their way close enough to the front to see the guys' faces. The people screamed as *NSYNC entered onto the stage. Sara looked at her ticket, which had a number on it for the drawing. "If I win this, I will run away." she thought to herself. She looked up and saw JC singing and looking in her direction. She quickly looked away. They were cuter than she thought.

The show was over but the guys stayed on stage. Justin walked out to the end of the stage and a big box was brought out to him.
"It's time for the backstage drawing, everybody!" Justin yelled into the microphone. Everyone screamed and stood nervously while waiting patiently for Justin to draw his hand into the box.
"And the winning number is...."
"I'm not going to win, I'm not going to win." Sara said to herself while Jen was saying to herself that she was going to win. "I'm not going to win, I'm not going to....Oh my God! I won!" Sara yelled so loudly that everyone around her just stared as Justin looked her way.
"Did you win?" Justin asked.
"Um...unfortunately." she said under her breath, "Yea, I won."
"Let me see your ticket!"

Sara pushed her way through until she came up to the railing. A security guard gave Justin her ticket and she was quickly taken backstage.
"Well, it seems that you got the luck of the draw!" said the security guard who stayed with her until the guys came in to greet her.
"Yea." Sara said sarcastically.
"It's weird that you aren't ecstatic by now. Anyone one else would be screaming their head off and I would have had to hold them back from trying to find the guys already."
"Well, it really wasn't my idea of coming here. My friend gave me the extra ticket."
"Oh, well don't forget to thank your friend and hey, here come the guys!"


"Hi!" the guys said at the same time. They introduced themselves and asked if she would like a little tour. Reluctantly she said yes as JC came over to her.
"We'll show you the tour bus." said JC who motioned Sara to walk with him.

They walked out to the bus, where it was secretly parked so that the fans couldn't find it. JC let her walk in first and the guys followed behind. They showed her around the bus but then stopped to play some games in the back room. Chris turned on the radio and started singing and jumping around. Sara laughed for the first time that day, realizing that the guys weren't that bad after all and that they were actually quite fun to hang around with. Justin joined in as Joey and Lance put in a game to play. The music was so loud that Sara couldn't hear a word that JC was saying to her so they went out to the front part of the bus.

"We're glad that you won. We had fun showing you around." JC said to her while sitting down.
"You are all glad or you are glad?" Sara questioned.
"Well, we are all glad. Maybe me more than the others but it was cool having you here." JC said softly as his blue eyes twinkled.
"That's sweet. I did have more fun than I thought I would. To tell you the truth, I didn't even want to be here but my friend Jen talked me into it."
"She is a great friend then. Don't forget to thank her later."
"I won't. I'll never forget this."
"Maybe you won't ever have to!"
"What do you mean?" Sara said confused while watching JC get up.
"I can't tell you right now but I'll let you know later."
"Um...ok!" Sara said still confused.

The other guys came out of the back room and sat down around Sara and JC. JC whispered something to Justin and they both walked back into the back room and Sara started to talk with the rest of the guys. A few moments later JC and Justin walked back out and noticed the driver coming into the bus.

"Well, I guess it's time to get going!" said Lance as the rest of the crew got onto the bus.
"It was nice hangin' with you guys!" Sara said while standing up and watching Justin talk to some of the crew.
"You're not leaving yet!" JC replied.
"I'm not?"
"She's not?" said Lance, Joey, and Chris at the same time.
"Nope! Sara, you are coming with us to the hotel first before anything else."
"Anything else?" Joey asked in puzzlement.
JC just smiled as Justin walked back to them.
"It's all set!" Justin said to JC.
"It's all set?" Joey asked again.
They all laughed as the bus began to move out of the parking spot.


They got to the hotel and ran through the screaming fans. The guys signed a couple autographs and waited through a few pictures. They couldn't wait to get cleaned up and changed. JC pulled Sara into the hotel room as security stood outside the doors. Justin jumped on one of the beds and just laid there as Joey jumped into the bathroom. Sara walked out onto the balcony and was amazed with the view. She could see the whole city from there. JC walked out to the balcony and stood behind her.

"Hi!" Sara said realizing JC was behind her.
"So, are you going to tell me what you and Justin were talkin about earlier?"
"I will, soon!"
"Oh, come on!" Sara said impatiently as JC moved beside her and looked down into the street.
"I'll tell you when I know for sure that what I want to do is allowed."
"What?" Sara said, now confused and getting goosebumps from the cool breeze.
"Nevermind. You look like you are getting cold."
"Yea, it's getting a little chilly out here." she said as JC moved over closer and rubbed his hands on her arms, trying to create some heat.
"Anytime!" JC said while they both looked at each other.

In the meantime, everyone got cleaned up and changed and was staring out the glass doors that led to the balcony.
"Looks like somethin' is going on out there!" Lance said jokingly.
"Looks like it to me, too." Joey replied as Sara and JC walked back in.
They all turned away and pretended to be doing other things when a crew member walked in. Immediately JC and Justin walked over and Sara jumped on the phone to call Jen.

"Hey Jen!" Sara yelled over the phone.
"Hey! You are so lucky to be hanging out with the guys! Even when you didn't wanna go!"
"I know! But, since I hung out with them for awhile, I got used to them. They are actually pretty cool. Especially JC."
"What about JC?" Jen answered back kinda suspicious since her favorite guy was JC.
"He's very friendly. He is basically the only one that I have been talking to. It seems like he likes me. I think he is kinda cute."
"Is something wrong?" Sara asked after Jen went silent.
", everything is fine. I'm glad you had fun!"
"Thanks! Now JC and Justin are conjuring up some plan that has to do with me but they won't tell me."
"That sucks. I hope it is something cool!"
"Yea, me too, since after how long JC made me wait."
"Well, I have to get going, my mom needs to use the phone."
"Ok, see ya later!"
"Yep! Bye!"

Sara hung up the phone and walked over to JC, who had a big smile on his face.
"Are you gonna tell me now?" Sara asked persistantly.
"Yea, I guess it is about time." JC said while looking at the rest of the guys.
Sara looked at Joey, Lance, and Chris, and noticed that they knew what it was about too.
"Ok, we have a decision for you to make." Justin replied quickly.
"What decision?"
"We want you to stay on the rest of the tour with us." Chris said, finshing off what Justin started.
"What!?! Are you kidding me?" Sara said as her jaw dropped.
"Well, we usually wouldn't do something like this, actually we wouldn't even think of it, but we only have 5 tour dates left and as soon as we are done, you can just come back home." Joey explained.
"I can't believe this! There are so many girls that love you guys and would die for this. A couple hours ago, to tell you the truth, I actually didn't even care about you guys and I am getting this chance!"
"Well, at least you told the truth about how you felt about us!" Lance said and laughed.
"I have some calls I have to make first, if that is okay with you guys."
"Yea, its cool." Justin replied, "But ya have to hurry up cause we gotta go in an hour."
"Ok! Thanks guys!" she said, now ecstatic. "Thanks JC!" she said as she hugged him.
"Like I said before, anytime." he replied with a smile.


In an hour they were on the road again. Sara had told her mother what she was doing, since she was old enough to make her own decisions, and had grabbed her clothes and was now on tour with *NSYNC. She had not yet told Jen. She knew she would be furious and very jealous. She did plan on telling her soon though. Jen would wonder where she is when she doesn't come back.

"Ha! Ha! I won again!" Sara said to Chris, who was playing a game with her.
"Okay, okay! This game is too easy for you!"
"Yea, sure!" she said while standing up. "Can I get something to drink?" she said to anyone who was listening.
"Yea, there is some water out in the fridge." Lance replied back.
"Okay, thanks!" she said back, noticing that everyone was lounging in the room except JC.
She walked out of the room and closed the door but as soon as she walked past the bunks, a hand reached out and grabbed her leg. She stopped and turned around and JC pulled her down into the bunk with him. Before she knew it, she was lying on top of him.

"What are you doing?" Sara asked silently
"Shhh...don't say anything." JC said as he started to kiss her.
"But...." she said while pulling away. "Someone will catch us."
"Who cares?" JC said while pulling her towards him again.
"I do!" she said as she jumped off of him and out of the bunk.
"Sara!" he yelled to her as she went to the small fridge for some water.
Just as he called out to her, Chris opened the door to the back room.
"Are you playin' another game?"
"Yea, I'm coming." she said as she looked at JC in the bunk while walking back into the back room.

About an hour later Chris and Sara stopped playin games and turned off the tv. Justin had crashed on the floor, Lance was watching Chris and Sara play, and Joey was reading.
"Doesnt JC ever hang with you guys in here?" Sara asked after noticing JC wasnt with them all night.
"Yea..." Joey said while looking up from reading. "But, he likes to sleep alot. He complains that he doesnt get enough. Its no biggie to us, really."
"It looks like Justin was tired." Sara said while walking over him.
"I think we all are." said Chris, streaching and yawning. "Ill show you to your bunk."
"Ok." Sara replied as Joey woke Justin up.
They all jumped into their bunks, Justin stumbled into his, and they all went to sleep.

They were on the road for one more day until they got to their next concert stop. Those two days were tense for Sara. JC hardly talked to her and the guys were always doing something which left her always alone. She was thinking that maybe this wasnt a good idea after all. She didnt realize how busy they really were and how much time she would have on her own. Even so, she did have the opportunity of a lifetime and an opportunity that others would die for, to hang out with *NSYNC.

"Its tearin' up my heart...." JC sang into the microphone as the guys rehearsed.
Sara stood behind the stage helping the crew with little errands while watching JC. She wondered if she made a mistake by not hooking up with him. Every girl dreams of being with the guys and she had a chance and blew it.
"I wonder if he would still hook up with me." she said to herself as the guys stopped singing and made their way backstage.
She grabbed JC as he walked by and leaned up and kissed him before he even knew it. He broke away from her and just looked at her but then kissed her back.
"Thanks." JC said and walked offstage.
"Anytime." Sara replied to herself.

The day went fast and the arena was filled quickly. Sara didnt talk to JC anymore that day but did see him running around with the rest of the guys as they got together to play hackey before they went onstage. The concert started and Sara stood backstage, watching JC's every move. He was growing onto her. She didnt know for herself if that was a good or bad thing but she knew she had to take a chance. Awhile later the concert was over and the guys ran offstage. JC stopped when he saw her and grabbed her hand.
"Its time to go back on the road!" he said to her as he smiled and pulled her so that she would follow him.
She smiled back and jumped onto the bus.


Sara got to stay on the bus for another two weeks, since their tour dates werent back to back. She and JC were together most of the time and the guys hardly got any time to hang out with them. They werent dissapointed though, if they had someone on tour with them that they hooked up with, they would probably do the same thing.

"Sara!" Chris yelled from the back room.
"Yes?" she replied from the front of the bus where she was sitting with JC.
"Will you come and play some games with me?" he said in a childish voice, playing around.
"I guess!" she said as she got up but JC grabbed a hold of her hand.
She turned around and looked in JC's eyes. They were sparkling and she could tell he was in love with her but she wouldnt believe it unless she heard it first. She knew that she would be safe and loved forever if he could confess how he felt. She couldnt wait for the day or the moment but he again became shy and let her walk back into the back room with Chris, Joey, and Justin. Lance was sleeping and JC then decided to do the same.

"Has he said anything to you yet?" Joey asked as she walked in.
"No, not yet." she sighed.
"Give him some time." Justin replied.
"I dont have much time left!"
"Well, just because the tour is soon over doesnt mean you wont be with him." Justin added. "Yea, I know." she said as she sat down beside Chris who was waiting to play a game.

The night dragged on and after awhile Sara fell asleep. She was half awake when she felt someone pick her up and put her in the bunk. But, being half asleep she didnt think of who it would be until she heard JC's voice.
"Hey, are you awake?" JC whispered in her ear.
Sara just laid there with her eyes closed even though she was awake.
"I...I love you, Sara." JC whispered again as he moved into his bunk.
Sara smiled knowing that he couldnt see her. She now felt safe and loved.

It was about 3 a.m. and after a quick nap, the bus driver started on his way out of town. The night was dark but the full moon illuminated the sky. They were on a country like road before getting onto the interstate when the bus driver noticed a deer jump out towards the bus. He swerved in shock from the deer and the bus flipped sideways. Everyone flew out of their bunks. Lance, JC, and Justin flew back into the walls of their bunks but Chris, Joey, and Sara flew out into the hallway. Chris landed on Lance, Joey smashed his head off the bunk, and Sara ended up outside the bus. All she remembered was glass on her face and pain in her head and body as she laid in the grass. She remembered what JC had said to her earlier and realized she had to hang on. She heard him calling her name as she blacked out.

Sara woke up and saw the blurred image of the ceiling of her hospital room. She looked around and saw JC sleeping on a chair beside her. She dimly saw the guys sitting in a lobby outside her window. The doctor entered the room and noticed that she was awake and woke up JC. After a quick check, the doctor left her alone with JC.
"Hey you!" JC said with a smile.
"Hi." Sara replied in a weak voice.
"You have been out for a little while. We were getting worried there."
"How long has it been?"
"About a week. I have been right beside you the whole time. Youre lucky, love."
"Only because of you." Sara said with a smile.
"I love you!" JC said with a sparkle in his eyes.
"I love you, too!" Sara replied right as the rest of the guys walked in.
"Hey Sara!" they all said at the same time.
"Hey guys! Are you all ok?"
"Were fine. Joey has a bump on his head but hes gonna be ok!" Justin answered as they all looked over at Joey.
"We were more worried about you!" Joey finished.

They talked for a little while more before the guys had to leave. Sara stayed in the hospital for two more weeks and they made their way back to her hometown. Everyone was excited to have *NSYNC there again and to have Sara back. The guys stayed there for their break and Jen hooked up with Justin. Even though she liked JC before she decided to leave him alone. In the meantime, Jen and Sara introduced their friends to the rest of the guys and they all hung out together. As the new tour started, Jen and Sara went along and they were on the road once again.