: Chapter 1 :

"You have an interview in five minutes. Can I ask where the hell you're at?" Ambria's agent, Monica yelled over her cell phone as she paced the studio hallway.

"Calm down! I'm just right down the street. By the way, did you hear from Justin?"

"No. I'm sure he has important things to do, too."

"Sorry!" she replied with an attitude. "I just realized that I had my cell off all day and I hoped that he had called you."

"Nope, sorry. I didn't get lucky."

"Haha. Not like you would"

"Shut up and get here already, will ya?"

Ambria laughed as she was escorted out the limo. "I'm here, I'm here! Goodbye!"


The tour bus rocked gently as it moved quickly down the freeway. The hot sun glared down and cracked the dry Arizona dirt which screamed for rain. The air conditioner blew quietly as the boys kept themselves busy on their trip.

"Come and play!" Chris bugged Joey for the tenth time to join him on the playstation. Joey grabbed some water out of the fridge and stared back at Chris with annoyment.

"Go play with yourself"

He paused to roll his eyes and thought of a reply. "I've already done that, come on!"

"Oh God, I didn't need that mental image!" Justin joked from the table where he was playing a hand of cards with JC.

"Yes you did. You probably haven't got play for a couple months!" Chris laughed as he walked into the front area of the bus.

"First off, we don't need to have this conversation and second, at least I got a girl to get some play from!" he finished with an attitude.

"Ha! Ha!" Joey laughed from behind Chris. He turned around and gave Joey a mean look.

"Well, Mr. Innocent, don't you have something smart to say?" Chris motioned over to Lance, who was sitting on the huge couch.

"Who said I was innocent?"

"Ohhh!" everyone yelled at the same time. Chris turned red from his joke turning around on him.

"Ok, I'm gonna go play with myself - now!" he turned around and yelled the last word in Joey's face, who was still laughing.

"Good. That's what you do best!" Joey replied.

"Jerk" Chris said jokingly under his breath and walked through the curtain.

"What a loon!" Joey said as he jumped in the booth seat behind JC. He leaned over JC's shoulder and watched them play.

"Have you talked to Ambria today?" Lance asked as he flipped the channels on the TV.

"Nah, her cell phone wasn't on at all. I don't even know what she is doing. I think she had an interview or something though."

"Isn't her debut on that new soap on today? What's it called?" JC finally spoke up.

"Paradise Cove." Justin quickly answered without looking up from his hand.

"Yeah, yeah. That's it" JC replied and looked over at Justin's hand.

"Hey, no cheating!" Justin pulled his hand back. "It comes on at 1"

"Kewl! Fifteen minutes to go!" Lance said as he flipped the channels again to the station that it was on.

"Go fish" Chris announced as he walked up behind JC.

"What?" JC looked at him strangely. The rest of the guys looked at Chris, too.

"You don't have any cards he needs" Chris said innocently. JC looked at his cards, put them down on the table and jumped up from his seat. Chris' eyes opened wide and he took off to the back of the bus. JC ran after him and gave him a wrestling move. He jumped on him, elbow first.

"Oweeeeeeee!" Chris yelled loudly and everyone laughed. They couldn't see them in the back of the bus but they could hear JC bodyslamming him onto the floor.

"Oh well!" Justin threw his hand down and took all the cards on the table in his arms. "I win!"


"Well, that went well" Monica said as she joined Ambria offstage.

"I think so"

"Well, besides being three minutes late," she looked down at her watch. "I'd say it was just dandy."

"Why must you be so perfect all the time?" she asked with an attitude as they walked out the back doors to the limo.

"What are you talking about? I get you a job. On a new show might I add. And, I get you interviews to flaunt your pretty face around and yet you complain."

"I was three minutes late" she stopped to look back at her before she entered the limo.

"So, I'm a perfectionist. What can I say?"

"You know, you are starting to remind me of JC" she sat down on the soft leather seat and grabbed a water out of the small fridge.

"Too bad he's not single"

"Yeah, too bad you're old enough to be his mother"

"Ok, bad thought" she shook her head as she looked in the mirror, fixing her make-up.

"So, what's next on the agenda?"

"Don't you know what you are doing?" she looked over at her, her lips still puckered from putting on lipstick.

"That's what I have you for"

"You're lucky I put up with your sassy little I'm too good for you attitude"

"But of course you do. You wouldn't get paid without me" she smirked and took a sip of her water.

"You snot"

"You love me" Ambria laughed as her cell rang. "Hello?"

"Hey baby. Its bout time you answer."

"Sorry. I didn't even realize I had it off all day."

"It's kewl. I'm sure you were busy anyway."

"Kinda. I just finished up an interview. In fact I don't even know where were going right now." she laughed lightly as she grabbed Monica's planner and skipped it to the right page.

"Well, we are in a very hot Arizona. We have a show in like 8 hours."

"Yeah, I remembered you had a show today. Geez, I feel like I don't talk to you at all."

"Get used to it, hunny. When you start getting busy, sometimes you forget where you are."

"Now that's a scary thought."

"Not really, I do it all the time" Justin laughed as he sat in the quiet area of the bunks.

"Well, I'm going to see you soon, right? I miss ya tonz."

"I miss ya, too. Yeah, I'm going to meet up with you in L.A. like we planned."

"Ok, just making sure. Oh! Did you guys see the first show?"

"Yeah, Lance was all excited to see it for some reason. But, I wasn't excited with that big smooching scene between Krista and Eric."

"You are kidding me right?" she laughed.

"Yeah I'm kidding, haha. I know who you come home to"

"Well, right now no one. But, I'm sure to let you know when I find out" she joked with him.

"And I almost forgot why I love you" he laughed as he got up to walk back out to the front of the bus.

"Ok, well we are stopped outside another studio. The cast is having a special interview for Soap Opera Digest. And then tonight is our 'debut' party when we will get our ratings and reviews from the critics."

"Well the rest of your day is just about shot."

"Your's will be alot more fun, trust me!"

"Yeah, yeah. Well, I hope the party goes well for you, I mean with the critics and all."

"I'm sure it will be, but I'm a bit nervous" she cut herself off quickly as Monica motioned her to hurry up. "Hey, I have to get going before Monica pulls me out by my hair."

"Is she that violent?" he laughed as he noticed that they pulled up to the hotel.

"Sometimes" she replied as she stepped out the limo. "Well, have a good show tonight. I'll talk to you tomorrow, ok hun?"

"Ok. I have to go too. We just got to the hotel."

"Ok. Love ya! Bye bye!"

"Love ya, too. Later babe!"

Ambria hung up and walked quickly with Monica into the building. They were escorted to an auditorium like room for the interview. There she met up with her new family and all 20 of them had their first big interview together.

: Chapter 2 :