: Epilogue ~ An Interviewers Article :

By: Mike Howard
Orlando Weekly

Orlando, FL - I sat down to have a little chat with the pop princess, Britney Spears, and came out of the interview with a different agenda then when I came in to it. I figured we would have a nice conversation about her new album and what made each song significant from the other. Well, either this was the wrong day to do an interview or I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although, I can't put down into words how the whole interview went, I can tell the higher point of the evening. I accidently, I emphasize on the accidental part, happened to mention how she felt of the whole media triangle between her, Justin Timberlake, and Ambria Atkins. Can I say that it was the wrong move when everything practically flew off the table in the small cafe we were sitting in. A water glass smashed as it rolled off the table and hit the floor. The silk faux flowers that adorned the center of the table, now adorned my coffee cup. Half the silverware had vibrated its way to a lengthy fall off the edge. I wonder if I really irritated her that much just by mentioning their names, so I continued as two waitresses came by to clean up the mess. Before I could start again, a waitress said that it was alright and that they would get out of our way quickly. Do the waitresses also know about Britney's string of violent behavior when she goes into restaurants? Somehow I forgot as I asked her to join me at the cafe. Do you think she needs to go to anger management classes? I thought that to myself too but I decided to let that pass if only she picks up her check at the end of the interview. So, I started again. She began to act weird. She talked silently as in a whisper but yet she was very descriptive. "I love Justin very much, I always have." she confessed as she started to calm down. "We used to have what they (Ambria and Justin) call their relationship now." she cut off the end making me wonder what she ment, so I asked what kind of relationship they have. "It's like a fairy tale where everything is perfect and nothing can ever come between it." But I stopped her by saying that Ambria and Justin's relationship had been anything but perfect and that her and Justin's relationship couldn't have been a fairy tale one if Ambria came in the picture. I figured that I had made another mistake and maybe have caused another outburst but I didnt. I pretty much ended the interview right there. She had this glare in her eye now and a little smirk upon her peach frosted, glossed lips. "I dedicated a song to her on my album." she finally spoke. I looked at her strangely as if she had gone mad. You did? I asked as I gripped my coffee cup a little harder. "Yeah," she snikered a little. "Track 8. It's called 'Cinderella'. It's mostly about Ambria and her perfect relationship with Justin. It's so perfect that it's sick." she finished. She was getting irritated again and I slowly sat up to be a little farther away from her before she could stick a fork in my heart. Did I dare to ask what was the reason for making the song? But I did and she answered, "Cinderella's got to go!" And, then she did stick a fork in it. Not me thankfully, but the interview. Just as she yelled her last piece to me, she stood up quickly, stormed out and jumped into her limo in 10 seconds flat. Of course she left without paying her bill. Yep, it was time for those anger management classes. But, what bothered me most was her last statement. What exactly did she mean by that? Does it mean that there is more trouble ahead for Ambria and Justin? If so, God help them. She is one strange chic. And it seems to be only the beginning of this fairy tale gone bad. Once upon a time... n

The End

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