Below is a list of Bytes that I have lined up for my site. The summaries are included with them. If you have a request on which Byte you would like to see next, email me...gimme some feedback! :)

Eastern Promise
JC promised Kelly that he would be back after *NSYNC when on their month and a half break. But, when it finally comes around and JC is nowhere to be found, will Kelly hold on to his promise?

Amber and Justin had a strong love but a rocky relationship. When things take a bad turn, they struggle to find a positive way back to each other. Will the true love that burns in their hearts, find its way back into their minds?

Dare To Dream
Cassidy dreamed of becoming a performer. Accidently but luckily, she runs into Justin Timberlake, who listens to her sing and promises to recommend her to some people. But, will his possessive and selfish girlfriend get in the way of Cassidy's dreams?

Crystal Butterfly : Sequel to Butterfly
When Alanna finally returns after *NSYNC's tour is over, she thinks that she will be welcomed with opened arms. But, now Joey has moved on and the others had accepted them as being apart. Does Alanna love him enough to really want him back in her life and will Joey take the chance to let her back into his heart?

Eye Candy
Chris' infatuation with his new cherry red, suped up, Toyota Celica, lands him into a world of drugs, alcohol, and street racing. When a close call in a race leaves his car in major repair, his friends come to his rescue. Will they be able to pull him away from his new obsession before it is his last?

When Lance loses two friends in an accident, he dies along with them. He falls into a depression and the love for his girlfriend and for singing, especially with *NSYNC, fades along with his spirit. Will his girlfriends love for him be strong enough to bring him back to the spotlight?

Good Morning Sunshine
Carrie and Joey had been together for awhile and she has stuck with him through his fame and celebrity status. But, they live states apart and Joey longs for her by his side. Will she accept to live with him when he confesses that he wants to wake up next her every morning for the rest of his life?

Mirror Image
Chloe thought she had the perfect life being on tour with *NSYNC and having JC as her boyfriend. But, when a new girl is hired on the staff, she slowly starts to act like Chloe to win over JC. Will Chloe be strong enough to hold onto him before he falls prey to the spider?

Pearl Moon
Chris has failed at love over and over again and accepts that he will never be happy. When he meets an Asian girl, she teaches him about her culture and about life, opening him up to a whole new world of possibilites. But, when her parents condem their relationship and tell them that they do not belong together, will he sacrifice his happiness so that she can be at peace again with her family?

When *NSYNC starts to fall apart, Lance ponders his life without his best friends and decides that he has to save the group. Will he be able to fill their heads with good memories and persuade them all to stay together?


Next Byte to be written:

Walking In Silence
JC's life revolved around his music, his best friends, and their group. But, when a serious accident leaves JC without a voice, he is surrounded in withdrawl and pain. Through expression with only his piano, will JC be able to soothe his heartache and regain a voice that is now a silent stranger?