Part I

Lance sat in his Lexus at the edge of a cliff looking down over the ocean. The sun set slowly over the horizon making the water look as if it were on fire. It was the same fire that was burning inside his heart, consuming him until he could not breathe.

Everything was gone. In one week he had lost everything he had. He was the CEO of his father's company and held one of the most powerful positions in the city. His parents lived in a mansion looking down over the huge town. He lived in a large house on the same property which expanded to most of the mountain on that side of the city.

Losing those things would have not mattered if only Chloe would have stayed. In the back of his mind he wished she would have but he knew better. He knew that once the model from his father's magazine company sat down beside him at the party he should have left. But he didn't and his world spiraled downward from there.

His friends persuaded him to to take advantage of the alcohol since it was his birthday. He remembered only a few beers and some shots but everything else was a blur. He was told later about the model and about how half of the company's money was missing. She was also missing and he was left to blame.

As unbelievable as it sounded, the building's camera caught him at the party going into his office with the model. Although he couldn't remember what happened, he could not deny what was on the camera.

He had one week to move his belongings out of his house which belonged to his father. Selling the house was the only way to recover some of the money which was stolen. The model was later found but had only half of the money left. The rest she gambled in Las Vegas where she was arrested.

All of this had brought Lance to where he was now. The sun now settled to let the moon shine as Lance made a decision. He would not relocate in town somewhere and find another job, another girlfriend and a new family. He could not face his parents after they declared to disown him. The best thing he could do was to just leave and start over. The only things he had left was his car and a few of his belongings.

He started his car and made his way back home. He would stay the night and leave in the morning. He would leave his home in California, the only place he had known, and drive to New York to start a new life.

Her voice echoed in his mind. He remembered what she always said that would make him happy. Angel Face was her cute nickname for him that she cooed with a frown when she wanted to get her own way. Chloe would always stay in his now empty heart. Leaving would be the only way he would heal. The time alone and the open road would be the only reprieve for the sad and lonely Rusted Angel.

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