Part III

The remnants of his hamburger and fries littered the floor of his car as Lance drove straight through lunch and into the afternoon. The music blasted through the box in the trunk as he messed with his equalizer.

His head bobbed along with some Sean Paul as he crossed into Arizona. He got off of Interstate 80 at one point and continued down the long famous stretch well into the late afternoon.

As the sun started to turn the sand into gold he finally stopped at a lonely, quiet motel. A quick wind started to pick up, blowing the sand in circles, whipping at Lance's face as he walked into the office.

The room was quite dark with no one at the desk. After a quick tap of the bell the usual old man came from the doorway behind the desk. Lance felt as if he was in a movie like he had seen the place before.

"What can I help you with, boy?" the old man grumbled as if Lance had disturbed him from his sleep.

"I'd like a room for the night."

The old man eyed him up before opening his log book. "You don't look like someone from around here. Where ya headed?"

Lance cleared his throat as he signed his name in the book. "Well, I'm from California. Takin' a road trip to New York."

The old man chuckled a bit. "An you're taking old 66 out there? Should of just stayed on Interstate 80. Can get lost real easy for someone that doesn't know where they're goin'."

"Yeah, I have a map but I noticed they don't have 66 on it since its all been merged to 80. Was planning on just going with it and where I end up, I end up I guess." Lance added as he handed him the money.

"Well, you better take this if you plan on gettin' where you're goin'." The old man said as he handed him a pocket sized travellers book. "Take care of that, boy. I only have a couple of those."

Lance took the book and his key. "Thanks, I will." he replied bluntly as he turned and walked out of the office.

He walked across the sand covered parking lot as another car pulled up beside his. A young couple got out and walked past him and towards the first room. Lance caught the girl's eye as she turned into the door. With a slight grin she smiled.

Lance crashed onto his dusty old bed, sighing as his bones creaked like the aging springs of the mattress. The sun had almost completely settled causing Lance to turn on the small light beside the bed.

He walked towards the front window and pushed the curtain aside. The girl next door was standing at the soda machine that was between their rooms. She noticed him and smiled again. He smiled back as his cell phone rang.

He looked at the ID before picking up. It was Chloe. Lance turned if off as his heart ached. He had not thought about her until then. The pain had subsided until that very moment when he knew he was all alone.

With one single tear he crashed back onto the bed and closed his eyes. The images of Chloe danced through his mind and the love he felt for her bundled up in the pit of his soul. Only sleep could subdue the aches and pains of his heart. Only time could lessen the loneliness and weakness of his mind.

To Be Continued...

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