(this chapter's title also comes from the *NSYNC Christmas album and has a meaning to the chapter)

So, where is the New Years party gonna be at this year, guys?" Lance asked as all the guys sat at the boardwalk cafe.
"You mean you dont know where it is?" Justin replied.
"No, should I have?" Lance said with a wierd expression on his face when all the guys looked at him.
"It's at your house!" Joey answered his question.
"Ok, thats news to me!"
"Ha ha, calm down man, were just pullin your chain! We didnt know it is gonna be at your house but can it be?" JC asked.
"Uh, I guess."
"Ok good, cause we really didnt have anywhere else to go!" JC said again.
"Why not?" Lance questioned.
"Well, your house is the only one that isnt gonna be filled with people." Justin responded.
"Yea, mine, Chris', Joey's, and Justin's houses are always packed for New Year parties and no one is gonna be at your house this year!" JC explained.
"Well, dont we usually go out to clubs and stuff?" Lance asked.
"Yeah," Justin said quickly. "but we want our own party for once and plus since your house is gonna be empty, why not?"
"Ok!" Lance said sighing.
"What's wrong?" Justin asked.
"Nothing." Lance said as he walked away.
"Whats his problem?" JC asked.
"I dont know," Justin replied while watching Lance walk down the boardwalk. "Im gonna go check on him. I'll be right back."
"Ok." all the guys said at the same time.
"Yo, man, whats up with you?" Justin said to Lance after catching up.
"Nothing." Lance replied with a little bit of attitude.
"There is something. We have been friends for too long for me not to know that something is wrong."
"I dont want to talk about it." Lance said as he walked with his head down.
"Dammit Lance!" Justin yelled now getting impatient as he stopped and pulled Lance back. "Just tell me whats wrong!"
"Fine!" Lance yelled back. "Its about Nicole."
"Now what?" Justin replied as he rolled his eyes.
"See, I knew you wouldnt want to hear about it!" Lance said as he was beginning to walk again.
"No, stop! Tell me."
"I wanted Nicole here so bad for Christmas, but she never showed up."
"You knew she wasnt going to!" Justin said stating a fact.
"I know, but she promised me last summer, Justin! She promised and thats what hurt!"
"I'm sorry man, but the one thing she didnt promise, and thats staying with you! She told you that you could see other people. That must have took alot for her to tell you that. She did what was best for you. I'm sure she didnt expect you to still be stuck on her this long."
"Yea, I guess. Ive tried to move on, actually I did, but she never left my heart."
"It will just take some time. Just stick with Megan and you will be fine!" Justin said finishing up.
"Speaking of Megan, I wonder where she is." Lance said as he looked back at the table as he saw the guys still sitting there.
"Well, why dont you go find her! Im going back with the guys quick and then headin off down to the store and grabbin some stuff for the party, plus JC and Chris have to find Gina and Shara, anyways."
"Ok cya later!" Lance said as he and Justin walked separate ways.

"What was that all about?" Joey asked as Justin came back.
"He's having his problems with Nicole again!" Justin sighed.
"Still? Geez, he will never let her go!" Chris added in.
"She was special to him I guess." said Justin.
"Yea, well I have to go find Shara!" Chris said quickly.
"I have to go find Gina, too!" JC replied.
"Thats what I thought you guys were gonna do next. Im going to the store to pick up a few things for the party."
"So, its gonna be at Lance's?" Joey asked while getting up.
"Where did Lance go?" JC asked.
"Went looking for Megan." Justin said back.
"It seems we are always lookin for those girls!" Chris added.
They all laughed at the same time as they got up and left.

It was New Years Eve and Lance's house was filled with people. JC, Gina, Chris, Shara, Justin, Joey, Megan, and a few other friends crowded the house as music was blasting and the TV was turned on to watch the countdown.
"Dont forget to come up for air!" Lance said to JC and Gina who were kissing in the kitchen doorway.
"Well, you have the mistletoe up here so we might as well put it to good use!" JC said as he looked up at the mistletoe.
"Yeah, I guess!" Lance said as he walked away.
"Hey you, maybe we can use that mistletoe soon!" Megan said as she walked up to him.
"Yeah, maybe, but how bout you get a little sample now?" Lance replied as his lips gently touched hers but didnt really kiss her.
"Youre a tease!" Megan said after Lance pulled away from her without kissing her.
"Yeah, I know!" Lance laughed.
"I'm gonna go mingle. How bout a kiss at midnight?" Megan said as she walked away.
"Of course!" Lance said as he looked at the clock. It was thirty minutes until midnight.
Lance walked into the kitchen where he saw Chris and Shara.
"Did you guys use the mistletoe too?" Lance said to Chris.
"Oh yeah, a while ago!" Chris laughed. "Have you used it yet?"
"Nope, not yet!" Lance said while getting a drink.
"Ok, well we are gonna go watch the TV." Chris said while grabbing Shara's hand.
Lance watched them walk down the hallway to the living room as he grabbed his drink and continued after them.
"Lance?" someone called behind him.
Lance turned around right as he walked out the kitchen doorway and saw Nicole standing there.
"Nicole?!" Lance exclaimed as his eyes grew wide.
"Hi babe!" Nicole said as she walked up to him.
"Oh my gosh! I cant believe you are here!" Lance said as he hugged her. They hugged for awhile. Lance was so happy to have her back in his arms. In that one moment everything they had seemed to come back. It was like they were never apart.
"I missed you!" Nicole said.
"You dont know how much Ive missed you!" Lance said as his green eyes sparkled.
"Im sorry that I didnt keep in touch more, its just that my mom wasnt to happy with the long distance calling thing and I didnt write because it just wasnt the same. And I am sorry about not coming here earlier for Christmas but they made me stay there for Christmas."
"Its ok," Lance replied. "you are here now and thats all that matters."
"I cant lie to you though," Nicole said as she looked right into his eyes. "I did have a boyfriend while I was gone but I broke up with him because I still love you."
"Well, I cant lie either, I have a..." Lance tried to say but Nicole stopped him when the clock struck twelve.
"Shhh..." Nicole interrupted and then kissed him under the mistletoe. Lance kissed her back passionately in a way that he had never kissed anyone except Nicole. But, their moment was interrupted when Megan walked down the hallway.
"What the hell?!" Megan yelled as they separated and looked at her.
"Who are you?" Nicole asked Megan.
"And who the hell do you think you are kissing my boyfriend?" Megan said as she walked up to Nicole.
"Your boyfriend? Lance what is going on?" Nicole said looking at Lance.
"Yeah, tell her Lance!" Megan said with an attitude. By now, Justin, Chris, Shara, Joey, JC, and Gina were standing behind Megan.
"This is my girlfriend, Megan." Lance responded.
"You mean was your girlfriend!"
"Megan, please!" Lance said to her with an attitude back.
"Who is this anyway?" Megan asked again.
"Im Nicole." Nicole said defending herself.
"Oh, so you are the famous Nicole! Should have figured he would never get over you! Well you two must be destined for each other! Have a nice life Lance!" Megan finished as she walked between them and out the kitchen door.
"Megan stop!" Lance said as he was going to go after her.
"Let her go." Nicole said stopping him as Shara and Gina ran after her.
JC, Justin, Chris, and Joey walked back into the living room as Nicole walked to the kitchen door.
"Im sorry about all of this! I didnt mean to for you and your girlfriend to break up!"
"Its ok. You didnt know. Its my fault for not saying anything sooner."
"Are you two going to get back together?" Nicole questioned.
"I dont think so. We have been having problems lately. Maybe its just better this way."
"Ok, then. I think I caused enough damage for one day. I'm gonna go back to the hotel." Nicole said while opening the door.
"How long are you staying?" Lance asked.
"I dont know yet. I dont have a specific time."
"Ok, well will I see you tomorrow?"
"I will see you around." Nicole said, now kind of sad about the whole situation.
"Ok, cya." Lance said.
"Bye." Nicole said back as she walked down the yard and to the taxi that was still waiting.
Lance stood there for a moment, watched the taxi leave, and closed the door.

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