:: RULES ::

:1: Your site or story must include *NSYNC.

:2: Please do not nominate FictionLyn for any categories. This is not anything personal. She just does not link award banners on her site and banners are recommended for these awards. Also, please limit (not exclude) nominations for AmyK. And again, this is nothing personal. We know AmyK writes awesome fiction but other people would like to win too. Sorry for this inconvenience.

* If you plan to nominate AmyK, please make sure that she will add a banner first. Thanks. *

:3: Authors are highly recommended to nominate themselves, their site, and their stories. This is to ensure that all information submitted is completely correct.

:4: You may nominate in up to FIVE categories. BUT you cannot have more than one nomination in the same category.

:5: There will only be up to 10 nominations for each category. It is first come, first serve basis. Any nominations that end up alone in their category will automatically win the award.

:6: Last but not least, you MUST have the award banner or text link on your site or your nominations will not be accepted until you do so! Having a banner/link on your site when you nominate for an award is obvious and needed to win an award, so please, add the banner/link if you nominate anything to this award.

* NOTE *

If you have had previous nominations and they have won in their category, please do not nominate those stories in the same categories again. It is just fair to have others try to win. Thank you for your cooperation.