He walked down the small hallway in the building behind the stage. The smells of jasmine and sunflowers filled his nose as he walked closer to dressing room of the girl group, WyldFyre, who toured with them this year. The door was open and he walked closer, letting his curiosity get the best of him.

"Hey Justin!" The dark brown haired girl jumped out from behind the door.

"Hey Kristy!" he replied as he jumped back, holding his hand over his heart.

"I'm sorry for scaring you but I saw you coming over here and I couldn't resist."

He finally readjusted himself and walked back out into the hall. "Gee, thanks."

"Well, I have to finish getting ready. I'll talk to ya later." she finished as she closed the door.

"Ok then." he said to himself as he continued down the hall only to be stopped again when another girl jumped onto his back.

"Hey you!" she yelled as she looked down from behind him.

Her long light brown hair covered his face but he could tell by the scent in her hair that it was Kellie. She finally jumped back down so he could talk. "What are you doing?"

"Just havin' some fun, what about you?" she giggled.

"I need to go to the chiropractor." he joked as he straightened his back.

"Shut up!" she punched him in the arm jokingly.

"I just saw Kristy over at the dressing room. She jumped out and scared me half to death."

She laughed and slightly turned around. "Well, I should be in the dressing room too,so, I'll talk to ya later."

"Ok. Later." he replied and continued on his way down to his own dressing room where the other guys were surely waiting for him to arrive.

As he turned the next corner, he ran right into Jenna. Her bottle of water dropped to the floor and rolled down the hall. Justin, embarrased, quickly retrieved it and brought it back to her.

"Thanks." she replied with flushed cheeks.

"No problem." he quickly responded as he handed her the water bottle back. "I figured I'd run into you."

"Uh, you did?" she studdered.

"Yeah. I ran into Kristy and Kellie, so I figured you would be around somewhere."

"Oh." she replied as she brushed her blonde hair behind her ear. "Yeah, I was just finishing up some errands before the show tonight."

"Me too. I was just on my way back to the dressing room."

"Same place I was headed so I better get going." she hurried around him to quickly walk down the hall.

"Ok then. See ya later."

"Later." she finished and dissappeared around the corner.

He continued walking a few more feet and entered the *NSYNC dressing room where all the guys were either loungin around or looking at themselves in the mirror.

"Hey J. Glad you could grace us with your presence." JC announced from the couch he was laying on.

"Well I almost didn't get here."

"Oh geez, we gotta hear this one." Chris added.

"No, seriously." he replied as he sat on one of the chairs by the makeup tables. "First, Kristy scared me half to death as she jumped out her dressing room door. Then, Kellie jumped on my back like from out of nowhere. And then, I run smack dab into Jenna."

"I wouldn't mind running into Jenna. That one's a hottie." Joey laughed.

Justin rolled his eyes and continued. "But anyway, I don't know what's up with that. We hardly ever see them around except for when they are on stage."

"Maybe they should be around more often." Joey added again.

"Maybe you should go hang out in their dressing room."

Lance laughed but then jumped in. "You can't say that they aren't cute though."

Joey smiled. "Yeah see, even Lance agrees."

"Are you okay?" JC asked Lance as he looked up from the couch.

"Okay so they are cute, but," Justin paused. "We are here to do our job, not drool over the opening acts."

"You need to have some fun." Joey replied.

"And we need to get to work, so lets go guys, you need to get ready." their personal assistants agreed in unison as they walked in through the door.

They all grumbled as they took their places in wardrobe and makeup to get ready for another show in their long relentless tour.

The huge crowd continued yelling 'encore' as the guys graced the stage one more time. The young children and teenagers yelled with high pitched screams as the guys flashed their paparazzi smiles once again over the big screens before they dissappeared into darkness.

They ran quickly offstage, grabbing towels and water bottles on their way out to the bus. Whole-heartedly devoted fans waited outside the gates around the bus to catch their last glimpses of the guys as they jumped in.

The WyldFyre bus was already loaded and waiting, along with other various vans and suv's which held other personnel. Leading the way, the park security opened the gates and moved the crowd to let the WyldFyre bus pass through with the *NSYNC bus close behind. The crowd started to scream again but was unable to see though the tinted windows where inside the guys were crashed over the couches and bunks.

The guys began to settle down for their long trip that night. The bus would take them over a couple hundred miles to the next hotel and concert venue. Their hopes of having a good long nights sleep was cut short though by the secret that Justin would have to soon uncover.

"Um, Justin?" Joey yelled from the back to Justin who had fell down on the couch.

"Yeah?" he mumbled.

Joey laughed lightly as he stood in the hallway of the bunks. "Why does your bunk smell like perfume?"


"I'm serious. Come here."

By now, Joey had attracted everyone to the back, curious to what was going on. Justin stumbled his way to the bunk only to be greeted by a permeating aroma of perfume.


Joey laughed again. "Told ya."

Justin cautiously pulled the curtain back to see only a small pink envelope laying on the sheets, nicely wrapped with white ribbon.

"Well somebody went all out." JC laughed.

"Yeah anyway, why didn't I get one?" Chris joked.

"Looks like you have a secret admirer." Lance added.

"I have an idea of who it might be." Justin replied as he picked up the envelope and looked at the writing which simply stated 'Justin'.

"How do you know?" Joey asked.

Justin smelled the envelope, making the guys look at him strangely. "It smells like sunflowers perfume. I could smell it when I walked up to the girl's dressing room today."

JC jumped in. "Well, then you really don't know. You have three to choose from."

"Yeah, and they all strangely ran into me today. Maybe they are all in this together."

Chris stood beside him and put his hand on his shoulder. "Well then Justin my man, you are one lucky guy."

"Why can't I get three girls?" Lance sulked as he jumped back into his bunk.

"Cuz you're not a stud like me." Justin joked as he began to open the envelope.

"So, what does it say?" Joey asked anxiously.

"Well wait til I read it."

There was a silent pause as Justin read the letter, his expression on his face looked surprising.

"Well?" JC asked.

"Ok! Ok!" he exclaimed and then read the letter.

Dear Justin,
I don't know how to tell you. I don't know how to express these feelings for you. I'm afraid of how you might react. I'm afraid that if you knew, you wouldn't like me in return. I see you everyday. I watch you perform. I see you when your exhausted. I see you when you are happy. I see you when you are sad. I wish I could be there for you to reach out to when you need someone. You see me everyday and don't even know. Maybe you really don't care. If you knew, would it get too complicated? Would that interfere with your job because I, also, work close to you? I just needed to write this. Not to let you know, but, just to finally release these feelings inside. Please don't ask us who wrote this. If it is ment to be, then you will eventually know in your heart. I have added a few words below. A small poem to express how I feel. I will see you soon.

Love, Your Secret Admirer

in my heart
when you speak
a rumbling
It's you
I see
I sleep
my heart
your touch
It's you
I just
get enough.

(Copyright 2000 Lamae K.)

Justin finished reading and looked up to see everyone staring at him intently. Lance had leaned out of his bunk, peering through his curtain to listen.

"Well," Joey continued. "That was nice."

"Yeah. Good luck. I'm going to bed." Chris added and quickly dissappeared into his bunk.

"Gee thanks." Justin replied as he folded the letter back into the envelope.

JC yawned. "Let's worry about this tomorrow. I'm tired."

"Me too." Joey agreed.

Justin sighed. "Okay."

They finally decided to call it a night and quickly loaded into their bunks. As the lights went out, filling the bus with darkness, Justin layed awake, staring at the top of the next bunk. Things have now changed and he had alot of things to do when they got to the hotel. Even though he tried to stay awake to think, the swaying of the bus gently and quickly rocked him into a deep sleep.

The next morning they finally reached their hotel and were greeted by a warm sunshine as they finally arose from the bunks. As the rest of the guys freshened up and raided the small kitchen, Justin was once again reading the letter, looking for the smallest clues into who the sender could of been.

"Are you still readin that letter?" JC asked as he walked up to Justin who sat in his bunk, still going over the letter again and again.

"Yeah. I just wish I knew which one wrote it." he sighed without looking up.

"Well, like the letter says, if it is ment to be then you will eventually find out."

He stood up and put the letter back in the envelope. "Yeah, you're probably right."

"We're at the hotel, are ya'll comin?" Chris yelled from up front.

"Yeah!" they yelled in unison as they joined the rest of them and hurried off the bus into the hotel.

It was two hours before the show and the guys were making their way to the dressing room. Justin had searched all over the venue for a sign of the WyldFyre girls but could not find them until they walked down another countless number of halls to their room.

The sign was on the door. 'WyldFyre Dressing Room' in bold black letters. He didn't smell the permeating sunflowers perfume or the light fragrance of jasmine like he normally did. He followed the rest of the guys a few steps behind, looking for the girls around every corner.

Then there they were, finally, walking down the hallway towards them. All of their eyes were on Justin. He looked through them like he was looking into their soul. Hoping for a hint on who it would be. But, there were none. They all looked calm and smiled casually as they passed him. He could smell the sunflowers on one of them. He looked back but they kept walking. He sighed as he followed the rest of the guys into the dressing room.

"So, did you figure it out?" Joey asked.

"Nope. Not one bit." he replied as he sat down.

"I think Kellie winked at me." Chris added.

"Yeah, you wish!" Joey exclaimed. "She winked at me!"

"You're all dreamin." JC laughed.

"I'm guessing she winked at you?" Lance joked.

JC paused. "But, of course!"

"Maybe she was winking at Justin." Joey said.

"I didn't see her winking." Justin replied.

"I'm making a bet that Kellie wrote that letter!" JC said.

"Yeah, me too!" Lance added.

"Nah. Definately Jenna." Joey jumped in.

"I'm wagering on Kristy." Chris finished.

"Whats that?" Justin interrupted them as he looked over at the makeup table.

"Hey! The girls gave me that. Be careful!" Joey jumped out of his chair.

Justin looked down at the WyldFyre album which was signed by all the girls and then went into one of his bags to grab the letter.

After a bit of comparison he looked back up at the guys who were wondering what he was doing.

"I know who it is." he finally said to break the silence. The guys figured out what Justin had finally realized and immediately wanted to know.

"Well, who is it?" JC asked quickly as the sound of the door closing came from behind them.

"Who's there?" Justin yelled as he turned around

He walked to the door and heard someone quickly run away. He followed down the hallway and stopped abruptly. A simple smile crossed his face as he saw the wave of blonde hair flow around the corner.



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