Written by D.M.L.

The guys stood on the deck of the Celebrity 1 in awe. Beyond their mighty ship was space. Millions of stars to be seen. Thousands of moons to explore. Hundreds of planets to find. Although when you've got this crew, the biggest adventure was how to work the ship.

JC looked over his control panel as he sat in the large silver captain's chair in the middle of the deck. He looked from side to side of the view screen, firing controls and radar. For him, this was the life. Captain of his ship, master of his domain. Oh did I mention? Co-babysitter to his crew.

"Alright" said Justin, "It's my turn to sit in that chair."

JC looked up at Justin and smirked "Your turn? Excuse me, I'm captain, I get the captain's chair. Look, the bridge officer's chair is open, sit there."

Justin frustrated, grabbed JC and started pulling him out of the chair. As JC tried to pull back, the two went rolling to the floor, fighting like two school boys over a bus seat.

Justin yelled at JC "I never agreed you should be captain of this ship. So, therefore I'm captain."

JC smiled and said "Yeah, you may be Captain Crunch, but not Captain of this vessel."
Justin ran over to JC and tackled him once more. The two kept rolling down to the feet of Lance, who sat calmley and quietly at the helm's control panel. Not even taking a glimpse of his radar and navigation panel, Lance said "Okay children, if we can go back to being a crew upon a very important mission, someone is hailing us."

JC and Justin stood up, and brushed theirselves off. They walked back to the chair. JC jumped in front of Justin, and mocked him as he sat down. Justin took a seat on the floor next to the captain's chair.

JC looked up at the huge view screen in front of him. Nothing but a blank set. He moitioned over to Justin who just flung his arms up in the air, and then whistled over to Lance. "Where's the picture?" he said.

"You have to turn it on. Blue switch on the left of your chair marked communications screen." responded Lance.

JC flipped the switch. The view screen made some crackling noises like a tv that hadn't been used in a long time. A blurred image came on the screen. It was what appeared to be a another space ship. A large craft, very dark, an almost evil look to it. From the certain angle, it almost appeared to be alive. Little by little, the menacing ship came closer and closer to the Celebrity 1.

The door behind them made a swoosh sound and opened. Chris and Joey trotted into the bridge. "What's going on guys" asked Joey.

Lance turned around from his control panel and said "That other ship is hailing us."

Suddenly a panel on the dark ship opened. Bright light came out of the hole, followed by a small pod. The green pod was shaped almost like an insect of some sort. A message came over the view screen. It said : "We come to offer you peace and hope."

Justin walked towards the view screen to try to study the pod that was flying around them. "Guys, it looks like we're going to have our first encounter."

Joey sat back in his chair and smiled. "Alright! I knew this mission adventure stuff would be worth it. Encounters with chicks." said Joey exchanging Hi-Fives with Chris.

"Not an encounter with chicks, moron." snapped Justin. "Encounter as in alien encounter."

Chris pondered for a moment, and then said "You mean alien chicks?"

Justin banged his fists off of the side panel and yelled "Enough with chicks. Alien encounter. You know, aliens with ray guns and little creatures that bleed acid and grow eggs in your stomach!"

"Oh" replied Joey, "Well no reason to get all huffy about it, all you had to say was mean aliens and not chicks."

Justin stared down Joey and ran over to him. Just as there was about to be another show of fist-a-cuffs, the large ship hailed them another message. It read: "Please allow our pod to board your ship."

Lance looked over at JC and the rest of the guys. "Permission to board?" said Lance

The guys just shook their shoulders and all looked at JC. JC nodded his head and said "Yea, let's start the party."

After a few minutes of flipping switches and sending messages, the pod connected to the docking bay of the Celebrity 1. The guys made there way from the bridge to the docking area. Lance typed in the access code and the doors to the bay opened. The dark pod sat in shadows. From the outside, the crew could see a cockpit window, and a hatch next to the cockpit. With a haunting sound, the hatch opened.

Being the tough, brave, and no fear spaceman they weren't, the guys jumped back about 10 feet. JC looked over towards Justin and said "Okay, go say hi."

Justin replied "Me say hi? You're the captain, you go do it. Captain's always speak on behalf of their crew."

"No, a few minutes ago, you told me it was your turn to be captain." replied JC.

Lance shook his head and walked towards the ship. He stood at the opened hatch and peered in. "Anybody home?" he asked.

Without a thought, Lance was knocked over by something. That something was a 10 foot creature emerging from the ship. With long fangs, gruesome saliva dripping everywhere, dark green scales, buggy eyes, razor sharp claws and toe nails, the creature let out a cruel and horrible howl.

Justin walked over to the creature. He checked out the horrible figure that stood in front of the crew. He turned and walked back to the rest of the guys. "Nah" said Justin. "Looks to me like just some wuss creature trying to scare us."

The creature didn't think that it was funny. JC grabbed Lance and pulled him out of the way. The creature had set it's sights on Justin. It walked towards him staring like a shark nearing it's food. Justin, took control and did what all of the most powerful leaders always do. He ran away.

He whipped out of the docking bay with the creature in hot pursuit. From hallway to hallway, every turn he made the creature was on his every move. Justin dashed into the weight room. He ducked behind the bench press machine and grabbed an iron bar. As the creature dove towards Justin, he nailed the monster in the mouth with the iron bar.

"Take that!" he said.

The creature on the other hand wasn't amused. It just simply ate the bar and almost smiled. Again the chase continued.

Meanwhile back at the doors of the air lock, JC came up with a plan to flush the creature back into space. "All we have to do is wait until he comes running for us, jump out of the way, hit the air lock door and boom back into space."

"You've been watching too many movies again." replied Lance.

JC shook his head and said "No, see I know this because I'm the leader. All we have to do is wait for Justin to bring the creature here, and we jump out of the way and then we flush him into space."

Lance and JC continued to argue. Which left Chris and Joey to be the only ones noticing a strange goo dripping from the ceiling. Joey walked over to the mess on the floor and bent down to inspect it. Suddnely, he heard a low growl. "Aww Chris" he said "Eat something, you're stomach is growling."

After getting no reply, Joey looked up to see Chris shaking and pointing behind him. Turning around, he saw the creature standing a few feet away showing it's teeth. The creature howled and got the attention of Lance and JC. The creature's claws grabbed Joey and Chris and opened it's wide jaws. Just as it was about to have dinner, the creature was belted to the ground.

Justin, somehow having lost the creature, found the weapons room. Holding the force blaster, he fired again, nailing the creature. Justin and the gang ran towards the air lock. The creature howled louder than ever and joined pursuit.

It neared the gang, and leaped. They jumped out of the way and the creature went flying into the air lock. Lance slammed the air lock control, the door closed, and the air lock opened. The creature went floating back into the depths of space.

JC smiled and said "See, now was I right or what?"

Before anyone could give him heck for his answer, the ship started shaking violently. The gang ran for the bridge. By the time they made it to their control bridge, the Celebrity 1 was almost ripping apart. Chris strapped himself into his chair and cried "It's an earthquake!!"

"Earthquake?" snipped Lance. "We're in space, how can you have an earthquake?"

A sonic boom was heard. In the depths of space, a large rip appeared, making a black hole. The alien ship started to be sucked into the hole. Then it was gone. A few seconds later, the rip in space also disappeared. Then there was silence.

The crew gazed around the ship and to each other for a few minutes. Then without warning, they all let out a very large sigh of relief. JC got up, looking like he was going to speak, made some 'I'm leaving' gestures and walked out of the bridge. Justin left also followed by Joey.

Chris shook his head and smiled. He said "I need something strong and bad for my health after that one. You want something Lance?"

Lance shook his head no. Chris moozied off to the door, and out of the bridge. The only one left was Lance. He slowly made his way over to the middle of the deck to the captain's chair and sat down. "Now this is going to be fun." he said as he looked at the pilot controls.

The button that had his attention was the "Warp Speed" control.



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