Chapter 1: Graduation

"Kaylee Nicole Johnson" they announced as I walked towards the middle of the stage to receive my diploma. "Jordin Danielle Russell" I heard as I saw my best friend receiving her diploma while I was sitting there cheering her on. My other friends, Brandy and Shauna, also received their diplomas that day, for it was our last day in that California college. The sun was hot and glaring down on us, baking us as we sat there in our black robes. But, it wasnt so bad, our minds were already on that night when we were going to host a huge party in our beach house that all four of us had rented out while we were in college. Everyone would be there since we were the most popular girls in our class and our class took up half the college.

The hours seemed like days as we sat there impatiently, wanting to go get our things for the party. Finally the last person graced the stage and we quickly threw up our hats and regrouped. "Here comes Jayson" Jordin said to me as I watched my boyfriend walk towards me. "Great" I replied as the jocks, a.k.a. the boyfriends of my friends, followed behind. "I need to talk to you" Jayson announced as soon as he met up with me. "Um, ok" I replied as we walked towards a tree. I knew what was coming. The same old thing over and over again and it was getting pretty old. "I dont know how to say this" he started. "Just spit it out" I interrupted. "I think we need to break up" he said as he looked to the ground. "Whatever" I said, not sure exactly what he wanted me to say. "Is that it?" he said, puzzled. "Is what it?" I questioned. "Well, you arent going to ask why or be upset?" he said as he looked at me weirdly. "No, I wont ask why because I probably already know the reason and Im not gong to get upset because weve been through this so many times that I just dont care anymore" I finished in one breath. "Ok, so this is it?" he questioned again. "Yep, have a nice life, goodbye" I said as I walked away. "Kaylee!" he yelled after me. "Goodbye Jayson" I said as I met back up with Jordin, Shauna and Brandy. And that was that. I felt so relieved and hoping it was the last time. "Did he break up with you?" Jordin said as if it wasnt unusual. "You mean again, dont you?" I corrected. "Yea, for like the thirtieth time this year" she exaggerrated. "Hopefully he'll find some hoochie and leave me alone" I said as I watched the other guys follow Jayson to the cars. "Did you hear about Brian and Brandy yet?" Jordin said, trying to distract me. "No, what?" I said as I noticed Shauna and Brandy meeting up with their families. "They broke up yesterday" she informed me. "Why?" I asked quickly. "He wanted to break up with her before they graduated so that he could be with older more mature women" she said, a little angry with what happened. "Oh, please! What an ass!" I said now pissed. "And she treated him like gold" Jordin filled in. "Yea, oh well, his loss. He doesnt deserve someone as good as her" I finished. "For real!" she agreed. "Why didnt I know about this earlier?" I wondered. "Well, I was lookin for ya last night but you must have come home after we all went to bed and then this morning we were all kind of busy and in a rush with families and stuff getting ready." she explained. "Oh yeah, I was down on the beach arguing with Jayson like usual." I remembered. "Hey, I see parents heading our way!" Jordin jumped in. "Ok, well lets get this over with so we can get our party started!" I said excitedly as we did the family thing and headed off for our party.

"Did you get the pretzels?" I asked Jordin as she scanned down the aisles. "Getting them now!" she said running back down another isle. "I got the cheese" Shauna announced as she returned. "Ok, Im grabbing the soda after Brandy returns with the chips" I informed. "Ive got the chips!" Brandy said out of breath as if she just ran a marathon. "Ok, Im going for the soda" I said just as Jordin returned and regrouped with the pretzels. "Lets get the soda and get out of here!" Brandy yelled with an attitude. "Geez, isnt someone in a hurry" I replied. "I think I see Brian" Jordin whispered to me. "Oh, ok! C'mon Brandy and Shauna, lets go!" I said as I grabbed the soda and checked out.

We arrived back at the beach house and turned it upside down decorating and hiding everything valuable in the closets. "Who is on music detail? Jordin wondered. "I am!" Shauna replied as she came down the stairs after searching the bedrooms for cd's. "Ok, so what do ya got?" I asked. "Well, I got alot of pop music here!" she said as she checked the cases for the cd's. "Like what?" Jordin questioned. "Um, some Britney Spears, 98*, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, LFO, 5ive, Vitamin C, Joey McIntyre, Jordin Knight, Ricky Martin, and um, a dirty Backstreet Boys" she finished finally. "A dirty Backstreet Boys?" Jordin asked with a puzzled look. "Yea, I found it collecting dust in the bathroom closet" she laughed. "Right where it should be" I added. "Of course we could play *NSYNC all night" Jordin said jokingly. "Yea, I wish!" I finished. "Ive got some rap, rock, r&b and alternative here." Brandy jumped in. "Ok good! At least we wont run out of music!" Jordin joked again. "No, but Im sure we will run out of food in the first half hour" I added. "No doubt!" Shauna said, putting the cd's on a rack. "I see someone pulling up!" Brandy said while looking out the window. "Ok, lets get this party started!" I yelled as people started pulling up and pilling in as the sounds of Christina Aguilera filled the air.

Chapter 2: The Party

It was ten 'o clock, two hours after the party started, and people still piled in. I noticed I was all alone after I changed the music so I walked up the blocked off stairs, pushing people off that werent supposed to be there, and noticed Shauna lying on her bed and Brandy sitting beside her. "Whats going on?" I asked. "She found Sean cheating on her" Brandy replied. "Geez, whats going on lately with boyfriends?" I questioned. "Yea, tell me about it" Brandy finished. "Where is Jordin anyway?" I said, changing the subject. "I think she is outside with Eric" Brandy said, getting up off the bed and looking out the window. "Ok, I'll be back" I said, walking out the room. I went back downstairs, changed the music to a self recorded tape with various artists, and then walked outside looking for Jordin and Eric.

I found Jordin sitting down on the beach as I noticed Eric, Brian, Jayson, and Sean leave in the same car. I sat down beside her, watching the waves crash onto the shore, barely touching our feet. "So, whats up?" I asked, breaking the silence. "Do you really want to know?" she replied, still watching the waves. "Not another one" I said to myself. "Huh?" Jordin questioned. "Nevermind. So, what happened?" I continued. "Me and Eric broke up because he's moving back home" she finished. "I swear they all planned to do this at the same time" I said, now pissed. "What do you mean?" Jordin asked. "Sean and Shauna broke up earlier today too!" I said. "This day totally sucked!" Jordin sighed. "Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better since its going to be your birthday." I said, trying to cheer her up. "Yeah, I guess" she finished as Brandy and Shauna came down and sat with us. "So, here we are, all of us single girls, bummed and missing our awesome party." I jumped in. "All of us?" Shauna and Brandy said at the same time. "Yea, Ive decided to join the group" Jordin informed as *Bye, Bye, Bye* by *NSYNC came on. "I guess we were all told bye, bye, bye the past two days" Brandy said, using the song to describe how everyone felt. "Yea, but I dont remember us as being the bad guys" Shauna filled in. "We wouldnt have to go through this if we had those *NSYNC boys!" Jordin joked. "I wish I could have JC right now" I sighed. "I wish I had Justin" Jordin said after me. "Lance" Shauna jumped in. "Joey" Brandy jumped in too. "Sweet dreams" Jordin sighed. "Yea, but where would we be without them?" Shauna added. "True" Jordin finished. "Well, since we are are talking about *NSYNC, is anyone going to *NSYNC Week at the Summer Festival?" I interrupted. "No, theyve been sold out for awhile!" Brandy replied. "But were all going to the festival, right?" I asked. "Yeah!" everyone answered. "Good!" I finished. "Well, I guess we better get back to our party!" Jordin said as we all stood up and walked back to the house.

Chapter 3: The Tickets

"Happy Birthday to you!" we all yelled out as Jordin's mom brought her cake out. "Make your wish!" I said before she blew out the candles. "I know what I can wish for" Jordin said and winked and then blew out the candles. "Alright! Lets dig into this thing!" Jordin's brother said as he intruded. "Get out of here!" Jordin yelled before he stuck his hand in the cake. "Go out on the beach and do something!" Jordin's mother said to him as he made his way towards the door. "Lets give out presents!" Brandy said excitedly. "Ok then!" Jordin said quickly. "Here is mine!" Brandy said, giving her present to Jordin. She quickly unwrapped it, putting the bow on her head. "Aww! How cute! Thanks Brandy!" she said, admiring a picture of all of them together on the beach, surrounded by a beautiful brass frame. "My turn!" Shauna said, handing her gift to Jordin. After opening a large box, we all stood in front of a huge pillow with *NSYNC on one side and Justin on the other. I quickly gave her my gift and she opened it carefully. She admired a set of blue star shaped candles with glitter inside them. They didnt seem like much but Jordin collects candles and they were greatly appreciated. "Well, I hate to cut this short, but we have a two hour drive back home, so we have to get going" Jordin's mother said, looking out the window for her son. "Ok, I'll walk you out" Jordin said, following her out the door. "Does anyone want anymore cake?" I asked, still hungry.

"I hope you had a great birthday" Jordin's mother said, opening the car door. "It was great so far. Alot better than yesterday anyway." Jordin agreed with herself. "Yeah, I heard about you and Eric. Are you ok with it and everything?" she asked, concerned. "Yea, mainly because I have 3 of the greatest friends in the world who were also dumped by jerks, that understood and cheered me up." she said, smiling. "Thats good that you mentioned that they were the greatest friends because I have something for you and them." Jordin's mother said, digging in her purse, pulling out 4 tickets. "What are these?" Jordin said, while examining the tickets. "They are for *NSYNC Week at the Summer Festival" she explained. "Oh my gosh! How did you get these? They have been sold out for weeks!" Jordin exclamed, while jumping up and down. "Well, because I am volunteering at the festival this year and the employees got first dibbs." she explained again. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" she said, still in shock. "Your welcome! You guys go and have a great time and maybe I'll see you around!" she said, getting in the car. "Oh we will!" she said assuringly. "Ok, I'll see ya later!" her mother said closing the door. "Ok, bye bye!" Jordin finished as her mother and brother left down the road. Jordin looked at the tickets in her hand and knew that half her wish had already come true. "I cant wait to tell them!" she said to herself as she ran back to the house.

"Can I have that piece over there?" Brandy asked, pointing to a corner piece. "Sure!" I said, scooping out the piece for her as Jordin charged back in the house. "Geez, dont knock over the light!" Shauna yelled as she went to catch the light. "Whats going on?" I asked, puzzled. "You wont believe what my mom got us for my birthday!" she said, now out of breath. "Us?" said Shauna who was standing behind her with the lamp now in her hands. "Yea! She got us tickets for *NSYNC Week at the Summer Festival!" she yelled excitedly. "Get out!" I said, not believing her at first. "What!?" said Brandy, dropping her cake off her fork. "For real guys! I have them right here!" she said, holding them out. "Let me see!" Shauna exclaimed. "Put the lamp down!" I laughed as she put the light back onto the end table. "Oh my...." Shauna said with her mouth wide open. "How did she get these?" I asked, staring at my ticket. "She is working at the festival and the employees got first dibbs" she explained. "Where exactly is she working?" Shauna asked, who seemed more excited than the rest of us. "Im not sure. She didnt tell me" Jordin said, sitting down. "Do you guys know that if she is working with the concert staff, that she could possibly get us backstage to meet *NSYNC?!" I said, just realizing what I thought. "I never thought that" Jordin said. "We could be up close and personal with *NSYNC in less than a week! Can ya'll believe that?" Brandy informed. "Well, lets not get our hopes up. We dont know where my mom is working exactly" Jordin said, now a little dissapointed. "Hey, what is our saying?" I said, talking to Jordin. "Sweet dreams. Yea you're right. Where would be without dreams" Jordin said, understanding. "Right!" Brandy and Shauna agreed. "Justin baby, here I come!" Jordin finished, now more confident.

Chapter 4: The Summer Festival

"Well, here we are!" Jordin said as we all looked up at the entrance gates. "Yea. Lets give them our tickets so we can get in!" Shauna said excitedly. "Ok! Let's go!" I announced as we walked up to the gatekeepers. The festival was huge. It was about the size of an amusement park but we knew exactly where we were going, straight to the concert stage. We walked up to yet another gate that closed in the stadium and were met by a huge concert staff guard. "Sorry, no one is allowed in" he said with his arms crossed. "Why not?" Brandy asked. "Because *NSYNC is practicing. Now go!" he said rudly. "But we dont hear them" Jordin jumped in. "What did I just say?" said the guard again. "Please let us in!" Shauna pleaded. "Im sorry but this stadium is off limits until the concert" he said walking towards us, making us walk backwards. "Well, can we get some backstage passes?" I asked quickly. He laughed at us and turned around back towards the gate. "Whats so funny?" I asked walking back up to him. "Do you know how many girls come up to me and ask me that? And you know what? You girls are no exception. If I dont give them to any girls, I wont give them to you either" he said, being smart. "And why cant you make an exception? What do we have to do to get them?" I pleaded. "First of all, I am just a guard, and I dont have backstage passes on me just for girls to come up and ask me for them. And second of all, you know what you can do? You can wait until the concert starts and then you can see them all you want!" He said and laughed. "Jerk" I said under my breath and walked away. "Now what?" Jordin sighed. "We have to find your mom!" I said, knowing that she was the only one that could help us. "Ok! Lets go to the info booth and see if they can help!" Jordin said while walking towards the booth. We all followed and stood at the booth for almost 15 minutes until they could track her mom down. "Ok girls, I found her" the woman behind the window said. "Good! Where is she?" Jordin questioned. "She is a concert guard at the south gate" she informed us. "Is that the gate for *NSYNC's bus and the people that work with *NSYNC go?" Jordin asked quickly. "Yes it is" the woman replied. "Oh wow! We might get to meet them after all!" Jordin exclaimed. "This couldnt get any better!" Shauna said excitedly. "I see you girls are trying to see *NSYNC?" the woman asked. "Yea we are!" I said. "I must warn you not to get carried away! Even though your mother being a guard is a plus, she also cant make exceptions. Get to know as many people close to *NSYNC as possible, if you find them anyway. Being smart and not being too excessive will get you where you want to go" the woman said quietly. "Thank you so much!" Jordin said as the woman closed the window. "Well that was helpful!" Shauna said. "Yea, she was really nice!" I finished. "I cant believe that we are most likely gonna meet *NSYNC!" Brandy yelled. "Yea, well we gotta find my mom first!" Jordin exclamed. "Ok, lets go!" Shauna said, taking off.

When we made our way to the gate, Jordin's mom was nowhere to be found. We walked up to the man who was standing there. "Oh here we go again!" Brandy sighed. "Hi!" Jordin said to the guard. "What can I do for you and no I cant let you in" he said quickly. "We dont want in just yet but I am looking for my mom. She was supposed to be a guard at this gate. Do you know where she is?" Jordin informed him. She gave him her mom's name and told us to try the back gate. We walked towards the back gate thinking that we just talked to the man with the best gate in the stadium, but we were wrong. We got to the gate and her mother was there. It was the gate to the back of the stage where *NSYNC would be, waiting, until the concert started. "Mom!" Jordin yelled as her mom quickly closed the gate. Before the gate was closed, Justin turned around and saw Jordin standing there. Jordin noticed him also. "Oh my gosh!" I just saw Justin back there!" Jordin yelled as we all ran up the gate. "Whoa girls calm down!" Jordin's mom yelled, holding us back. "Mom! You got the best seat in the house! How did you get to come back here?" Jordin exclamed. "Lucky I guess" she said. "Please let us in!" Jordin pleaded. "I cant" she informed. "What?!" Jordin said, shocked that her own mother wouldnt let them in. "Sorry, we cant let anyone in, no matter who they are. That is our job. But..." she stopped. "But what?!" Jordin asked anxiously. "I can try to get you a backstage pass. You see I can make an exception for you guys that the other guards cant" she told us. "Really? How? Please hurry!" Jordin said impatiently. "Calm down, Jordin! This wont be easy. It could also be impossible without *NSYNC's personal approval. I will have to pull alot of strings and I cant guarantee you anything, understand?" she said seriously. "Yea" Jordin said, a little dissapointed. "Ok, you wait here and I will see what I can do" she said as she called another guard over to watch the gate. We watched her enter the gate and we quickly looked for the boys, but they were gone. Her mother was lucky enough to be able to go ask them let alone stand at a gate that was so close to them that it made us sick, having to stand there, waiting, anxiously hoping for a miracle.

Her mother finally came back out, ten minutes later. "Well?" Jordin ran up to her. "Sorry girls but I cant get them right now" she informed us. "What?!" Jordin yelled with a tear in her eye. "Im not saying that you might not get them. I talked to *NSYNC's personnel, but they also need *NSYNC's approval, and right now they are in hair and makeup. You will have to wait for about an hour." she told us as we stood there melting, feeling like gum on the bottom of someone's shoe. "Ughh!" I said as I crashed on the ground. "Im sure they will let me know if there is any news" her mother said, trying to cheer us up. "Yea" Jordin said turning around, crashing to the ground with me. And so we sat there, on the hot blacktop, in 90 degree weather, all for *NSYNC, for over an hour and a half until someone behind the gate cracked the gate open and whispered to Jordin's mom for a few seconds. We quickly rose to our feet, anxiously awaiting the fate of our sweet dreams. Jordin's mother motioned us over to the gate. "Stay calm!" Jordin said to us and we walked up to the gate. The man behind the gate opened it up and standing there, a few feet away, was *NSYNC themselves. We stood there like little children looking at a counter full of candy behind glass. We wanted to scream so loudly and jump up and down but we remembered what the woman at the info booth told us about not getting carried away and not being too excessive, so we stood there like statues, all building up a loud scream, ready to burst. The man closed the gate and there we were, all frozen with our mouth's wide open. "What was that all about?" I said, breaking the silence. "Well, *NSYNC wanted to see who you guys were" she said. "And thats it?!" Jordin exclaimed. "I dont know" her mom replied. "I cant believe this! We stood here frying our butts off for over an hour and thats all we get?!" Brandy yelled. "Calm down! We dont know whats going on yet!" I said, trying to reassure everyone. A few minutes later the gate was opened once again. A woman from *NSYNC personnel walked over to us, gave us backstage passes, and led us through the gate. We thought our dream had finally come true. But what we didnt know is that we were in for so much more than what we had bargained for.

Chapter 5: *NSYNC Week

"Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm" Jordin kept repeating to herself as we walked towards the back of the stage. My hands were shaking like a leaf as we stopped walking. "Why are we just standing here?" Brandy whispered to us, as we stood alone, as people rushed around us, getting the stage ready for the concert. "I have no clue" I replied, looking around for *NSYNC to pop up, somewhere. "Chris!" I heard someone yell and we all turned our heads toward the sound. "Yea?" Chris yelled back, as we all looked and saw him standing near the tour bus. "You forgot your cell phone over here and its ringing!" the woman yelled and Chris ran over. He ran right past us and we just stood there, frozen, waiting for the rest of the guys to pop out from somewhere. Chris stood there on the phone for about two minutes and walked back towards us. "Do you girls have passes?" he asked us. We stood there silently, not knowing what to say. "Um...yea" I stuttered. "Ok then, come with me!" he said walking around us. We all dashed behind him, like his shadow, practically hanging on him and tripping over his feet. Then we heard JC laughing as we neared the bus. "Oh my gosh!" I screamed as Jordin put her hand over my mouth. "Yo, thats whack!" Justin said after JC laughed. "For real!" we heard Joey finish. "I cant believe we are meeting these guys!" Shauna exclaimed as we followed Chris onto the bus. "Hey guys, these girls got backstage passes and want to meet us" Chris announced as we stood there in front of them, our hearts pounding and our hands shaking. "Well, hey, whats up?" Joey said in a flirty voice as JC smacked him in the arm. "Where is Lance?" Shauna asked quickly. "Yo! Lance, man get out here!" Justin yelled as Lance came out from the back of the bus. "Hey, Im in the middle of a game, whats goin...whoa!" Lance stopped as he saw us standing there. "Yea, thats what I was thinkin too!" Joey whispered to Lance, thinking we couldnt hear him. "So, whats ya'lls names?" Justin asked in his ebonic, southern accent. "Im Shauna" she said looking towards Lance. "Jordin, Brandy, Kaylee" we all said after each other. "Hey guys, you have to go on stage in 15 minutes!" a woman from *NSYNC personnel came in the bus and announced to them. "Sorry to cut this short, but we have to get going!" Lance said, walking past us. "That woman will lead you down, right in front of the stage to watch the concert" JC added as he walked past too. "Yea, but we'll see ya'll after the concert" Justin cut in quick. "Really?!" Jordin asked, excitedly. "Yea, you guys can get in all week if ya want!" Joey said. "Oh my gosh!" we all said at the same time. "Cya'll later!" Justin said as we were led off the bus and down to the front of the stage.

"I cant believe we just met them!" Brandy yelled over the million screaming fans around us. "Yea I know! Justin looked so fine!" Jordin yelled back. "I cant believe we get to come backstage all week!" said Shauna. "Do you know that everyone is looking at us in a weird way since we came from the back and have these passes on?" I added, looking around at the other girls giving us mean looks. "Oh well! First come first serve!" Jordin added. "Yeah, too bad so sad!" Shauna laughed. "Can we please have your passes? Well pay for them!" two girls came up to us and asked. "What are you smokin?" I said sarcastically. "We dont think so!" Jordin said with an attitude. "Whatever!" they said as they walked away. We all laughed as *NSYNC's music came on and everyone started screaming louder. We were right against the stage and people were pushing us hard from the back, hitting us in the head with their arms and kicking us. We just ignored it, knowing we had the best spot in the arena, until I got hit in the back of the head with a cardboard poster. I looked around and the girl backed up. "Yea, you best back up!" I yelled as the guys came out and started dancing and singing to Here We Go. After awhile they slowed it down to I Drive Myself Crazy and the guys came over to us and sang to us. Other girls were grabbing for them but they still stayed with us. Joey left and walked back with a white rose and gave it to Brandy. Everyone behind her tried to grab it so we surrounded her like a barracade. A little while later the concert was over and they finished with Bye Bye Bye. Everyone ran over to the guards that were standing at a little metal gate, trying to get backstage. We walked over and they opened the gates for us. I looked back and saw them screaming and yelling and pointing towards us. We all just laughed again as the same woman led us onto the bus and told us to wait there until the guys came back.

About five minutes later the guys came back onto the bus, all sweaty and very tired. "Hey girls!" Joey flirted again. "Hey!" we all said at the same time as the guys came over to us. "So, how did you like the concert?" JC asked as he and Lance ran to the fridge for some water. "It was great! Thanks for the rose, Joey!" Brandy said, looking at the rose. "Well youre welcome cutie!" Joey said, sitting closer to Brandy. "Calm down man, we got all week to get to know these girls!" Lance laughed. JC and Lance eventually sat down and we all sat near them, lining ourselves up with each guy that we liked. "Um..where is Chris?" I asked, noticing that he came on the bus but now dissapeared. "He's probably on the phone with his girlfriend" JC answered. "How comes shes not on tour with you guys?" Brandy questioned. "Well, we all tried to get our managers and personnel to let her come along but they wont let anyone come with us" Joey replied. "I bet they miss each other" Jordin added. "Sure doesnt seem like it all the time though" Justin said. "Yea, they are always fighting when they are on the phone, I guess because she wants to be with him, and she is alone and he cant do anything about it" Lance finished. "Well, not to sound rude, but then why are they together then?" I asked. "Well, I guess no matter how far apart they are or when they see each other, they still love each other, and plan to stick it out" JC answered. "Aww, thats so sweet!" Jordin said softly and the driver of the bus came in. "Is everyone ready?" he asked as the bodyguards came in behind him. "Are ya'll ready?" Justin asked us. "Ready? For what?" I asked. "To come with us to the hotel!" Joey added. "For real?!" Brandy exclaimed. "Yep!" Justin filled in. "But, I drove my car here and I cant let it sit here" I said. "Well then, how bout ya'll drive to the hotel and we'll meet ya there. Just keep your passes on and we'll make sure that the bodyguards let ya in!" Justin finished. "Ok! Let's go girls!" I said as we said goodbye, ran out of the festival, and made our way to the hotel.

Chapter 6: The Hotel

"This day has just been too sweet!" Jordin yelled over the music we were playing loudly in the car. "Yea, and we have the whole week to go yet!" Brandy added. "What do you guys think we are gonna do at the hotel?" Shauna asked from behind me. "I hope something good!" Jordin said while winking. We all knew what she ment. "You are bad!" I laughed. "Hell yea!" Jordin agreed as we pulled up to the parking lot of the hotel. We got out and walked up to the doors. Tons of girls crowded the doors and the lobby of the hotel. As we walked in, we noticed that Joey and Chris were in the lobby, surrounded by screaming girls and some bodyguards. As soon as they saw us, they motioned us to come over. "Hey cutie!" Joey said to Brandy, making the other girls standing around walk away, saying things under their breath. "Where are the rest of the guys?" I asked, looking for JC. "Oh, they are already up in the hotel. JC is sleeping already and the other two are probably grubbin." Chris informed us. "Well lets get going!" Joey said as he informed the bodyguards of our passes. We were led up to the biggest suite in the hotel. The guards that were standing at the doors, watching over JC, Lance, and Justin, opened the doors for us. We couldnt believe our eyes. The room was more like a condominium than a hotel suite. "See I told ya they were feedin their faces!" Chris said as he pointed to Justin and Lance who were in the kitchen area of the room. "Wake up!" Joey yelled as he jumped on the couch, bouncing JC right onto the floor. "Geez man! Calm down!" JC yelled, picking himself up off the floor. "Well our girls are here!" Joey replied. "Our girls?" I said quietly to Jordin. "Uh huh! I like the sound of that!" Jordin exclaimed and then walked over to Justin. Shauna followed Jordin as me and Brandy walked over to Joey and JC. "Hey do ya'll want some food?" Justin announced over to us as he found the grapes and pulled one off. "Well whats over there?" JC asked through a yawn. "Not much, unless you want to get a pizza" Justin replied. "You wanna get a pizza when you can get some good food in the hotel?" Joey asked, puzzled. "Well, it just seemed more like a party with our girlies here if we stayed in and just chilled for the night" Lance said. "Ok kewl!" JC said as he flopped back down on the couch. "Are you gonna sleep all night or are you gonna have some fun?" Justin asked as he pulled off some more grapes. "I'll have some fun...when the pizza gets here" JC said putting a pillow over his head. "Geez, what a grump!" Justin added. Lance and Shauna walked over to the other couch and talked, Jordin and Justin chilled in the kitchen, Joey was showing off and telling stories to Brandy, as I, watching JC sleeping on the couch, walked over to the patio doors, and walked out onto the patio. "Well, Im guessing that you either like JC or one of the other guys that one of your friends are with right now?" Chris said as he walked up behind me. "Uh..yea" I said blushing. "Do you mind if I ask who?" Chris said politely. "Its JC, but he doesnt seem to be much in the mood to get to know me" I said looking down onto the busy street, noticing some lingering fans that started yelling as Chris leaned over and looked down. "Im sure he does, but when he gets into his sleepy mood then its best just to let him sleep" Chris said as he waved to the fans below. "How can I get him to notice me?" I asked as I looked towards Chris for an answer. "Well I have an idea.." he answered. "And that is?" I asked quickly. "Well, after we get the pizza I was thinking that maybe we could play a little game of spin the bottle and I could try to conjure something up" Chris said with a wink. "You would do that for me?" I questioned. "Sure, I know everything that trips his trigger. No one, besides his family anyway, knows him better that us guys do." he said as we heard the pizza boy knock on the door. "I guess thats the pizza!" I said turning around towards the suite. "Yea, c'mon!" Chris said as he drug me inside.

"Man, Im stuffed!" Joey said as we all sat on the floor of the living room in a little circle. I finally got to be near JC, but unfortuneatly, he seemed to still be uninterested. I looked over to Chris who was sitting across from me and gave him a noticeable look. "Well guys how bout we do something fun!" Chris said, starting his plan. "Like what?" Lance answered back. "Well, how bout a game of spin the bottle?" he said looking towards JC. "Thats kewl!" Joey added. Chris grabbed a beer bottle from the 6-pack that was already put in the fridge before they got there, emptied it, cleaned it out, and layed it down in the middle of our circle. "Ok, lets play it this way. Whoever spins the bottle gets to dare the person the bottle lands on to do something. How does that sound?" Chris informed. "Sounds good to me!" Justin replied as everyone else agreed. "Ok, I'll spin first!" Chris said, looking at me and spinning the bottle at the same time. Unfortuneatly, it didnt land on me or JC. It landed on Justin and he was dared to eat a chocolate pickle. We swear his face turned green. After Justin regrouped with us, he spun the bottle and it landed on Brandy, who was dared to kiss Joey. Which we though was too easy. They looked like they've kissed each other for years. After we plied them apart, Brandy spun the bottle and it landed back on Chris. She dared him to play the rest of the game with just his underclothes on (if ya know what I mean). Well as crazy as Chris was, he willingly volunteered. It was again Chris' turn and he spun the bottle and it, finally, landed on JC. "I dare JC to stay in the closet and make out with Kaylee for 15 minutes!" he said excitedly. Everyone's jaw dropped as they did their little "ooooh" sounds. JC agreed and then spun the bottle first before we went in. It landed on Jordin and he made her stick her hand down the toilet for 10 seconds. Then, me and JC made our way to the closet.

Chapter 7: No Strings Attached

We walked into the closet and closed the door. I felt so nervous yet so comfortable with him at the same time. Never in my life did I ever imagine being stuck in a closet with a member of *NSYNC, especially JC. It was like a dream come true, yet I couldnt make a move. Then JC broke the silence.

"I bet this is really uncomfortable for you isnt it?" he said to me, standing on the other side of the light that hung down between us. " fine" I stuttered, lying through my teeth, starting to wonder why I wouldnt jump on him the first second I got in there like anyone else would. I just wanted everything to be right and I wanted to make any opportunity something special. "So, I noticed that all your friends already got close to the guy they liked, but I didnt notice you talking to anyone, why?" JC asked, trying to get the convo started. "The guy I like is taken or not interested" I said looking away from JC, trying not to hint too much. "Well, which one is he? I mean it would be kind of rude to take him away from one of your friends but I could still get him to talk to you" he finished. "He is talking to me" I said while looking JC right in the eye. "He is? Well how 'bout I go and trade places with him" JC said while leaning towards the door, obviously totally clueless about the whole situation. "No! I said, stopping him. You are already here" I said, putting my hand in his. "Me? You were talking about me?" JC asked, surprised. "Yea, its you. I just didnt want to say anything right away because you seemed totally uninterested all night" I added as JC reached out for my other hand. "No, its not that. I just thought that I wouldnt be lucky enough to have one of ya'll liking me. I figured that ya'll would be all over Justin or something. I slept most of the time so I wouldnt get depressed watchin ya'll get cozy with the other guys." he finished. "Well, I guess I'm just not as flirty or whatever like my other friends. I figured that if we were ment to be then eventually we will get together" I said as he moved closer to me. "Well, we are together now and its all good" he said as he kissed me. His lips were so soft as he barely touched mine, sweetly he grazed my lips as if he was air. My heart was pounding so loudly as the adrenaline rushed through me. He looked right into my eyes and then kissed me again. Delicate like I was made of porceline. He reached up and turned the light off. We were finally in the dark.

"Yo, whaddya think they are doin in there?" Justin asked as they were still all sitting in the middle of the floor, done playing spin the bottle because Chris' girlfriend called him again and because everyone ran out of ideas for dares. "Lets find out!" Brandy yelled getting up. "No, lets not!" Joey said as he pulled her back onto his lap. "Just let them do their own thing. They really havent talked or have gotten to know each other all night and now is a good opportunity" Jordin said as she got up for a drink. "Hey! There they are!" Brandy yelled as she saw me and JC finally come out of the closet. I walked to the kitchen towards Jordin as Brandy and Shauna hurried over for the juicy gossip. The guys regrouped and did the same thing. "So what happened?!" Shauna asked quickly. "Well, we talked and then kissed, and then talked again, and then kissed some more" I said getting a bottle of water from Jordin. "Oh my gosh!" Brandy said as her mouth dropped. "Yea, it was awesome!" I finished as the guys called us over. Lance walked over to one of the suitcases and took out a tape of their new songs without the vocals on them and put it in a cassette player. "We have a message for all of you and we want to sing a song off of the new album" Joey informed us. "Well, where is Chris?" I asked. "He is on the phone with his girlfriend. We can sing it without him" Lance said as he started the tape and started to sing *No Strings Attached*. We knew that they sang that song because we told them about what happened with all of our ex-boyfriends the week before. After that we requested *This I Promise You* and then had to leave for the night. They pleaded for us to stay and we were about to but were asked to leave by one of the personnel. We thought that was strange because they were grown men and could make their own decisions but we followed orders and left. As we walked out, JC stopped me at the door. "I had a good time tonight and Im glad we got to know each other" he said holding my hand. "Me too" I said, leaning over to kiss him. Before I could walk away, JC put his hand on his chest and looked right at me. "If you want it, here's my heart, no strings attached" he quoted from their song. I looked at him and smiled as Jordin came back up to me from down the hall and drug me away. We found out later that they fired the woman who wouldnt let us stay. We had an awesome day and had a whole week to go.

Chapter 8: Hands To Heaven

"Can you believe that they are leaving tomorrow to finish their tour?" I said as we were setting up the living room for the guys to stay over. "I know. This week went so fast. I wish we could stay with them forever" Jordin added as she moved the one chair. "Well, do you think we should ask if we can go with them on the tour?" Brandy jumped in. "I was thinking that but I remembered that Chris' girlfriend couldn't go with them so I never mentioned anything" I said, moving a light. "And if we could, we couldnt just pick up and leave the beach house, or could we?" Shauna asked. "For Justin? Hell yea!" Jordin said filling the fridge. "There is a car pulling up in the driveway!" Brandy said, looking out the window. We all ran to the window and noticed a gold Explorer pull up and the guys jumping out and running to the door quickly so they wouldnt get noticed. "Where did you get the Explorer?" Brandy asked Joey as they all came into the living room. "Oh, well we rented it so that we wouldnt get noticed coming here in a limo. We didnt think ya'll wanted girls pitching tents and camping out on the beach in front of your house all night if they knew we were here" he finished. "Yea, good idea" she added. "Ya'll can sit down" I said as I noticed JC smiling at me. "Did ya'll get a movie?" Justin asked as he sat down. "Yea, its already in the VCR!" Jordin answered as she pushed play. "And, after the movie we are gonna make some dinner!" Shauna informed them. "Good! Im hungry!" Lance said. "What are ya'll makin?" Justin asked as he got comfy with Jordin on the couch. "Probably spaghetti" Brandy jumped in. "Oh yea! Sounds good to me!" Justin exclaimed as everyone laughed. By then the movie came on. Brandy and Joey smooshed together on a chair, Chris sat beside Jordin who was on the couch with Justin, Shauna and Lance sat on the floor, and me and JC practically laid on the loveseat.

"Time for some grub, baby!" Justin yelled as the movie ended. "Geez are you hungry or something?" I asked as I stood up and streached, stiff from laying so long on the loveseat. "Hell yea, man!" Justin said as he grabbed Jordin from behind and followed her to the kitchen. Me, Brandy, and Shauna also went to the kitchen and helped, after we kicked Justin out. "Wow, he cant stand to be away from you for a second!" I said, admiring his loyalty. "I know! Isnt it cute?" she replied. "Yea, but if he is like this now, I wonder how he will be tomorrow when he has to leave" Shauna said. "Yea, dont remind me!" Jordin added. "Anyway!" I exclaimed, as I got this sickening, sinking feeling in my stomach. I looked at JC in the living room, laughing and being happy. I didnt know how to leave him or to say goodbye. He was what I wanted for so long and actually having him was way beyond my wildest dreams. I wondered if he felt the same about me and if leaving was just as hard. I wouldnt know until the next day. The thought of it was turning my stomach in knots and bringing tears to my eyes. "Ya know what guys? Im not that really hungry so Im gonna go up in my room for a little while" I said running out of the kitchen. "Kaylee!" Jordin yelled after me. JC and the rest of the guys heard her, freezing their conversation. "I'll go!" JC said, stopping Jordin from chasing me up the stairs.

"Kaylee, whats wrong?" JC said as he came up behind me. I stood at my bedroom window, watching the moonlight illuminate the waves in the ocean, and crying, uncontrollably. "Nothing" I said, acting as if nothing was wrong. "Look at me!" JC said, turning me around. I looked at him, noticing that the moonlight made his blue eyes shine as we stood there in the dark. "Whats wrong? Please tell me! Did I do something?" he pleaded to me. "No, you didnt do anything" I said looking away from him. He turned my face back towards him. "Then whats wrong?" he said, his voice now softer, as he was getting sad, looking at me as tears fell down my cheek. "I dont want you to leave me tomorrow" I said, crying even harder after I said it. "I know. I dont want to leave either. But, believe me, I feel the same way you do. I might not show it in front of everyone, but I do feel it. And, if I could take you with me, I would. But, no one is allowed to be on tour with us on the bus" he explained to me. "I know" I said as he wiped a tear from my cheek. "For the first time, right now I can finally understand what Chris goes through and how hard it must be for them and we havent been apart yet. I never expected to come to the Summer Festival and fall in love with someone but I did. I fell for you, I fell hard and very quickly without ever realizing that we would have to be apart." he finished as I interrupted. "Do you think you will regret falling for me later because of having to go through this now?" I wondered as we walked over to my bed and sat down. "I would never regret any moment that I have spent with you or any feelings that I feel for you. I wanted this just as much as you did" he said, holding my hands. "So, are we going to have to breakup when you leave?" I said, hesitating to ask. "I dont want to. I mean if Chris can do it then anyone can. I think that if we both want this to work then we can do it" he finished. "Do you know what the other guys are gonna do?" I asked. "We were talking about it before we came and as far as I know, we all wanna stick it out. Its very rare that we all find someone that we like when we go somewhere on tour and better yet have all the ones we like be best friends with each other. We believe that we found something special and we want to hang on to it" he said, brushing a piece of hair out of my face. "Aww, thats sweet" I said, hugging him. "Thank you" he replied, hugging me back. "Anytime" I finished as I kissed him. He kissed me back passionately and then broke away quickly. "Im hungry and that spaghetti is smellin' good! Do you wanna go eat?" he asked. "No, I just wanna lay here for awhile. Please stay here with me before you go eat" I said. "Ok" he replied as he moved up beside me and let me lay in his arms. Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

I woke up to seeing JC laying beside me, just watching me. "What time is it?" I asked as I closed my eyes again. "About 3 am" he replied. "I have been sleeping since 8 last night?!" I exclaimed. "Yep" he said, moving closer. "So, how was the spaghetti?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "It was ok, but you werent there to share it with me" he said. "Oh, ok. Well I owe you a spaghetti sometime so dont forget to remind me" I finished. "Ok, I wont!" he laughed. "Is everyone sleeping?" I asked. "Yep. They have been for awhile" he said. "How long have you been here?" I asked again. "Since they went to bed around 12" he finished. "And you have been watching me the whole time?" I added. "Yep" he answered. "Aww" I said as I pulled him closer to me. "Yea, I have been sittin here thinking about that *Hands To Heaven* song. Do you remember that one?" he asked. "Yea, by the group Breathe. Its one of my favorite songs. Its about someone having to leave someone that they love the next day and how hard it is and hoping that they see each other again, right?" "Yeah. Thats exactly how I feel right now" he said as I got up out of my bed. "Well lets listen to it since you've mentioned it" I said, grabbing the tape and putting it in the tape player. I pulled JC up off the bed and we danced together to it as the moonlight dimly gave us our only light in the middle of my floor. A single tear fell from JC's face, knowing that this was our last night together. I looked at his sullen face and sweetly kissed his lips, freezing all of our last moments forever in my mind.

Chapter 9: Endless Summer Nights

"The phone is ringing!" Jordin yelled from inside the pool to the three of us who were down on the beach playing volleyball. "Ok!" Shauna yelled as she ran into the house. Five minutes later she came back outside and came up to us on the pool deck. "That was Lance. He just wanted to see how I was doing and to tell Brandy to go to the front door" she finished. "Um, ok" Brandy said as she walked into the house as we all followed. Before we got to the door, someone knocked on the other side. She opened it and there was a delivery man standing there with a dozen white roses. "Oh my gosh!" Brandy yelled with her mouth wide open. We all gathered around her and admired the white roses covered at the stems with red silk and a red velvet bow. She signed for them and quickly closed the door. "They are so beautiful!" Jordin exclaimed. "I know! I almost dont want to take them out of the silk to put them in water!" Brandy said as she admired them. "Youre lucky! I wish JC would do something like that!" I jumped in. "In due time!" Brandy added as she grabbed a vase and put water in it. "I just miss him so much!" I said as I smelled the roses that Brandy put in the vase. "We all know how you feel!" Shauna added. "They have been gone for two weeks and its already hard to be without him!" Jordin said about Justin. Right after she said that, the phone rang again and Brandy answered it. "Its Justin" she said, handing the phone to Jordin. Jordin took the cordless and went outside as we all stood and admired the flowers some more. About five minutes later Jordin came back in, teary eyed, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me upstairs. "Whats going on?" I asked quickly as she walked into her room. I noticed Brandy and Shauna coming up behind me, standing at the top of the stairs, as I walked in behind her. "Justin just broke up with me!" she said as she broke down in tears. "What?! Are you for real?" I yelled. "Yes, thats what he told me" she sobbed. "Did he say anything about Lance?" Shauna interrupted as she quickly entered the room. "Yea, he said he is sticking it out and so is Joey" she finished. "I dont believe this! Im gonna go call JC!" I exclaimed. I ran back downstairs and grabbed the phone and dialed his cell. "Hello?" he answered. "JC?" I asked. "Yea, its me. Hi hun!" he said happily. "Whats going on?" I asked again. "Whadya mean?" he replied. "Well, Justin just called Jordin and broke up with her!" I said, my whole body shaking in anger. "What?! For real?" he exclaimed. "Yea, she is bawling her eyes out right now!" I informed him. "I have no idea whats going on but Im gonna go find him" he said seriously. "Well dont hang up!" I yelled. "Ok, well Im in the hotel and I think he is out in the bus and as soon as I find some bodyguards to come with me then Ill get out and talk to him so hang on!" he finished. "Ok!" I replied as I heard a bunch of people's footsteps, some fans screaming JC's name, and then silence. "Whats going on?" Jordin said as she came back down with Brandy and Shauna. "I dunno. JC went out to the bus looking for him and right now he has me on hold." I replied. "Ok, Im back!" JC said as he put me back on. "Ok, did ya find him?" I asked. "Ya, he is here" JC replied. "Ok" I said as I stopped to the sound of JC talking to Justin. "Are you okay?" JC said to Justin. "Yea, give me a sec" Justin said quietly in the background. "He is crying" JC said to me. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Yea. I dont really want to let you go but I wanna talk to him and then Ill call you back, ok?" he said. "Ok, no prob!" I finished as we said our goodbye's and then hung up. About fifteen minutes later the phone rang again.

"Hello?" I said answering the phone. "Is Jordin there?" Justin asked in a low voice because of crying. "Yea, hang on" I said, handing the phone to Jordin. She went back outside and was on the phone for another fifteen minutes until she came back in the house again. "JC wants to talk to you" Jordin said while handing the phone to me. I talked to JC once again for about five minutes just to catch up on things and then hung up. "So, you two are going back out again?" I asked because of the little tidbits JC was telling me. "Yea, he felt really bad for breaking up with me and is glad that you and JC wanted to do the right thing." she said as I sat down beside her on the couch. "Well, you know I couldnt let you two break up. I wasnt there to help you with Eric and I didnt want you to lose Justin. I know how much you wanted him and how much it was your dream to have him in your life. Hardly anyone would be lucky enough to get that chance and I wanted to make sure you didnt lose it" I finished. "Thank you!" she said, hugging me. "Anytime!" I said, hugging her back. And with that, we locked the doors, turned off the light, and headed to bed on a more positive note.

"There goes another month!" I said, ripping June off of the calendar. "Woohoo! About twenty more concerts and another month to go until we can see them in August!" Shauna exclaimed. "Special delivery for Kaylee!" Brandy interrupted, walking into the kitchen from the living room, holding a two foot stuffed white bear. "Oh my gosh!" I said, grabbing the bear. "Its so cute!" Jordin added, touching the soft furry fabric on the bear. I noticed a note around the bear's neck and read it out loud. "To Kaylee, the love of my life. I miss you so much and want to be with you so badly. Keep this bear by your side on your bed until I can be there once again to be with you. I love you. With all my love, JC" I finished, as I looked around at everyone, staring at the bear in silence. "Awww! He is so sweet!" Shauna said, breaking the silence. "Didnt I say in due time?" Brandy jumped in, referring to what I said about the roses Joey gave her. "Yes you did and you were right!" I exclaimed as I sat the bear down on the chair in the living room. "Ill go check the mail!" Brandy said as she walked towards the door. "I thought you just checked the mail?" Shauna asked. "I did, but there was nothing out there yet but the bear!" she explained as she opened the screen door and checked the box. "There probably aint nothing out there now either!" Jordin jumped in. "Yes there is" she said, walking back through the living room. "Ok, what did we get?" I said walking over to her. "Bill, Bill, another Bill, and a package with something like a tape in it" she finished, as she threw the bills on the counter and opened the package. "It is a tape!" Jordin exclaimed. On the top of it was a paper explaining that it was from the guys and that we should put it in the VCR right when we got it. The tape was even coincidentally titled *NLOVE. "Aww, look how they titled it!" Brandy added. "Thats cute! Well, we might as well watch it!" Jordin finished. Brandy put the tape in and it was a homemade movie that the guys made for us, showing concert clips and them on the bus. Each one had a little section where they talked by themselves to each one of us. "I think we should make one for them!" Brandy said as she took the tape back out of the VCR. "Do we have film in the recorder?" I asked. "No, but I just bought a new tape last week!" Jordin jumped in as she took the tape off of the one shelf sitting beside the tv. "Ok, well its a nice day out so lets get out on the beach and get started!" I finished as we all ran out the door.

The days went by slowly. Each minute seemed like hours as we patiently waited through July. Occasional phone calls and gifts were the only things we had to live on, and we all knew that it just wasnt enough. We longed for them and they let us know everytime they called that they felt the same. Chris and Nicole were still going on strong, after not seeing each other for the last four months, and if anyone deserved to see each other, no one did more then them. Chris was the main reason the guys hung on for the last two and a half months. He was like their inspiration. Asking for his advice, actually fitting the role as "father" of the group. Yet again, I ripped another month off the calendar. It was now August 1st.

Chapter 10: Sweet Dreams

"MTV News...." the TV played after I turned it on from getting out of bed. "Metallica's fight against Napster, Condition of *NSYNC's Lance Bass, and an Eminem update on Dr. Dre's Up In Smoke Tour, all coming up next..." Kurt Loder finished. "What about Lance?" Shauna said as she ran into the living room from the kitchen where she was making breakfast. "I dont know" I said, as I turned the TV up. "First up, the condition of *NSYNC's Lance Bass...." Kurt Loder started as we all gathered around the TV. "The No Strings Attached Tour ended in no such better time for Lance Bass, who yet again, suffered from another stomach virus. Bass, who had taken ill from a stomach virus a few months ago, stayed in the hospital for two days. This time the virus is a bigger concern, quoted from a lable representative. He is also suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, from the vigorous tour schedule, which is making the virus stronger. Bass is staying in an Orlando hospital and is on an around the clock watch in ICU. Stay tuned to MTV for more details...." he finished as I turned the TV off. "Oh my God! Why didnt anyone let me know?" Shauna cried. "As a matter of fact, we didnt talk to them for about a week and we didnt think anything of it!" Jordin added. "I am gonna call JC!" I said quickly as I jumped off the couch but got distracted by the doorbell. "I'll get it!" Brandy said as she answered the door. "Hey!" JC said as he stood there in the doorway. "Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?" she asked as soon as I realized JC was at the door. "JC!?" I yelled running to the door. He walked up to me halfway and scooped me up into a hug. "Hey babe, I missed you!" he said as he kissed me. "I missed you so much!" I said back as I finished being mushy with him and dragged him over to the couch. "Why didnt I know what happened to Lance?" Shauna questioned JC with tears in her eyes. "Thats what I came to talk about. I need everyone to sit down and listen to what I have to say." he finished as everyone sat down. "Is this going to be something bad?" Brandy asked. "No its nothing what you are thinking. Actually its probably very good news." he said, confidently. "Ok, shoot!" Jordin jumped in anxiously. "Ok, first off, we didnt want to tell anyone about Lance until we knew how serious it was going to be. When we found out that Lance would have to stay in the hospital for awhile and after he gets out of the hospital he wouldnt be able to travel anywhere so that he can get rest, me and the rest of the guys had a talk and then I was sent here to let you all know what was going on." he informed us. "Well why couldnt you just tell us this on the phone?" I asked. "Because its a little too complicated to tell over the phone." he answered. "Ok then why are you here and not the rest of the guys?" Jordin wondered. "Because I was sent to deliver a message and Im not staying." JC finished again. "Youre not staying?" I yelled, looking at him. "Nope, and neither are the rest of you." he said looking around at all of us. "Ok, Im confused!" Brandy added. "The rest of the guys stayed with Lance and Lance wont be able to travel, meaning he wont be able to come and see Shauna, so, instead Shauna is going to see him and the rest of you guys are going to come with me and we are all gonna live in the *NSYNC house in Orlando." he finished. "Are you for real?!" Jordin exclaimed, almost falling off the chair. "Yes, we decided to have ya'll live with us in Orlando." he said. "Oh my gosh! But...what about the beach house?" I asked. "Thats up to you guys to talk about. You can either keep paying rent or move out completely." he explained. "This is a big decision. We've lived in this house for the last four years. We have so many good memories here but yet how can we resist not moving to Orlando with you guys?" Jordin said as she stood up and walked around the living room. "Well, you have some time to think about it. Im gonna stay for the day and until tomorrow morning. I have a private jet to take us back to Orlando." JC added. We all sat around, silent, deep in thought.

"Can you grab me that box mom?" Jordin said to her mother who came over to help us pack our things. We decided to go for it and go to Orlando with JC. We realized that we would probably never get another chance like this and we just had to do it. "I really wish you wouldnt move so far away!" her mother pleaded as she came over to the other side of the living room with a box. "I have to mom! I wanna be with Justin so bad." she explained. "Well, if thats what you want to do. You are a grown woman now and can make your own decisions, its just hard for me to accept them all the time." she finished. "Everything will be fine! Stop worrying!" Jordin finished. "Ive got some more boxes!" Brandy's father said as he walked in the door. "Good!" Brandy added as she walked over and grabbed them to take them to her room. "The stuff in my room is packed!" I announced. "How did you do that so fast?" Jordin asked from the kitchen. "Well, I have my mom, dad, two sisters, plus JC helping me!" I replied. "Yea well, my brother is too lazy to help!" she laughed. "How bout we all stop and order stuff to eat so that we can all be together for the last time before we leave." Shauna announced to everyone. "Ok, who is getting what?" Jordin's mother said, taking control. "Ok, Chinese for me, JC, Brandy, Shauna, Jordin, and my family!" I yelled as the rest voted for Italian food. "Let's go dust the dining room table off!" Brandy laughed. We all walked into the room behind the kitchen and turned the light on. The room was so bare that we didnt even have to pack anything up. We never used the room for big dinners. Mostly to put food out on for parties because we usually went to family's houses for holidays. We pulled a table cloth down over the glass table and got out the plates. Within a half an hour our food was there and all fifteen of us sat around the table for our last supper.

The morning came quickly and at 8 am we were at the airport, ready to board the jet. All of our family's were there wishing us the best as they cried their goodbye's. Receiving a million hugs to last a lifetime like we would never be back again. Finally we were off and a few hours later we were in sunny Orlando. Jordin practically jumped off the jet, anxiously awaiting to meet up with Justin yet again. And he was there, at the airport, along with Chris and Joey. Justin grabbed her and kissed her at once. "And they thought we were too mushy?" I whispered to JC and he laughed. Within seconds Brandy and Joey were doing the same. Me, JC, Chris, and a ton of bodyguards walked through about a hundered screaming fans to the limo. Justin, Jordin, Brandy, and Joey followed a couple seconds after us. Fans were all around the limo, jumping onto the trunk, hitting the windows, and yelling loudly. "I would really like to know how they found out about us being here this early." Joey questioned. "Fans. What do you expect?" Justin added. "Gotta love 'em!" Chris laughed. Our first stop was to the hospital to see Lance. After dodging a couple hundred fans, we finally made it into the hospital. We walked through the quiet, abandoned halls of Lance's floor, which was unoccupied except for Lance, for security reasons. We stood there at the window, waiting for the nurse's ok to go in, looking at him. He was asleep. His weakend body was hooked up to a ton of machines. The oxygen machine was working vigorously. Shauna was crying, silently. I put my arm around her, with tears in my eyes. We knew he would be alright. Just the sight of him, his condition, the pain he was in was too hard for us to take. We all sat down and let Shauna go in with him first. She was waiting to see him for so long and now had to see him like this. Chris talked to the nurse about Lance's condition. Jordin and Justin went to the cafeteria, Joey and Brandy went for a walk, all to vent, cry, on their own. I sat there in the lobby beside Lance's room with JC. I cried for him, for Shauna. JC held me for so long. The day was full of tears but in the end I knew it would be alright.

About a half an hour later Shauna came back out, telling me and JC that Lance wanted to see us. Everyone else was still gone so Shauna went out and talked to Chris. "How are you feeling?" I said to him. My eyes hurt and were bloodshot. Im sure Lance noticed. "Im ok for now. Im just really tired. No pain though. The nurse just gave me some good drugs. Im sure they will make me twice as tired so if I fall asleep dont be mad." Lance joked through his quiet weak voice. His eyes were half closed yet he kept talking. "You better get all better soon!" I jokingly demanded in between a tear. "I will. I promise." he replied as he put his hand on mine and smiled. "Oh, and thank you, JC, for bringing Shauna back for me." he said looking up at him. "No problem. It wasnt very hard. She loves you and would have come back no matter what the situation." he finished. "So ya'll are going to be living with us now?" he said, talking to me once again. "Yep, now we can all be together finally. The way it was supposed to be." I answered him, but no sooner did Lance close his eyes and fall asleep. We walked back out the room and everyone was there once again. Justin quickly pulled JC away from me and walked down the hall with him. Me, Shauna, Jordin, and Brandy all stood together, in a big group hug. Justin and JC came back and as I heard JC tell Justin to "do it now", Justin grabbed Jordin by the hand and walked away with her. JC took her place in the circle as Joey and Chris joined. A couple minutes later Chris broke away from the group as we noticed him walking down the hall towards a woman. We realized it was Nicole. Our attention was dissrupted when Jordin came back to the group. Her face was white as a ghost. "Wait a minute. I see a ring on your finger!" I exclaimed as we all looked at her shocked. "Yea, Im engaged now!" she said holding out her hand. We all screamed and made our group hug a bear hug but were interrupted by the nurse. "Lance will be asleep for quite awhile so why dont ya'll go out and do something. His condition has improved drastically. He will be fine in no time, most likely by the time he wakes up tomorrow." she said and then walked back into Lance's room. "How 'bout we show ya'll the house, get freshened up and then go out and celebrate Lance's recovery and the new engagement!" Joey announced. We all agreed, jumped back into the limo, and made our way to the house.

The house was awesome. It was specifically designed *NSYNC style. "Oh my gosh this place is as awesome as the house on MTV's Real World New Orleans!" Jordin exclaimed as she walked into the futuristic styled kitchen. "Where's the fridge?" I quoted from the show and Jordin laughed. Meanwhile, Shauna, Brandy, and Nicole were in the showers that were in the sauna styled bathroom. "Can you believe that there are even five showers in the bathroom?" Brandy said as she came back down the stairs. "That makes sense though, doesnt it?" I said, viewing the artwork going down the halls in the foyer. After awhile everyone was ready to go out and paint the town. "I think I owe you some spaghetti, dont I?" I said to JC as we all stood in the foyer. "Hm...I remember you saying you owed me one!" JC replied smartly, remembering the night that they all stayed at the beach house and I didnt eat with him. Everyone laughed and walked out the door. The night was over quickly though and we were back at home as soon as we knew it. Chris, Nicole, Brandy, Joey, and Shauna all went to bed, exhausted from the day. JC sat in the living room with Justin, who were waiting for me and Jordin. We sat in the kitchen drinking some hot tea, talking before we went to bed. "I cant believe that yesterday we were at a beach house in California and today we are in a mansion in Florida. Its so unreal!" Jordin exclaimed. "Oh, and who would of thought that one of us would be engaged already?" I questioned. "I really cant believe that happened either! I was so shocked. I had so many dreams and they all came to me in that one moment. They are all starting to come true. All those dreams we all had are really real!" she said sipping her tea. "And lucky for you they are still growing!" I said, picking up my tea. "Dont worry, ya'll will be engaged, married and have a ton of kids too!" she laughed. "Yea, maybe someday, but Im sure you will have a bigger head start than we will." I joked. "Why do you say that?" Jordin asked. "Because it just seems that you and Justin are ment to be together for like ever. Our dreams to be with the guys werent as strong as yours were for Justin." I sighed. "That doesnt mean that you werent ment to be with JC. Just take your time. Everything will fall in to place like they were ment to. Just have faith. That is how I lived each day before Justin came around. And that is what I believe got me here today" she finished. "Thanks! You are a great friend and the best psychiatrist anyone could ever have!" I said as we both laughed. "Well, Im heading off to bed. I'll see you tomorrow morning." she finished as she put her cup in the sink. "Ok, night!" I said walking around the bar and putting my cup in the sink too. "Night" she replied as she met up with Justin in the living room and went to bed. I walked into the living room and watched TV with JC for about an hour. The grand-father clock in the foyer struck at 12 'o clock when we turned off the TV and headed up stairs. JC headed off to the bathroom as I noticed Justin and Jordin's bedroom door open. "Sweet dreams Jordin. You deserve every one of them." I said as I closed their door. I regrouped with JC and I went to bed for the first time in my new home.