| 12 |

"You're sure you are okay?" Mya asked as they walked out through the hospital doors and into the bright sunshine.

Justin sighed as he looked at her. "You asked me that a million times. I'm fine."


He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on her head. "I know you worry about me. I'm glad you care so much."

Mya smiled as her mother opened the front car door. Amy and Drew were in the back waiting and leaving a space open for Mya. JC, Chris, Lance and Joey left with Johnny the night before, only on one condition, that Justin would let them know he was leaving before he went back to L.A.

"It's too bad that we have to go back home to get all of our stuff ready or we could have left in the private jet already." Mya added as she hopped in the back seat.

"Yeah, you're racking up miles on my car with me driving you an hour back and forth."

"Oh, I see how it is." Mya joked.

"I'm only doing it because I like you."

"Gee, thanks!"

Her mother smirked. "I was talking to Justin."

Justin smiled before he layed his head on the window. Within a few minutes everyone had fallen asleep.

Later that night, they all stood at one end of the quiet runway. Their belongings were getting loaded into the jet as they all said their goodbye's to Mya's mom. The sun was almost set and had left the clouds swirled into a mixture of pink colors.

"Well, I hope the next time I see you, you will be a big star."

Mya leaned in for a hug. "I hope so too. But, there is still a long way to go."

"I'm sure you'll make it." she turned her direction to Justin. "Now, take care of her out there."


Mya laughed. "I'll probably be taking care of him."

"Hey, they're ready guys!" Amy yelled from over at the jet.

"Ok, I'll call you when I get back." Mya said as she started to walk backwards.

"Ok. Good luck!"

They all waved their goodbye's and boarded the plane.

"You know what?" Mya asked as they sat in one corner of the jet. Amy and Drew sat near the other end of the jet so that they all could have some privacy.

"What's that?" Justin asked as he peered out the window. The stars were so close that it looked like you could reach out and touch them.

Mya sat beside Justin on the white leather couch with her leggs draped over Justin's lap. "I came all the way out to L.A. to audition for this movie, go do a short reading that had nothing to do with the movie, then get called back for the final cut and I still don't even know what it's about."

Justin turned and looked at her with a crooked smile. "Well, it's kind of a secret right now."

Mya smirked. "What for?"

"I dunno. Guess they want it to be a surprise."

"Do you know what it's about?"

Justin paused for a second and smiled. "Maybe."

"Tell me!"

"I don't think I can."


"You know, I was starting to wonder why you never asked me that before."

"I dunno. Never thought about it."

"Ok then. Keep not thinking about it."

Mya playfully smacked him in the arm. "Justin!"

"Fine. But, you must swear that you will not tell anyone. Not even Amy and Drew."

"Geez, is it that top secret?"

"Pretty much. No one is going to know about the plot until they see the trailers."

"That's going to be a long time from now."

"Yeah, probably a year or so."

"Wow. Ok then. I swear I won't tell a soul."

Justin got more comfortable on the couch and faced her. "You know how you are always doubting yourself about getting this role, right?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"Well, the reason that I believe that you will get it is because the plot of the movie closely revolves around your real life."

Mya shook her head. "How so?"

"Well, the main character, her name is Emily Atwood. She grows up with big dreams of becoming a famous singer one day and the story is mostly about her trying to get a record contract and along the way she has sort of a fling with another guy in the music business named Ryan Emmerson."

"That sounds like Coyote Ugly or Glitter or even Britney's movie." Mya rolled her eyes.

"Somewhat along that line."

"I have one problem though."

"What's that?"

"I can't sing."

"That's not particularly necessary."

"Justin, what if they make me sing. I am so done for."

"You won't have to sing."

"What if they choose someone with musical talent?"

"Listen. Right now they are looking for acting talent. First off, if you can't act, the movie is gonna stink, right?"

Mya sighed. "Most of the time, yes."

"Ok then. They will just get a voice double for the music parts. It's no big deal."

"I hope not."

Justin leaned in and kissed her. "Stop worrying."

Mya smiled as she layed her head on his shoulder. The flight to L.A. would take yet another hour.

They landed in a somewhat still daylight L.A. and took a chauffered SUV back to the hotel. Justin's prior engagements were cancelled so he decided to stay with the others at the hotel until he was well enough to get back to work.

Their jet lag had settled in so they decided to head in early and get some sleep. As they arrived at the hotel, Justin's bodyguard stood by him closely, protecting him more than usual.

The hotel was unusually quiet for 8 p.m. except for the high pitched squawbling of an old eccentric woman. She wore high priced clothes and expensive jewelery while holding which looked like a 50 pound handbag and was yelling to the woman at the front desk for being served Merlot instead of Cabernet for her morning meal.

"Some people are unbelievable." Justin smirked as he shook his head.

"Yeah, like you would do the same thing." Mya whispered.

"Nah," he whispered back. "I'd prefer water." he snuffed as they moved closer behind the old woman.

"And, I'm sure you would argue over if it was Evian or Dasani." she said sarcastically.

Justin laughed and looked back to the front desk. Before he could react, the old woman turned around quickly and swung her heavy handbag into Justin's stomach. He gripped his side as his knees buckled from pain.

"Get out of my way, jerk!" the old woman hissed and quickly walked away.

"Justin! Are you okay?" Mya exclaimed as she kneeled down to him on the floor.

Justin continued to groan as his bodyguard leaned over him to pull him up. "My stitches. They feel like they've been ripped out!"

"Let's get him out of the lobby." Mya added as they all walked into the hallway towards an elevator.

"Check to see if I'm bleeding." Justin said between breaths. His face was bright red and his eyes were watering.

Mya lifted his shirt and examined the bandages and his stitches. "You're all red there now but your not bleeding."

Justin sighed from relief. "I need to lay down."

"Yeah, let's go." Amy answered from behind them as they pushed the button.

"We've had a long day and I'm sure tomorrow isn't going to get any shorter." Mya added as the elevator opened.

They all loaded into the elevator and rode up to their floor. They walked a few doors down the room and quickly went inside. The bodyguard closed the door behind them and stayed at a close watch outside.

~ Chapter 13 ~