| 14 |

It was 2 a.m. when the four of them stumbled out of another club that night. They had surfed the town and covered seven clubs by the time they had realized that they had drank an equivalent of 3 gallons of alcohol.

"I think its time to go home." Drew mumbled as he looked around incoherently.

"Where's the car?" Justin replied as he and Mya tried to hold each other up.

"I dunno." Drew answered as he looked down the street. "What color is it?"

Amy, who was the most sober one, decided to be sarcastic. "I think it's orange." she rolled her eyes as she searched for a cab.

"I wanna sleep." Mya added as she yawned.

"I got a cab, c'mon." Amy announced as she rounded everyone up. They all sleepishly entered the cab and took it five minutes across town.

The hotel was quiet and dark except for the glow from the front lobby. Amy paid the driver and followed behind the others who were already making their way to the elevators. The ride up to their floor was quick and they went into the room smoothly. The drunken quartet crashed on their beds without changing, or so they thought, and quickly fell asleep.

They slept in late the next morning until the sun shone through every room of the suite. Mya awoke but kept her eyes closed as she rolled around in the bed. She snugged up against Justin who layed with his back towards her. She quickly opened her eyes when she felt his bare back against her hands and sat up.

"Justin?" she asked as she shook him.

He didnt answer the first time but she rigorously shook him again until he replied. "Hmmm?"

"Wake up."

Justin continued to mumble in his sleep. "What?"

"Are you awake?"

"Uh huh."

She leaned over to look at him but his eyes were still closed. "Wake up."

"I have a headache." he said as he finally rolled over on his back.

"I'm about to get a migrane."

"Whadya want?"

"Look at me." she demanded.

Justin cracked his eyes open. "You look good." he smiled.

Mya rolled her eyes and continued. "I have no clothes on."

Justin looked under the covers and then back to her. "Darn, neither do I."

"This isnt funny." she smacked him playfully in the leg.

"What's the big deal? It's not like we haven't been naked before."

Mya leaned back to Justin. "I distinctly remember going to bed with my clothes on."

Justin snickered for a second before he replied. "Shit, I don't remember anything after the fourth club we went to."

"Great." Mya sighed.

"Calm down. It's not like I'm a total stranger or something."

"Yeah, I know, but it's just that I don't like the fact that I don't remember what happened." she flopped her head back down on the pillow.

"Well," Justin paused as he turned on his side towards her. "We can make up for it now and just say you remember."

"Whadya mean?" she looked at him strangely.

Justin smirked as he threw the covers up over their heads.

Amy awoke to find the other side of the bed empty. The sheets were cool as if no one was there for awhile. The bathroom light was on which made Amy curious as she got up from out of bed.

"Drew, are you in there?" she called out.

"Yeah." he replied softly.

"Are you okay?" she asked as she pushed open the door only to see Drew sitting on the floor beside his new best friend.

"I should be in a little while." he answered with his eyes closed as he leaned up against the wall.

"Did you want me to get you anything?"

Drew looked over at her. "Nah, I'm okay. I'll be out in a few."

Amy smiled slightly. "Okay. Let me know if you need anything."

He shook his head silently as Amy walked away from the door. She changed into new clothes and walked to the kitchen area to make tea. A few seconds later Mya joined her for her own cup.

"I hope you two aren't sick." Amy asked.

Mya poured hot water into her mug and dipped the tea bag in it. "No. Justin has a small headache but thats it. Why?"

Amy added sugar to her steaming hot tea and sat down at the bar. "Drew's been hugging the toilet all morning."

"Uggh. That's not good." Mya replied as she joined her.

"So," Amy changed the subject. "What's on the agenda today?"

Mya yawned as she sat her head in her hand as she leaned on the bar. "I dunno. I have so much I wanna do before I start work. I was thinking about going to the beach. I miss being on the sand since we are never at home."

"Yeah, isn't it strange how much we miss it when we are away."

"We can go hang out and have a little picnic or something. Maybe even try to find some of those greasy fries I love so much." she laughed.

"See, you even miss the fries." Amy laughed with her.

Mya sipped her tea before she continued. "I bet the Bahama's are gonna be great. I'm so excited!"

"Me too! I can't believe Justin invited us down there. That's really nice of him."

"Yeah, I'm glad you get to be down there with us."

"So, talking about Justin, where is he anyways?" she asked as she played with her tea bag.

"In bed yet. He didn't feel like getting up. He drank way too much last night."

Amy snickered. "Didn't we all?"

"Did we bring the car home?" Mya questioned.

"Actually, no. It's on the other side of town. I got a cab to bring us home."

Mya replied as Drew finally joined them and sat down. "You are like the only one that remembers anything."

"Tell me about it." Drew interrupted as he covered his face with his hands. "My stomach feels like I drank a bottle of Firewater."

"You probably did." Amy snickered.

"I'm gonna go and try to get Justin up." Mya added as she put her cup back down on the counter.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go get the rental car since I'm the only one who knows where it is. What time were you planning on leaving for the beach?"

Mya looked at the clock. "In about an hour or so. It should only take us a half an hour to get there. Justin knows the area more than we do so we can go with his security in the SUV."

"Sounds good." she said as she headed towards the door. "I'll be back in a few."

"I'll come with you." Drew added in tow. "I need some air."

"Well hurry up slow poke." Amy joked as he followed behind her out the door.

"Justin? Are you up?" Mya asked as she walked into the bedroom.

"Yeah. I'm in here." Justin replied from the bathroom.

"Do you have any plans for today?"

Justin opened the door so that he could see her. "No not really. Since me and the guys are on a break until next year, I really dont have too much on my agenda except for this movie."

Mya walked to the door. "Well, good. Then you can take us to the beach today."

Justin undressed the little bit of clothes that he wore and turned the shower on. "Me take you guys to the beach?"

"Yeah. We don't know how to get around out here and I figured your security could drive us out."

Justin grinned. "Oh, so they are a taxi service now?" he joked.

"Uggh, whatever." Mya rolled her eyes.

"Come here." Justin said as he grabbed her quickly and drug her under the water, getting her clothes completely drenched.

"Justin! I'm getting soaked!"

Justin leaned back and let the water run down over his face. "Well then take them off."

"You're bad."

"I try." he grinned.

Mya placed her hand over the tattoo on his tight bicep as she used the other hand to run down over his perfectly shaped peck and ab muscles. She leaned up and kissed him passionately, letting the water rush down over her dry hair. Justin broke away for a second, closing the shower curtain, giving them complete privacy.

"Is everyone ready?" Mya asked an hour later as everyone stood in the main room, dressed in their beachwear, gathering miscellaneous items.

"I am." Justin replied.

"Me too." Drew added as he walked to the door.

"No. Wait. I feel like I'm missing something." Amy said as she continued to look around.

Drew shook his head. "I'm not surprised."

"Ha. Ha." she looked at him and stuck her tongue out.

"Brat." he smiled as he and Justin walked out the door.

"Ok. I think I'm ready. Let's go." Amy finished as she grabbed her bag.

They joined the boys outside and walked down to the lobby and into the SUV where they met up with two of Justin's security guards, Eric and Tyrone. The ride took the half an hour just as Mya had said and they arrived at the Dockweiler State Beach just a little after noon.

"Let's go over here." Mya pointed to a vacant picnic table that was only a few feet away and headed in that direction.

"Hey, you guys go set up, I'm gonna go take a dive into the ocean." Drew said as he put down the cooler he carried over and walked towards the sand.

"Wait up, I'm gonna join ya." Justin added as he followed a few steps behind.

"I am so hungry." Mya said as she put the cooler she carried on the table. Eric stood a few feet away as Tyrone followed the boys down to the beach.

"You can join us, Eric. We don't bite." Amy smiled

Eric snickered as he walked up to the table. "Thank you."


Mya took out the plates and plasticware as Amy emptied the cooler that contained the sandwiches, chips, potato and macaroni salad.

"Do you want a water?" Mya asked Amy and Eric as she opened the lid of the ice cooler.

They both accepted and Mya placed the waters on the table as Amy dished out the food. After a few minutes, they finally settled down to eat. The boys continued to cool off in the crisp saltwater.

"Did you ever think we would get this hungry for a sandwhich?" Amy asked to break the silence.

Mya laughed. "After the night we had, yeah."

"Remind us not to do that again for a long time." Amy added.

"Well, not until the movie is done being filmed."

"Or, knowing Drew, not until we go to the Bahama's. He's gonna have a field day." Amy said as she scooped out more macaroni salad.

Mya looked down to the beach where the boys acted like children as they crashed themselves into the waves. "Just keep him away from the bar."

Amy looked down at them too before she continued. "Isn't it great how those two are getting along? At first I didn't think they would be friends but they seem to be not getting on each others nerves."

"Oh yeah, just the perfect family. Me, you, Justin and Drew." Mya snickered.

Amy laughed. "The all new 98 degrees."

"I don't think so. I've had enough boybands for one lifetime."

"Shh, don't let Justin hear you say that." Amy whispered.

Mya looked up to her as she took a bite of her sandwich. "Or what? He won't let me come to his concerts?" she joked.

"You know what would be worse?" Amy gave her a perplexed look.

Mya paused and sighed. "Yeah, that would really suck."

They both laughed as the boys finally decided to join them. They flopped their wet selves beside them, making the girls get goose bumps.

"You're lips are turning blue, babe." Mya said to Justin as she wrapped her arm around him.

"Oh well, I think I'll live. Besides, I'm starving, I wanna eat!" he replied as he grabbed some food and put it on his plate.

"Are you cold?" Amy asked Drew as he, too, ate quickly.

"Nope." he mumbled with his mouth full.

"We've got company." Tyrone said from a few feet away.

Eric stood up and walked behind Justin and Mya as a few people gathered down on the beach.

"Let them give us a few minutes please." Justin said to Tyrone as he walked towards the crowd.

"Is this how its gonna be at the Bahama's?" Amy asked.

Justin looked away from the crowd and back to her. "The best I can tell you is most likely. As if my presence won't be enough, the filming will attract almost everyone. Reporters will probably be everywhere."

Amy sighed. "I think I'll stay at the pool then."

"We can skinny dip." Drew joked.

"Shut up."

"I was kidding."

Tyrone walked back up to them. "They said they'll wait if you talk to them after you're done."

Justin smiled and waved to the group that had grown to ten. "Well, if I don't go down then they are gonna stand there all day." he looked back down at his plate and continued eating.

For the next 2 hours, they played around in the water, built a sandcastle and buried Amy underneath the sand. Justin separated himself from them as Mya and Drew dug Amy back out from the sand.

"Has anyone seen Justin?" Mya asked as she looked around.

"Sorry, didn't even notice he was missing." Amy replied but was preoccupied with getting the sand out of her clothes.

"I think I saw him go up to the truck." Drew added.

Mya looked up to the SUV and to Eric and Tyrone who were sitting at the table. She walked back up to the truck and opened the back door to find Justin laying across the seat.

"Justin? Are you okay?"

He opened his eyes and sat up. "Um, yeah, I'm fine." he mumbled.

"Are you sure?" she asked as she started to become worried. "Why are you in here."

"I, uh, I dunno. I was just tired." he replied as he rubbed his eyes.

Mya sat on the seat beside him and closed the door. She knew there was something he wasn't telling her. "What's wrong?" she slightly whispered with concern as she layed her hand on the back of his neck and touched the side of his face.

He looked at her with tired eyes. "My side hurts a little."

"The bad side?" she asked.

"Yeah." he leaned back and lifted up his shirt.

"God, Justin, the area around your stitches is all red and irritated. What did you do?"

Justin sighed. "I didn't do anything. It hurts really bad though."

"It looks like it's infected. We should go see a doctor." she said as she looked at the pain in his eyes. It reminded her of the look he had when he layed in her arms on the beach back home and she didn't like it.

"I don't know. Does it look that bad?" he said looking down at it.

She touched it lightly. "Does it hurt that bad?" she stopped as he winced in pain.

"Ok, stop." he said taking a deep breath. "I am having so many problems with this thing."

"Thank Brady for that. Dull and dirty knives are not good for anything." she said as she put his shirt back down.

"I feel sick." he added.

Mya opened the door as Justin plopped back down on the seat. "We are going to the hospital now."

Mya let Eric and Tyrone know and they hopped in the truck quickly. She looked at Amy and Drew down at the beach and they instantly knew something was wrong. They gathered up the last few things that they had and raced to the nearest hospital.

~ Chapter 15 ~