| 16 |

She sat in the warm sand for only a few moments before Justin walked up behind her. He sat down and wrapped his legs around hers as he leaned close to her. Mya's emotions ran deep with many colors, not knowing what to do or what to say after her first real fight with him. She hated making a big deal about Britney or about past history but she knew that it would come out sooner or later.

"Are you mad at me?" Justin asked lightly in her ear.

"I don't know." she shrugged.

Justin dropped his chin on her shoulder and stared out to the sky as the sun started to lower past the horizon. "Did you want to talk about Britney?"

Mya sighed. "That's just an argument waiting to happen."

"Well if we talk about it then maybe you wont be mad."

Mya turned slightly sideways to face Justin. "I wanna know that you really love me and what you feel towards Britney."

Justin looked away from her and out to the crashing waves in the ocean. "Well, I'm not going to lie to you or shy away from the truth. So, I will start by saying that I really do love you and only you."

"And Britney?"

"I love Britney. But, not like the way I love you. She and I share a past together. I can't just forget like it never happened. I love her like a friend now. It's not a strong love like I feel with you. It hasn't been that way for a long time."

Mya looked down and played with the sand between her fingers. "I'm sorry. I just dont want to lose you. You're the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Justin sighed and looked in her eyes. "If you want me to call her and tell her not to come then I will."

"No. It's okay. I'm sure we'll all get along."

Justin smiled and kissed her forehead. "Now I know you don't like her, so no hair pulling or face scratching."

"Aww, you left out the fun part." she grinned as she leaned back on him.

Justin paused for a second and then continued. "So, we're okay then?"

"Yeah, we're okay." she smiled.

"Good. You had me scared there for a little while."

"Justin scared? Wow, I gotta write that down." she joked with him.

"Shh. Don't tell anyone." he snickered as he leaned over and kissed her as the sun traded places with the moon.

"What do I want to eat?" Mya asked herself as everyone that was working with the movie crowded around in the hotel restaurant for their morning breakfast.

"I know what I want." Justin added without even looking at the menu.

"Hmm. Lemme guess..." Chris replied as he and the other guys plus Amy and Drew all sat around the table.

"No! Wait, I wanna guess!" Joey laughed.

"Ok guys! Ha ha. Ya'll can figure me out. How surprising." he grumbled.

"If you say that you aren't getting some AJ's then I am gonna be surprised." JC snickered.

"You know, thats not the only thing I can eat." Justin snapped back playfully.

"AJ's?" Amy asked as she finally caught on.

Justin leaned over to Amy on his other side. "It's okay. You didn't need to pay attention to these dorks anyway. They are talking about Apple Jacks."

Amy laughed lightly. "Ahh, okay."

"I need a whole box of Captain Crunch and some cookie dough ice cream right now!" the restaurant manager yelled loudly to the waiters as he trotted through the room.

"Ewwe. Who would want that combination in the morning?" Amy asked as she wrinkled up her nose.

"And who is that important that everyone needs to run around like their jobs are on the line?" Mya added.

"Oh, I bet I can guess that one." Justin replied as he looked down at the table.

"What?" Mya looked at him strangely.

"Britney is here." he said bluntly.

"Well my appetite is gone." Mya grumbled.

"They don't seem to be worried about us too much anymore." Amy said as she sat back in her chair.

"That's 'cuz she's probably up there throwin' shit at them." Justin joked.

"Should we be scared?" Chris laughed and threw a packet of grape jelly at Justin as the others snickered across the table.

"Okay, okay. Can we please order some food now?" Justin interrupted their laughter.

After a few moments, they finally calmed down enough to order and eat their breakfast in silence.

"Okay everyone, lets take 5!" Robert announced to the crew. "Justin you're done for the day. I need Mya for at least another hour."

Mya and Justin walked out of the club that they were using for a performance scene and stood out in the warm sunshine. They could see Britney a block away, coming in their direction.

"Great." Mya sighed.

Justin looked at her and put his hands on her arms. "Just be cool, okay?"

Mya rolled her eyes. "Yeah."

"Hey guys!" Britney exclaimed as she bounced up to them with her blonde hair twirling around her.

"Hey." Justin replied courteously and gave her a quick hug.

"Mya? Hey, I'm glad I could finally meet you." she held out her hand.

"Hi." Mya shook her hand reluctantly as she glanced at Britney's outfit. Her skin tight black pants sucked into every curve. Her brown suede belly shirt left her top half hanging most of the way out and her flat stomach accented her dangling belly ring. Mya sighed as she thought of her far from model like body and looked away. The sight of Britney's perfect everything always made her sick.

"So, what are you guys up to today?" Britney asked innocently.

"Not much. Mya has to do her peformance in the club yet today." Justin replied.

"What about you?" Britney asked.

"Oh, uh, I'm done for the day. Just gonna wait around until she's done."

"Mya! We need you in here!" someone yelled from inside the building.

Britney continued with her conversation quickly. "Did you want to do something then? I mean, there is no point waiting around here. She can meet up with us later." she planned as if Mya wasn't even there.

"Uh, I dunno." he studdered as he looked at Mya.

"Mya!" someone yelled again.

"You can meet us on the boardwalk later, right?" Britney almost demanded instead of asked.

"C'mon, we need you for touchup." one of the crew members said as he came out and gently took her arm.

"We're holding her up. C'mon lets go!" Britney added as she drug Justin away with her.

"Oh sure, yeah. Take him away like you own him." Mya said under her breath. "Bitch." she mumbled as she and Justin looked at each other as they were both being pulled away in opposite directions.

~ Chapter 17 ~