| 2 |

"I just want to feel safe in my own skin, I just want to be happy again..." the song played as Mya sat up in her bed and took off her headphones. The paper lay by her side and she looked at it almost a dozen times. She sighed and looked out her window. The sun was shining brightly and she could smell the saltwater in the breeze that flowed through the room.
"Mya!" someone yelled from outside. It was distant but it was clearly a male voice. She looked out her window and could see Brady down on the beach. She grumbled under her breath before she answered him.
"What?" she replied with an attitude and he ran up to the gate of the house.
"Can you come down here? We need to talk" he answered her as he shifted nervously in the sand.
"We don't need to talk about anything!" she yelled as she closed the curtain. He continued to call her name until she went downstairs and walked out the backdoor.
"I'm glad you came out. I need to talk to you!" he said to her as she opened the gate and stepped onto the hot sand.
"I'm giving you five minutes!" she said sternly as she pointed her finger at him.
"Why must you be so hostile?" he tried to joke with her.
"Why?" she stopped and looked at him. "Why, because, I thought you really liked me and I was so excited because you were so popular. And, because I was humilated when the whole thing was a joke. You know, that whole 'I wonder how many points I can get with this girl' routine is getting very old."
"Mya, I'm really sorry......" he started to talk but was cut off when Mya turned around and walked back to the house.
"Brady, I don't want to hear it! Save it for someone else!" she said as she opened the gate.
"But, you didn't even let me talk" he defended himself as he leaned on the gate. Mya continued to walk past the inground pool and to the patio door. She turned to look at him again.
"Save your breath for your inflatable date!" she exclaimed and let the patio door slam behind her.

"I can't believe you said that to him!" Amy said to her as they talked on the phone later that day.
"Neither did I, but it felt good to get it off my chest" she replied as she walked through the living room. She was alone in the house so she turned on the stereo and pushed the random button on the cd player. 'You Drive Me Crazy' by *NSYNC came on. It was Mya's favorite song.
"I wonder what he wanted" Amy continued while she listened to the song in the background.
"Who? What?" Mya asked, forgetting what they were talking about. She was singing the song in her mind and wasn't really paying attention to what she said.
"Nevermind. Hey, I have to get to work. I'll talk to ya later, ok?" Amy asked.
"Oh, ok! I'm gonna go relax in the spa. Catch ya later!" she replied and hung up. She quickly changed into her bikini and jumped into the spa that was outside by the pool.
"Can I join you?" Justin asked as he towered over her. Mya had fallen asleep and dreamed her fantasy like she had done dozens of times before.
"Sure" Mya replied as she watched Justin climb into the water. His ripling muscles on his stomach and arms sent adrenaline soaring through her body.
He didn't respond, he only came closer to her until he was close enough for her to touch him. She reached out but he backed away. She longed to touch his body but he teased her, sending her mind into swirling passion.
"Tell me what you want, Mya" he finally spoke again. His eyes burned with fire as he talked to her.
"Y-you" she studdered as her hands finally touched his chest. It was warm and soft to her touch. He moved to her until his body touched hers. He was so close that she could feel his every breath on her lips. His hands wondered down her body until they were under the water. Mya closed her eyes and felt his lips touch hers. He touched them lightly and then quickly pulled away.
"Justin?" she questioned in confusion. But he didnt respond. He started to fade away and she awoke with a jolt.
"Mya!" her mother yelled to her from inside the house. "Are you here?"
"Yeah, Im here!" she answered as she grabbed her towel and walked back into the house.
Mr. Williams is on the phone for you" she said to her as she handed her the phone. Mr. Williams was Mya's acting teacher in college.
"Hello?" she answered the phone, not really sure what to expect. She walked back out on the patio.
"Mya! I'm really glad you are home. I've been calling a bunch of my students especially the ones with the most heart and desire to act. I've learned of a rare casting opportunity for a new movie and they are searching for new talent to play in the leading role......" he continued but Mya interrupted him.
"You mean the one in the paper?" she questioned as she sat down on a chair.
"Ah, yes! You've seen it then, I propose?" he responded in his most professor like voice.
"Yea I have and to tell you the truth, I'm not really interested" she winced, feeling bad for breaking his good news.
"Are you really sure? I mean, you have always wanted to act and you are a very talented person. You shouldnt let this opportunity pass you by" he tried to convince her to change her mind.
"That sounds like something my friend told me, but, I'm sure. It's not something I want right now" she replied. Her heart sank. She knew that it was a great opportunity but she didnt have the motivation to take that giant leap. Or at least she didn't think she did.
"Well, ok then. Can't say I didn't try. I will let you be then. I will see you for your last day in class tomorrow?" he kind of replied yet questioned at the same time.
"I'll be there. But, thank you for asking me about the casting, anyways, Mr. Williams" she got up and walked back in the house.
"Sure thing, Mya. Goodbye, now" he finished.
"Goodbye" she replied and hung up. It was getting late and she decided to head to bed. Maybe she could finish her dream. She smiled and walked up the stairs.

"Woohoo! Finally we get out of here!" Amy yelled excitedly as she walked with Mya down the hall. She acted like a teenager running down the halls, throwing papers everywhere and singing 'School's Out For Summer'.
"Ok! Calm down, geez!" she joked with her as they walked out to the car.
"Fine! Let's go to the beach!" she demanded as she jumped in.
"You always want to go to the beach!" Mya replied and headed towards the direction of the boardwalk.
"But, I love the beach!" she replied, scoping out the crowds that lay all over the sand.
"Oh great!" Mya said sarcastically as she got out of her car.
"What?" Amy questioned as she gathered her stuff in her backpack.
"Jess and her crew are here!" she said, looking in their direction. She could see Jess, Ethan, a few others, and Brady, down at a volleyball net.
"Forget about them! We just wont go down there, then. Let's go to Boardwalk Burgers. Drew should be working!" she said as she grabbed Mya's arm and drug her down the boardwalk.

"Those fries were so good!" Amy said as they walked back down the boardwalk. They had stayed at the restaurant for an hour until Drew's shift was over. Mya walked in front of them, alone, as they snuggled against each other while walking behind her.
"That's because I made them!" Drew replied to Amy. Mya rolled her eyes as they acted so sweet to each other. It made her want to throw up the ton of grease that she ate on her fries.
They walked to the end of the boardwalk and to the parking lot when Mya stopped dead in her tracks. Her jaw dropped as she walked around her car. It had been painted on, shaving creamed, and the tires were slashed.
"Oh my God!" Amy exclaimed as her and Drew walked up to the car.
"I don't fucking believe this!" Mya cursed loudly just as Brady walked up behind her. The rest of the crew stood in a group a few feet behind him.
"You know Mya, I think I had a better time with my inflatable date!" he said in his snottiest voice and laughed. Mya turned around to face him. "But if you ever wanted to know, I did get two points for scoring your undies, and another point for being the only one to discover what an amazing body you have, but, my dear Mya, you got a big fat zero for being such a bitch!" he finished and threw the spray paint can on the ground and it rolled to her feet. He turned around and joined the rest of them. Jess looked at her one last time and smiled. And, with her nose up in the air, she left.
"Amy! Go home and get your shit! We're going to L.A.!" she demanded with rage in her voice and stormed away. She now had her motivation that she lacked. She couldn't stand to be around the preps any longer. She was gonna follow her dream and show them who was really better, once and for all.

~ Chapter 3 ~