| 4 |

The alarm clock went off at 7 a.m. Mya turned over sleepishly and hit the alarm. The clock flew onto the floor with a thud awakening her completely. She groaned as she sat up in full view of the bright morning sun.
"Mya?" her mother asked as she knocked on the door.
"I'm up" she replied.
"Ok, just wanted to make sure. Amy called already. She wanted to make sure you were up"
"Yeah, I am. By the way, can you take that spray can over to the station?"
"I was on my way over. I'll be back before you leave, though"
"Ok. Cya later then" she finished as she stood up to walk her mom out the room. She grabbed some clothes and jumped into the shower.

"So, ya almost ready?" Amy asked. Mya called her around 9 a.m. to see what was up and if any plans had changed.
"Yea, almost" Mya sighed as she walked around her room one more time. "I have everything packed. Just taking one last look"
"This is going to be so much fun" she exclaimed.
"I think you said that a hundred times already" Mya laughed as she grabbed her stuff and walked downstairs where she met up with her mom again.
"Yeah, I know. Hey, Drew just got here. I'm gonna pack things up and we'll be over"
"Ok. Well, I have to go talk to my mom for a bit anyways. See you in a few. Bye!" she finished and hung up. "So, whats up?"
"Well, I gave them the can" she answered while putting Mya's eggs and bacon on a plate. "They are running tests on it"
"Oh, ok. Well, we'll be on the road for awhile so, I will be able to call and find out" she grabbed the plate and sat down at the dining room table.
"No you won't" her mom said bluntly but kept her eyes down at the stove.
"What do you mean?" she mumbled, fearing that her mom suddenly dissapproved of her road trip.
"You won't be on the road" she said as she walked over to the counter behind Mya. "Here, take these. You'll have much more time there to do more things"
Mya took the white envelope and opened it slowly. "Plane tickets? You got us plane tickets?" she almost jumped off her seat.
"Well, yeah. I felt bad about the you and the car thing and yelling at you about it, and about not being supportive about this big dream you have." she paused. "I did pay alot for getting them at the last minute so at least dont forget about me when you are famous!"
"Mom!" Mya laughed and gave her a hug. "Thank you so much!"
"Your welcome. You're also gonna owe me for what is behind the tickets. You can use whatever you need in it. Don't go overboard" she finished as she grabbed a piece of Mya's bacon and waved it at her.
Mya looked behind the tickets that were in the envelope and found her mom's American Express card. Mya smiled back at her mother as the doorbell rang. She had good news for Amy and Drew.

"Oh my gosh! I've got the best news!" Mya exclaimed, almost knocking them over as they stood at the door.
"Geez girl! Is it that good?" Amy laughed as she and Drew walked in.
"Hell yea!" she paused to catch her breath. "My mom got us plane tickets for this morning. Now we dont have to drive all the way there, and we get to hang out for a week in L.A.!"
"Wow, that is great!" she said excitedly. "But, where are we getting money for a hotel?"
Mya reached in her pocket and waved the credit card in the air. "This way"
"You got a credit card, too?" Drew said with wide eyes.
"Yep. So, I think we are all set!"
"Ok, then lets go!" Amy said quickly as she and Drew ran out the door.
"Mom, I'm heading out now" she yelled in the foyer.
"Ok" she replied, walking up to her. "Be careful, please! And, call me as soon as you get there"
"I will" she hugged her. "Take care of the car for me!" she joked as she turned to walk out the door.
She carried her one suitcase and her purse and walked to the back of the ancient Pinto. She placed her stuff inside the trunk and got inside. She was finally on her way.

Four hours later they landed at the LAX and grabbed a rental car. Their first instinct was to find a place to call home for the next week and headed to the Beverly Hilton hotel. They were amazed by the beauty of the hotel and only by the unlimited amount of money that Mya had in her AMEX, did they get a room.
"You know all the employees are thinking that three 22 year olds just robbed a bank or something, right?" Drew whispered as they were escorted to their room.
"Yeah, isnt it great?" Mya laughed lightly as they walked into the elevator. They were surrounded by very rich and nicely dressed people. The people looked back at the three kids with their noses in the air. Mya, Drew, and Amy were still dressed in their summer shorts and shirts, looking like rags compared to rich people's Gucci and Armani.
The elevator stopped and they were let into their fancy room and were given the key. Mya tipped the escort and they fell down on the beds. They quickly changed and settled in before heading out to the town.
"Let's go the place where they are holding auditions for the movie!" Amy said excitedly as she came out from the bathroom.
"Hollywood/Touchstone Pictures?" Mya answered without hesitation.
"Yeah! Let's go take a look around!"
"Ok, kewl! How bout you Drew?"
"Sounds good to me. Maybe we can hit some clubs or something, too" he said standing up and walking towards the door.
"K! Let's go!" Amy exclaimed and ran out the door. They left quickly out the hotel and drove down the street.
"We have a problem" Mya announced between the silence.
"Whats that?" Drew asked, keeping his eyes on the road.
"We dont know where Hollywood/Touchstone is"
"Duh" Amy joked.
"Well then we need to go to a gas station or something and ask directions" he said as they pulled into a street where he saw the closest station.
They stopped and got directions and headed a few more streets down. They turned a few times at red lights until they finally got to the quiet street away from the busy traffic.
"So, this is it?" Amy said, getting out the car and walking towards the huge double doors to read the signs.
"This is pretty kewl" Mya replied, looking up at the big signs above the main entrance.
"Mya!" she hesitated as she looked at a sign and turned quickly. "You won't believe this!"
"What? I won't believe what?" she said walking towards her.
"The movie that you are here to audition for, remember how the paper wouldnt reveal who the co-star was? Well, guess who it is!" she said as she started jumping up and down.
"Calm down, girl. It can't be that good. Who is it?" she asked since Amy kept blocking her view.
"Would you believe me if I said Justin Timberlake from *NSYNC?"
"Hell no. Stop pullin my chain, who is it?"
"Thats who it is" Amy said, more calmer now.
"You've got to be kiddin' me?" Mya's mouth dropped as she read the sign.
"Come on guys lets go clubbin!" Drew yelled from the car. Anxious to run around the big city.
"Ok, we're coming!" Amy yelled back and walked to the car.
"Justin." Mya whispered to herself still not believing what she read. She jumped in the car and they headed to the clubs. She had a chance to finally meet the man in her dreams. She knew she would make it happen.

~ Chapter 5 ~