| 5 |

The morning came quickly and the sun was shining brightly through the suite's balcony windows. The scent of bagles, eggs, and bacon drifted through the hotel lobby, waking many of the guests who usually slept late. Mya's eyes slowly opened, the scent was getting the best of her sleep. She turned over to look at Amy and Drew. They were still fast asleep. They spent most of the night dancing away and drinking beer while she just sat, mingled and drank soda. She sat up and put her hair into a ponytail and walked out to the door with her shorts and t-shirt on. Her bare feet made a padding sound as she walked down the hall towards the elevator. She rode down to the first floor and arrived in the bright foyer. The well dressed business men and women looked at her strangely as she walked down the hallway to the kitchen.
"Sorry, we're not open yet" a woman behind the counter pointed to sign. "Come back in about 20 minutes."
Mya sighed, smiled and walked away quickly. She trotted her bare feet down the end of the hall to the next elevator when she spotted two huge men standing near a double door. As she walked up closer she noticed they were bodyguards.
Letting her curiosity get the best of her, she bravely walked up to them. "Hi" she said quickly.
"Hi" was all the one man said, not even looking at her.
"You two look like you are having fun"
"What do you want?" the other man jumped in, obviously not having the time to talk to young girls.
"Sorry. Just wondering who was so important in there" she replied with a little more attitude.
"We can't give out that information and if you don't leave we will have someone escort you away"
"So, I can't stand in the hallway?" she snapped back, trying not to laugh.
"No..." he said but stopped short when the door started to open. They quickly barracaded the door, blocking Mya's view from whoever was coming out the other side.
"So, when am I supposed to meet up with the guys?" a familiar voice called out behind the men who finally moved away to let him through.
Mya's mouth dropped when Justin stood right in front of her. He looked at her and stopped as the one bodyguard started to walk towards her.
"I need you to leave now!" the bodyguard said to her as he started to grab her arms.
"Yo, hold up" Justin called from behind him and walked around to greet her. "So, did you just get out of bed?"
"Oh, um..um...I'm sorry" she stuttered as she looked down at her bare feet and patted her bedhead back into her ponytail.
"Nah, It's kewl. So what's your name?"
"Mya, Mya Anderson"
"Well, Mya. It's nice to meet you." he held out his hand to shake hers. "So, what are you doing here in L.A.?"
"I'm here with some friends" she paused. "We're...on vacation" she lied.
"Come on Justin we have to go" the bodyguard came over to pull him away.
"Well I'll be in town for a couple months for business so maybe I'll catch you around sometime"
"Um, yea, that would be kewl" she looked down at the floor as she blushed. "So are you staying in the hotel?"
"Well, now you know I can't tell you that," he smirked. "But I can give you an autograph so your friends believe that you met me" he finished as he pulled out a marker.
"What, do I look like I'm 12?" she thought to herself but held out her hand for him to sign anyways.
"Well, gotta go. Catch ya later!" he smiled and walked away quickly as soon as the sound of young girls came from down the opposite end of the hall.
"Later" she said under her breath as she turned and walked back towards the elevators. She was almost run over as she walked into the elevator and rode back up to her room.

"Oh my God, I can't believe Justin was here and I missed it!" Amy yelled loudly, waking Drew from his sleep.
"Well, maybe if you were'nt so hung over you would have got up" Mya replied with a bit of an attitude from them abandoning her at the clubs the night before.
"Hey, we didn't stop you from having a good time" she said as Drew got up and walked into the bathroom. "So, tell me what he said!"
"I just told you what he said!"
"Well tell me again!" she started to bounce up and down on the bed.
"Oh geez" Mya shook her head and stood up to make her bed. "Well, he just came out and asked me my name and what I was doing in L.A. Thats pretty much it before the security guards dragged him away"
"I think I would have melted on the floor" Amy sighed.
"Having him notice my night clothes, no makeup and bed head was bad enough. I really didn't have time to melt behind the embarrasment on my face"
"But it was Justin!" she exclaimed. "Remember, the one you dreamed about for like, ever?"
"Yeah, well, I have a feeling I will be seeing alot more of him in the future" she smirked.
Amy laughed as Drew entered back into the room and asked them if they wanted to get some breakfast. Once again, Mya took a journey to the cafeteria.

"Wow, this place is really jumpin tonight!" Amy yelled over the music as hundreds of people were dancing in the club. Blacklights and strobe lights were shining from the ceiling and glowsticks were spinning in people's hands everywhere.
"You are gonna have fun tonight girl!" Drew pointed at Mya as they walked over to the bar. They grabbed their drinks and sat at a booth.
"You better dance this time!" Amy demanded.
"Ok, ok!" she rolled her eyes. "I will ok?"
"Good. It's not fun without you!" Amy laughed.
"Hey! What about me?" Drew joked with her as loud screams were heard down on the dancefloor.
"What's going on?" Mya asked.
"Oh my God! Justin and JC are here!" Amy spun around quickly as the flock of girls grew around them.
"Oh my......" she stopped before she could say anything. She stared intently as Justin walked to a V.I.P. table. He was wearing fashion sunglasses with a very nice casual suit.
"They look good!" Amy turned back around. "They are really close to the dance floor. I think we should go make an impression, don't ya think?"
"I don't know" she replied shyly as she kept staring at Justin, who was now sitting comfortably with the security of bodyguards.
"Come on! Let's get his attention"
"That's exactly what the 20 girls surrounding his table are doing. He's not going to notice me!"
"Come on chicken!" Amy said as she pulled Mya's arm and drug her down on the floor. They chose a spot that all the girls surrounding their table made empty.
They danced the end of the song that was on without a hint of curiosity from Justin. Some of the girls had left because of the uninterested blank expressions that he and JC had on their faces, leaving a bit of a hole for them to finally see out onto the dancefloor. The DJ continued right into the remix for "Pop" and everyone screamed again. JC whispered something to Justin and left the table.
"Oh shit, he is staring right over here!" Amy yelled to Mya as they danced to the beat.
"Shut up!"
"No, for real!" she said seriously. "Oh my God! He is coming over!"
"Shut up!" she said again and turned around. Justin stood right in front of her. He stared at her intensly. She wasn't the girl in her bedclothes that he just saw that morning. He saw someone that looked like a model. She had her hair down, her makeup done, she wore a short spaghetti strapped shirt that showed her naval piercing, and tight black leather pants.
"You look good, Mya" he said and licked his lips.
"Thank you. So, do you" she blushed.
"Well, I try" he shrugged his shoulders and leaned back, trying to look cool.
"Would you like to dance?" she asked bravely.
"How could I refuse from someone that looks this sweet?" he looked her up and down again.
Mya replied with a flirtatious smile as Amy walked back up to the booth where Drew was still waiting.
"What are you doing back so soon?" Drew asked.
"I was coming to get you so we can dance"
"Well, where is Mya?" he asked with a strange look on his face.
"She is down there dancing with Justin" she pointed to them so Drew could see. She laughed. "She has him up against the wall."

~ Chapter 6 ~