| 7 |

"Justin?" she managed to speak again.
He took a deep breath and sighed before he looked at her again. "It's alright, Mya. I didn't mean to drag you down like that." he paused. "You should have just told me why you were here in the first place. Why didn't you?"
"Um," she studdered. "Well, I was afraid that you wouldn't want to be seen with me since I'm auditioning. I didn't want it to seem unfair to the other actresses or make people think that I'm with you only to win the part."
Justin laughed lightly. "That's understandable. But, I won't even be around during auditions nor do I have anything to do with the people that do the casting."
"So, you're not mad?"
"Nah. It's kewl. Just do your thing when you audition. I would love to work with you."
"Yeah," she blushed. "I know what you mean."
"You know, your friend Drew told me more about you than you think." he smirked.
"Uh, like what?"
Well, that you had a crush on me ever since you saw me on MMC like 7 years ago."
"No he didn't!" she exclaimed.
"Yep. He did."
"Oh God!" she hid her face from embarrasment.
"It's kewl." he paused. "I kinda like you too." Mya looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back as the limo slowed to a stop behind the club.

"Aaaahhhhh! It's Justin!" a group of girls in the club screamed almost immediately after they entered. They ran toward them like a herd of cattle, only to be pushed away by security.
"It's ok!" Justin yelled to Mya over the music. One of the girls had tried to push Mya away to get to Justin. "As long as the security are here, you'll be fine."
Mya just shook her head as they made their way to the V.I.P. table where JC and Chris were already waiting.
"It's about time you got here!" JC announced as they walked up.
"Well, we got a bit sidetracked."
"Uh huh." Chris chuckled.
"So, this is Mya." Justin jumped in. Mya gave a little wave hello as they said hi back.
"Is this your flavor of the week?" Chris joked.
"Funny!" Justin replied as he threw a rolled up napkin at him.
"Ok, I'm kidding!" he laughed. "Its a new flavor every other week."
Justin turned his head towards Mya who tried not to laugh. "Don't mind him. He's just a retard."
"It's kewl." she smirked.
"Good. I didn't want him to ruin the night for you."
"Me? Ruin the night?" he pointed at himself. "How could I possibly do that?"
"Should I tell you all the ways?"
Chris laughed. "Oh man. That could take you 'til tomorrow."
"More like next week." JC jumped in.
"Hey look! A beach ball!" Chris pointed at the ball bouncing around in the air as he jumped up and ran into the crowd.
"Is he always like that?" Mya asked quickly.
"Only on his good days." JC replied.
Justin sat back and looked into the crowd for Chris. "Too bad he doesn't have many bad ones."
"Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom." Mya whispered to Justin. "I'll be right back."
"K. I'll be here."
Mya walked into the bathroom and freshend up. She brushed her hair and was adding more lipstick when there was a tap on her shoulder.
"How the hell did you get to be with Justin?" some snobby girl's voice called out behind her. Mya thought she recognized the voice but shook it off.
"Excuse me?" she replied as she turned around, only to see a familiar face in front of her.
"Jess?! What are you doing here?"
"I was just going to ask you the same thing!"
"I'm just in town vacationing." she lied.
"And how did you get with Justin Timberlake?" she stuck her nose in the air which matched her snobby expression.
"I don't know. He liked me enough to want to hang out?"
"Shit. Girl, no one likes you."
"Oh, and have you looked in the mirror lately?" Mya replied with an attitude.
Jess ignored her. "The whole town practically hates you now. Your vengefull mother had almost everyone called in for questioning about your car. They put Brady in jail. I hope you are happy."
"Very. But, I would have been happier if you were right there with him."
"Ouch. That hurt." she replied as she followed her back to the table.
"So, why are you here?" Mya asked as they were close enough to the table for everyone to hear.
"Not like it's any of your business but I'll tell you anyway." she quickly gave a wink to Justin and then looked back at Mya. "I'm auditioning for that new movie, 'Starship', or something."
Mya laughed. "And, what acting skills do you have that you think you can audition?"
"See. I knew that was the real reason you were out here. You're auditioning too."
"And?" Mya replied with an attitude.
"Well, I figured if you were stupid enough to be able to audition then I could too." she said bravely, making Justin motion to security that it was time to get her out of there.
Mya snickered. "Just so you know, the movie is called 'Stardust'. So, you tell me who is the stupid one here. We both might be blonde but at least I don't act like a bimbo."
"You're a bitch!" she gasped as Justin walked up to Mya.
"Come on, Mya. You don't need to deal with her. I'll just let security do it." he said, turning her towards the table.
"Hey Justin. Why don't you ditch the little girl and get with a real woman?" Jess yelled out as she rubbed her hands up the sides of her perfect figure.
"You know, I'd rather be a bitch than a skank!" Mya exclaimed as security escorted Jess away.
"What was that all about?" JC questioned quickly as they sat back down.
"Uggh! I hate her!" she grumpily crossed her arms.
"Who is she?" Justin asked.
"Her name is Jess Evans. She lives back in the town that I do. We've hated each other since we were little." she finally calmed down and continued. "I was involved with a guy in her little clique. Well, he actually played me for points and then got mad when I wouldn't accept his phony apology. Right before I came here, I went to the beach with Amy and Drew and returned to find out that Brady had vandalized my car. He went to jail and I guess her and most of the town is totally pissed at me because one of their perfect preppy boys got punished for once."
"Wow." JC replied as he stared intently at her.
"Yeah. Sorry to hear about all that."
"I just want to be better than her. Just one time." she sulked.
"Whadya mean?" Justin wondered.
Mya shook it off. "Nevermind. It's just another long boring story."
"Hey are you guys gonna have some fun or just look grumpy all night?" Chris yelled as he ran back up to them.
"We thought you got lost." JC replied.
He paused to think. "I tried."
"I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard." JC mumbled under his breath.
"Ok. So..." Justin tried to change the subject. "How bout we hit the floor?"
"Ok, let's go!" JC replied as he jumped up and made his way out to the crowd with Chris.
"Do you think the DJ has your whole cd up there?" Mya wondered.
"Uh. I'm not sure. But, he might. We come here alot so people might request the songs."
"Ok. I'll be right back." she added as she made her way up to the DJ's station.
"What's she doin?" JC asked as Justin met up with him.
Mya ran back to them quickly with an excited look on her face. "If the DJ plays a song can you three do the dance to it?"
Justin's expression became puzzled. "Uh, sure? I guess."
"Kewl. He should soon put it on."
"So, what are we dancing to?" JC asked just as 'Up Against The Wall' came on. All the girls started to scream as the music started playing. "I guess its this song." Justin added.
"So, show me!" Mya replied excitedly.
Justin, JC and Chris emptied a part of the dance floor and showed off their dance to the song, making the crowd go crazy.
A little out of breath, they huffed their way back to the table for alot of water and signed a few autographs before they left the club. They still had many more that they wanted to hang at before they called it a night.

"Jess is here?!" Amy exclaimed as Mya told her the whole story the next morning.
"God. We can never get away from them people."
"Tell me about it. She was the last person I wanted to see last night. After my almost screwed up date, thanks to someone," she paused to give a dirty look at Drew. "I totally blew up at her. I'm not the kind that usually goes off on people."
"Yeah, well, don't be all mad at Drew." Amy defended. "Justin told him not to tell you that they talked about anything."
"But, still. I was in a very awkward situation in that limo."
"Well, don't worry about it. I mean everything came out alright, right?"
She paused. "Yeah."
"Well then." Amy crossed her arms. "Forget about being mad at Drew. You have more important things to do right now, like the audition for example."
"Yeah. And, figuring out how to deal with Jess' sudden arrival."
"She sure knows how to ruin a vacation."
Mya quickly responded. "And a possibly good opportunity."
"Like what?"
"Like me getting that role. She will try everything and anything to get it, which scares me. She was hitting on Justin last night too."
"You think she will try something on Justin to get it?"
"I'm sure she'll try."
Amy sighed. "I don't think Justin will stoop that low."
"Well, I wouldn't trust Jess with my life, and I really don't know Justin too well yet, either."
"Then I would keep my eye on Justin, and Jess."
Mya walked over to the window and stared out over a mass of buildings in the huge city. "I don't know where Jess is so that might be a problem."
"I'm sure it wont be too easy to find out either. This city is huge." she finished just as the room phone began to ring.
Mya quickly walked over to it and picked it up. "Hello?"
"This is me."
"Hey it's Justin."
"Oh." she replied, shocked that it was him. "What's up?"
"I need you to meet me over at Hollywood/Touchstone."
"Um, why?"
She could hear Justin sigh before he answered. "I need to know more about your friend Jess."
"Oh. Did you need me to find her for you or something?"
"No." he paused. "She is already here with me."
"Oh, uh, ok?"
"Yeah, well, just meet me over here in like 10 minutes."
"Ok. Bye." she finished and hung up.
"What was that about?" Amy questioned.
"Nothing." she said bluntly as she looked for her shoes. "I need to go out for a few. You guys don't mind if I take the rental do you?"
"Um, no. We aren't going anywhere. Are you going to look for Jess?"
"Nope." she replied as she walked to the door. "I already know where she is."
"Oh. Where?" Amy asked, now puzzled.
"She's with Justin." she finished and walked out the door.

~ Chapter 8 ~