This story contains excerpts from the song "Meet Virginia" by Train.

"And the prom queen this year will be...Candice Mitchell!"

Candy shot up from the table where she was sitting at in the corner of the huge gym. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She looked at everyone as they looked at her in return. She knew they had to be joking with her. It had to be a prank. It was always her dream to become the prom queen, so much so that she was breathless now that she won. She had just moved to the school in New York City only three months before the prom and although she was friends with the preps, she was definately not one of them. She had already decided to go to the prom before she had moved so she was intent on going even though she didnt have a date until Josh asked her just a week before.

She walked up to the stage slowly, wondering if someone nearby was going to throw balloons filled with grape juice or a cup filled with punch at her. She looked around the stage cautiously while having flashbacks of the "Carrie" movie. A bucket of pig blood permeating her dress and soaking her skin was not the way she wanted to end the night.

She was met on stage with a tiara, a sache and a dozen of red roses. Everyone clapped for her and seemed to be excited. Josh also won for prom king and was also excited for her without giving any hint of hostility or deviant behavior.

After a few moments of paparazzi smiles, the rest of the popular kids met up with her as she came off the stage

"Congratulations!" Allison exclaimed as she gave Candy a quick hug.

"Yeah, I was surprised but I'm glad you won." Kristen added.

"Thanks! I was so shocked. I still am." she replied as she put her hand over her heart.

"Well, we have a rule here at this school. Whoever wins for prom queen gets a party tonight in her honor. Everyone will be there." Sarah finished.

"Oh, um, okay. Where at?" Candy asked eagerly.

"Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan." Kristen replied.

"Oh. That place is pretty fancy. Are you sure its okay to go there?"
"Its cool." Allison interrupted. "Sarah's dad practically runs the place. We get to do whatever we want."

"Oh, ok then." she nodded.

"Meet us there at 12. We are going to leave early to set everything up. Go to the front desk and let them know that you know Sarah. They will let you come up to the room." Kristen informed her.

"C'mon guys, its time for the king and queen dance!" the DJ interrupted them.

Josh grabbed a hold of her arm and led her back out onto the floor before she could say anything more.

She arrived at the prestigous hotel a little after 12 and was shown the way to the presidential suite which was the largest room where most of the famous celebrities stayed. She stood outside the double white doors looking down the hallways. The place was quiet and it seemed as if no one was around. The room inside was also quiet as if a party wasnt even going on.

The one door was ajar a bit as she lightly pushed on it. She thought that maybe when she opened the door everyone would jump out and surprise her, but she pushed the door quickly and the room inside was empty. The lights were down low and it seemed a bit eerie. She walked inward, looking around the wall to see if anyone was there at all. Behind her the door closed and she turned around and darted towards it but it was being locked from the other side.

"Hey! Let me out!" she exclaimed as she pulled on the doors.

"Stop wasting your energy. Sit down and relax a little." Sarah called out from behind her while she puffed on her cigarette.

Candy turned around and walked back to the middle of the room. "Whats going on?"

"You always wanted to be the queen, haven't you?" Sarah asked just as Allison and Kristen showed up from another area of the huge suite.

"What are you talking about?" she studdered as she started to become nervous.

"Isnt that what you told Josh like 2 weeks after you moved here, when you got him drunk, took advantage of him and then had sex with him?" Sarah continued.

Josh entered from another room and stood with the girls. "You didn't think I actually took you to the prom because I liked you after you fucked me over, did you?" he snapped.

"I knew I didn't really win. I knew it." she started to cry.

"Oh yeah, you won." Kristin jumped in. "But, it comes with a price."

"Whadya mean?" she asked just as three other preps, Justin, Chris and Joey, entered from the same room that Josh came from.

"Well," Allison started as she walked up to her. "its a tradition. The new prom queen needs to get broken in."

"What kind of tradition is that?" Candy asked quickly.

"A new one." Sarah snapped as she too walked up to her.

"We're ready." Justin said from behind them.

"So, now that you are our official prom queen, you need to do your prom queen duties." Sarah continued.

"Duties?" Candy looked around nervously.

"The boys are gonna take you back to the bedroom and teach you how to party." Kristen snickered as the guys walked up and surrounded Candy.

"You're out of your mind. I'm not doing anything." she defended.

"Wanna make a bet?" Allison replied.

Justin leaned into her ear and whispered, "I hope you taste as good as your name implies."

"Pig!" Candy retalliated just as Joey wrapped his hand around her mouth and drug her towards with bedroom with Justin and Chris in tow.

"Candy!" Sarah called out. Joey turned her around so that she could see Sarah while still holding his hand over her mouth. "Did you really want to be the queen?"

Candy cried out as Joey forcefully pushed her through the door.

Well she want's to be the queen
And she thinks about her scene
Pulls her hair back and she screams,
"I don't really want to be the queen!"

Two hours later, Candy woke up groggily. She was still laying on the bed in the suite, the covers strewn about, the sheets stained by her own blood. They had beaten her up, raped her and left her for dead. She could hardly see. Her eyes were swollen and her face was bleeding. She hardly remembered anything. She looked down at her dress which was torn apart. She wondered if it was all worth it. Wanting to be popular was nothing as it had seemed.

She slowly got up off the bed. Her whole body ached. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was badly bruised and beaten. Her makeup was scattered all over her face, her hair was a big knotted mess. She looked down on the floor where her tiara was laying. She picked it up and began to cry.

She left the hotel and began to walk. She kept walking and walking as if she were a zombie living vicariously without a soul. She stepped foot onto the Brooklyn Bridge and walked sleepishly along the busy highway. People honked their horns and pulled over but she kept walking.

She couldnt go back. She could never go back. She couldnt face them. She couldnt tell anyone what they had done. They would find out that they didnt finish the job and come back for her again.

She stopped walking and looked out over the bridge and to the water below. It seemed as if it were thousands of feet away. She looked at her tiara that she still held in her hand. The stones glittered from the lights that lined the bridge. She knew where and what she wanted to be and that had decided her fate.

She unconsiously, out of rage, threw the tiara over the side of the bridge. She looked down into the darkness and watched it fall slowly, for the water was so far away.

She wondered if she really wanted to be the queen. The truth was, she did, and so she jumped off the bridge to catch her dream.

Well she wants to live her life
And she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back and she screams,
"I don't really want to live this life!"



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