Written by D.M.L.

The small town of Sandybrooke, Maine had it's many ghost and goblin legends that every town up and down the east coast has. Ship horns that blow during the wee hours of the night, swimmers who drowned near the rocks of the coast, blood chilling howls and screams in the woods, and of course, the haunted houses. But none so frightening as that of The Lockwood Estate.

Carlos Lockwood was the owner of the property until his death over 50 years ago. He was a kind, gentle man, a good father, helped the workers all that he could in his chemical factory. Until one day. Not much is known of the day he went mad. The day he tortured and murdered his children, his servants and his wife. Legends go from crying in the night, to sights of 5 children walking in the middle of cemeteries on Halloween evening. The most well known being that of Wanda. His 6th and final child, who's body was never found. Some say he used a mixture of his own chemicals to dissolve her remains. Others say she did the crimes. Wanda was known for mixing in with the occult, some had even accused her of being a witch or some other creature of evil. But no one knows for sure.

"So guys, what's the scoop." Lance said as he, JC and Chris peered through the woods to the sight of the Lockwood Estate. "We get an invitation, but yet we hide in the woods, using trees as cover, like we're on a stakeout. Although I don't trust any invitation that's written in blood either."

JC turned to Lance and replied, "What appears to be blood, may just be red ink, but it's worth the look out."

Chris stared through his binnoculars at the old house. Party go-ers were going inside. "Wow, those are huge." Chris smiled and said as he checked out some girls walking into the party.

"What's huge?" replied Lance.

Chris looked up from his binoculars, with an awkward look on his face. "Oh just those, ummm, balloons in there, by that girl that's dancing. Coast is clear let's go in." Chris got up and made his way through the rest of the woods. Lance shrugged his shoulders and him and JC followed behind.

They made their way down the old front drive. For some odd reason, even though there had been no grounds keeper for sometime, the lawn was in perfect shape. Some vines and plants ran alongside the wall for an almost perfect but creepy effect.

The guys walked to the large wooden doors. In the middle of the right door was a large metal knocker, it was a gargoyles face with a long tongue and a ring hanging from it. JC rammed the knocker on the door 3 times.

"Nothing is going on here guys, just a bunch of people having a Halloween party" said Lance.

"I'm telling you," replied Chris. "It's all kids from town, someone is having a big bash here. And these invitations, everyone in town got them. But no one knows who sent them."

JC cracked his knuckles and said quietly, "Don't you mean, something sent them?"

A crank and clang boomed through the large doors. The guys jumped back in unison. Suddenly the doors opened slowly. Standing in the door was a young woman. Dressed in head to toe in a gothic dress, she swayed her curves and leaned up against the door.

"Whoa, definately not a local girl" whispered Lance.

"Good evening." she said with a sexy yet dark voice. "I am Jewels, welcome to my party. Please mingle, make yourselves at home. The night has just begun to get exciting."

Without a word Chris had already entered into the dark entrance followed by Lance. JC stood outside, examining the haunting exterior of the mansion. Though it had been a huge attraction, many stayed away from the old house.

"Aren't you going to join your friends?" asked Jewels as she peered at JC with a look of interest.

JC smiled and replied "Where ya from? I don't believe I've ever seen you around the town before."

"I come from a land very far away."

JC smirked and walked near the door "It's not a land down under, is it?" he said as he laughed.

Jewels twisted her head, giving him an evil glare.

"I take it this land you come from, does humor not exist there?" he told Jewels.

JC made his way into the dark entrance. Inside the lobby of the old house, black roses were hung from the walls. Down the hallway was the party. Bodies grooving to the haunting gothic sounds. People talking, hands touching. Beer flowing like a river after a large storm. Oh yeah this was a party alright.

JC looked over his shoulder and saw Chris and Lance already flirting with girls. Making his way over to them, JC noticed a pale white figure standing quietly in the corner of the room. Something was wrong he thought to himself. Who is this Jewels, where did she come from, who were the people who just did not fit here?

"JC, bout time ya get in here." said Chris. "These lovely ladies are Jen and Kathy. This is our faithful leader, JC."

Chris introduced the girls. They smiled and talked to the guys. They two were friend with Jewels, but JC wasn't interested. He looked back to the corner, the figure was gone.

Chris tapped JC on the shoulder and said, "Earth to JC, hello, hot chicks, groovy music."

JC turned to Chris and said, "Something's going on. This party isn't right. I'm going to town to get the sheriff."

He turned around to make his way out of the party. Out of no where, Jewels appeared, almost out of thin air. "Where are you going? You haven't given me a chance to ask you to dance." said Jewels.

"I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I had a page."

JC made his way to the lobby and walked out the main doors. Suddenly something made a deep growl. JC swirled around. Nothing but darkness. He started running for the woods. Out of nowhere a dark figure pummeled him. JC shook his head, trying to get his bearings straight. Again a blow and down went JC. This time he jumped to his feet. Another blow to the face, this time it had cut him. Blood dripped from JC's cheek as he saw his attacker. A very tall, dark figure stood in front of him. The figure lunged, JC kicked him hard. His attacker rolled to the ground and raised himself back up with ease. JC threw himself upon the figure. He grabbed hold of the long dark robe it wore, and pulled. With one fierce swing, it threw JC still holding the black robe.

That's when he saw what he'd been fighting. With dark endless eyes, the creature gave an evil smile. It was a vampire.

It made sense, the pale white figures, the sexy yet unusual interest in Chris's cheap moves, and Jewels. It was a all night buffet for the vamps.

JC stood up proud cracked his neck and said, "Alright, let's play."

The vamp came out swinging with blows. JC ducked, and gave the vamp a very strong blow to the stomach. He jumped back, using a little boxing dance step he'd picked up from ESPN Tuesday Night Fights. Again the vamp lunged at him, receiving a drop kick to the head. JC continued punishment, as he pulled the vamps leg behind his back, jumping onto him. The fight was starting to look like a really poor wrestling match. The poor vamp was really starting to get the crap kicked out of him.

A blood curdling scream rose from the mansion. JC ran towards the house. Kicking the door open, he saw the terror.

The vamps had risen and the dinner had begun. Chris was having a problem, one of his dates decided she wanted a small snack. That snack being Chris.

Kathy had Chris on the table. She turned his head over and made in for the bite. JC jumped over the table, nailing the undead vamp in the mouth. He rammed his foot into the one table leg, sending the table and Chris to the floor. Kathy ran towards JC. She dived to tackle him, but was too slow. With a fierce upper cut from JC, she rolled to the ground and he rammed the table leg into the vamps heart. With a yelp and fire, nothing was left but dust. JC jumped up and pulled Chris to his feet.

"About time you got back here, thanks!" Chris said.

"Don't mention it" replied JC.

"Oh my God!" said Chris as he suddenly realized someone was missing. "Where's Lance?"

JC turned around and went searching for him. Chris ran to the other side of the room. A girl was being menaced by two vamps in the corner. With graceful ease Chris made a baseball slide into the vamps. Dropping them like bowling pins. He grabbed another one of the broken table legs and made short work of the vamps.

Meanwhile JC, ran up the stairs to the darkness above them. He could he some sort of battle happening at the far end of the hallway.

Chris was outnumbered. Three vamps and the menacing Jewels watching. She laughed with joy as the vamps pummeled Chris to the floor. "Hold him still this time." she commanded to her minions.

"He is powerful, this shall be a great sacrifice."

JC busted through the doors, tossing two wooden splinters into the vamps. The kills had let Chris break free and he started to beat up on the last vamp.

As a howl was sounded, Chris dusted the vampire minion and helped JC corner Jewels.

"The game's over, sweetheart." said JC.

Chris knocked her from behind, as JC rammed a wooden splinter into her heart. But she didn't explode or disappear. Yet she made a chilling scream and knocked the two guys off of their feet.

She howled with laughter and said, "Foolish men. Wooden stakes are for vampires."

JC jumped to his feet and let her have it with a right hook. Jewels smiled and took the blow, giving JC a hard punch, sending him flying through the air.

"But you were going to eat me, isn't that usually a vampire trait you ugly broad." Chris said as he got ready for a fight.

Jewels again laughed and replied, "Silly child, don't you know there are more things that feed on useless beings, such as yourself."

Chris backed up and found himself trapped between Jewels and a very thick wall.

"Let's talk about this. The ugly broad quote, that was a little mean. For that I'm sorry. So I say I'm sorry, you're sorry, let's just call it a draw?" he said in sort of a stalling tone.

Jewels closed her eyes lids, and opened them once again, to reveal menacing red glowing eyes. "Time to die." said Jewels.

Chris smiled and looked over her shoulder. Suddenly with all his might Chris slammed into Jewels, pushing her towards the window. Lance finally joined in and with one large push, they sent her crashing out of the window down to the ground below. Outside they could hear police sirens approaching the house. The partiers ran outside almost greeting the police to save them.

JC pulled himself off of the floor. "You alright?" asked Chris.

"Yeah I'm okay. What the hell was that?" replied JC.

Chris giggled "I don't know, must have been that time of the month for creatures of the night."


The next morning the guys made their way through the crime scene with the police. Not much to comment on. The official report read that cultists had planned to kill kids in some sort of sick ritual. Of course the guys knew the truth. Making their way back to the mansion, they searched it top to bottom. When they got to the attic, Chris was amazed at what he saw.

"Wow!" he exclaimed in an excited tone.

Lance and JC walked up to him to see what the wow was about. In front of them were paintings. Quite old and decayed, you could still make them out. On the far left was Mr. Lockwood, his wife and 6 children. The creepy part being the sixth child. It was Jewels.

Chris shook his head, almost to slap himself to see if he was dreaming. "That can't be her. Has to be a resemblance or a family member."

JC stared at the painting. It was Jewels alright. She was Wanda, the one they never found.

But why had they never found her, what had she become, and what evil lay ahead of the town of Sandybrooke. All to be told in good time. Until then, the guys were the only thing standing in the way of darkness.



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