* 1: The Midnight Club *

"He is so hot." Christina said to herself as she eyed JC mingling a few feet away.

"Oh, believe me girl, I know." Jack, Christina's flamboyant male friend, added after her.

"Don't you even get any ideas." she looked back at him as they sat at the Full Moon Bar inside the Midnight Dance Club.

"Oh, who, me?" he smirked. "Never."

"Uggh, I just wish his ex wasn't always hangin' around." Christina sighed as she turned her attention to Courtney who was sitting in a booth near JC.

"Whadya gonna do? It's a public place. And, besides, they are on and off again like the weather, she will always be around." he said as he sipped his mixed drink.

"Hey guys!" Maddie, Chrisitina's best friend announced as she walked up to them.

"Oh, Miss Madelynn, how you doin girl?" Jack replied as he gave air kisses to both of her cheeks.

"I'm doing great!" she said as she bounced her blonde hair around. "Christina?"

Christina turned her attention back to Maddie. "Huh?"

Maddie sighed as she looked down on the lower level of the club. "Nevermind. I see you are watching JC again?"

"No girl, it's more like staring." Jack interrupted. "She's starin' so hard I can't believe he hasn't noticed her drooling yet."

Maddie laughed. "Well, I got some good news for you."

"What's that?" Christina replied as she ordered another drink.

"How long has JC had this club open?" she sat down beside her.

"Uh, six months or so, why?"

"And how long have you been here watching him like a love sick fool?" she smiled.

Christina grinned. "About six months or so."

"And she still hasn't talked to him." Jack interrupted again. "Honey, if I wanted a man I would just go get him. None of this bullshittin' around."

Christina laughed as she looked back at Maddie. "What is your point?"

"Well now is your chance to talk to him and maybe more."

"How?" she asked as she picked up her new drink.

"I found a help wanted sign posted by the door on my way in. I asked Jace how long its been there and he said he just put it there like a half hour ago." she told her as she ordered a drink for herself.

"Oh. I must of missed that on my way in." she looked back at JC who was now sitting at the booth with his ex.

"Hey girls, I found a hot bod that I know. I'll catch ya'll around later." Jack jumped down off the stool and quickly walked away.

They both said goodbye to him as Maddie continued. "Now is your chance. Go ask him for an interview or somethin'."

"I can't." she sighed. "I like him too much. I can't even walk near him and I melt."

"Ugh, you need to get over the little girl shyness and just do it." she said as she played with the cherry in her drink.

"What's the point anyway? I'll never get him. His ex has him around her little finger. She only wants him when she wants some ass. Why do you think he doesn't stick with anyone else longer than two weeks?"

Maddie gave Courtney an evil glare. "Let's not bring her up. I hate that woman."

"Tell me about it." Christina agreed.

"Don't ever try to go out with any of her family members."

Christina gave her a crooked smile. "I won't."

"Anywho, back to the important stuff. I think you better go talk to him tonight about the job before someone else gets it."

"I don't want to. I have a job." Christina looked back at JC quick as he stood up and turned his direction to the bar.

Maddie licked her lips. "Did I mention it was full time with benefits?"

Christina smiled. "In more ways than one I'm sure."

"He's coming up here. Do it now!" she nudged Christina in the shoulder.

"Stop it! You're making me nervous!" she yelled.

"You better do it before Jack does." Maddie grinned as she noticed Jack talking to JC and pointing towards both of them.

Christina jumped off the stool and trotted up to them. "Jack! What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Just talking." he said innocently.

Christina looked up at JC. He stared back at her. His blue eyes glistened as she stood so closely to him. His cologne invigorated her senses. His long hair curled around the back of his neck.

"H-hi." she studdered nervously.

"Hi." he said as he stood back looking at them both strangely. "Do I know you?"

"Uh, no, I-I was just looking for Ja-" she stopped short when Jack moved over beside her and started elbowing her. "I was looking for you." she blurted out.

"Okay." JC lengthened out the end of the word as he crossed his arms. "What can I help you with?"

Jack leaned in and whispered behind her back. "She wants you to help her with alot of things."

"Jack! Go away!" Christina turned around and yelled at him.

"Ugh, fine." he put his head up in the air and pranced away.

JC snickered a bit. "So, what's your name?"

Christina snapped back to reality and went back to JC's eyes. "Christina."

"That's nice." he smiled. "If you didn't know, I'm JC."

She smiled back as if she was totally clueless. "I've never seen you around before you opened the club here."

"Well, I moved here about a month before I opened the club. I lived up state a bit." he informed her.

"What made you move here? If you don't mind me asking." she said but felt a bit nosey.

JC looked behind him to his ex's table. "Because of that girl back there that is staring a hole right through me."

"Oh." Christina sighed as she looked at Courtney. "I'm guessing that's not a good thing?"

JC walked around her and went behind the bar to make himself a drink. "It's a long story but I don't regret putting the club here. I get good business and everyone seems to like it."

"Well that's what's important, right?" she replied as she leaned on the bar, not knowing that she was leaving half her chest exposed from the low cut shirt.

JC couldn't help but notice and quickly went back to his drink. "So, what was it that you wanted exactly?"

"Oh, yeah." she added as she leaned back up. "I was told that you were looking for some more help around here."

He handed her a drink as the DJ switched songs. "That I am. Are you interested?"

Christina licked her lips. "Maybe. All depends on what you want me to do."

"How 'bout we go into my office and I'll give you the details." he said as he walked back out from the bar. Christina didn't say anything but was about ready to follow him when he stopped. "Shit."


"My ex is on her way up here. Meet me after I close up." he finished as he met Courtney halfway.

Christina stood there for a moment. A part of her wanted to hear what they were saying while the other part wanted her to walk away. As she turned back towards the bar Maddie and Jack regrouped with her.

"What's going on?" Maddie asked.

"I'm not sure really. We were talking about the job and then Courtney came over." she replied.

"Let's just get out of here." Jack said quickly.

"Hey you!" Courtney wormed her way through the crowd. As soon as everyone saw her coming they knew it ment trouble for whichever girl was now interested in JC. "Christina is it?"

"That would be me." she replied bluntly.

"What do you want with JC?" she snapped at her.

"I told you she is here for a job." JC said with an attitude as he stood beside her.

"Is there a reason that I can't talk to him? You don't own him." Christina yelled to the girl she didn't even know.

"Well, if you're here for the job then you can forget it. You sure as hell aren't getting it." Courtney pointed at her.

"Since when do you make the rules around here Court?" JC grabbed her arm and turned her to face him. "Why don't you just get the hell out of here?"

Courtney ignored him and looked back at Christina. "Why don't you and your faggot friend get out of here instead!"

Jack instantly took off and headed towards the door. "Fuck you!" she cursed at her, not even worrying about offending JC. Jack was her first concern as she headed off after him.

"Jack! Please wait!" she yelled as she finally caught up with him outside. "I'm sorry."

"Girl, don't worry about it." he stopped and turned around to face her.

"That is the worst thing I have ever heard anyone say to you." she sighed.

"I've heard worse, believe me." he added as Maddie walked up to them.

"JC told Courtney off so loudly that the DJ turned the music off. She got pissed and went out the other door." Maddie informed them.

Christina looked back to Jack. "You know what, I don't even care anymore. I'm not taking the job and I'm not coming back here again."

"Yes you are." Jack walked up closer to her. "You are gonna get that job and then you are gonna kick her ass." he smirked, making Christina smile. "Seriously, we all know how much you like JC. You've waited too long for an opportunity like this. You need to make something happen. I don't want you to regret it later."

"Okay." she agreed. "Are you sure you are okay?"

He smiled. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about it. I'm goin' out with Kevin across town. I'll see you later."

"Okay." she said again as he gave her and Maddie a few quick kisses and hopped in a car and took off.

"Do you even wanna go back in there?" Maddie asked.

"Yeah, the club is closing in a half an hour. I might as well wait around and talk to JC." she replied as people starting filing out the doors.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Maddie asked, now concerned.

"Nah, it's cool. I'm okay. I'll talk to ya tomorrow." she smiled.

"Okay, well make sure you tell me if you got the job or not."

"I will." she yawned. "I might soon fall asleep in his office."

Maddie smirked. "Is that really a bad thing?"

Christina playfully shoved her on the shoulder. "Get out of here."

"Bye, hun." Maddie finished as she walked back to her car. Christina made sure she got in safely and then went back inside the club.

She walked back up to the bar and ordered herself a wine cooler when she was startled by JC's voice.

"It's on me." he said from behind her.

"Are you sure you don't have to ask Courtney first?" she snapped as she walked away from him.

"Can we talk in my office?" he pleaded with her.

Christina hesitated for a moment. "Lead the way."

JC took her across the dancefloor and towards a locked door. JC opened it and they went up a flight of stairs to another door. Inside was a lavish office that was equipped with the same things as a small apartment. The huge mirrors that adorned the wall just below the ceiling out on the main floor were actually see-through in his office. From there you could see the dancefloor, every table and the bar.

"This is nice." she said, fairly impressed.

"Thank you." he replied nicely. "I have a couch, tv, bathroom, microwave and a fridge. I even think there is a hammock laying over there on the floor in the corner."

She smiled but all she could think about was how many other girls he had shown his office to and how many times he and Courtney had been together there. She snapped out of it and turned her attention back to him.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" she asked as she took a sip of her drink.

"Well, first off, I wanted to apologize for Courtney's attitude. She had no right to say what she said, especially since she doesn't know you." he started as he sat down on a chair by his desk.

"She didn't have any right to say that even if she knew me or not." she hissed back.

"You're right." he sighed. "I shouldn't make excuses for her."

"She had no right to be that ignorant to Jack. That is the meanest thing I've ever heard anyone say about him." she added as she sat down on a chair beside JC.

"Well, there isn't any point in fighting with her about it. She's just a bitch and she doesn't care."

Christina looked up at him quickly. "You say that about your girl?"

"She's not my girl. Well, not at the moment anyway." he said softly.

"Why do you keep going out with her then?"

"Cause no one else cares." he replied.

Christina didn't even say anything. She wasn't really sure what he ment by that so she changed the subject. "So, about the job. What's the position that's open?"

"Oh, yeah." he readjusted himself on the chair. "Uh, I have an opening for a bartender and a little stuff here and there whenever the person is needed."

"And its full time?" she questioned.

"With benefits."

"Cool. Well, thanks for the talk but I need to get going." she said quickly as she stood up.

"Did you want the job then?" he said as he stood up also.

"Uh, yeah, I guess but I'm sure you got other people to talk to."

"Well, not really. No one else asked me and since I need someone right away I can hire you right now." he added as he walked towards the stairs.

"Okay then. When should I start?" she said from behind him.

"Can you come by tomorrow night?"

"Sure." she smiled lightly as she followed him down the stairs.

"Well then," he stopped abruptly and turned around at the bottom of the stairs making Christina run right into him. He caught her before she fell into him and they were close enough to feel each others breaths on their faces. He looked into her golden brown eyes and immediately saw them glisten. "Welcome to the Midnight Club."

They exchanged private smiles and a sweet goodbye as Christina left the club that night with something to look forward to.

* 2: The Secret *

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