Christina ****
When JC's girlfriend died unexpectedly, he grieved like he had never known and felt more alone than he'd ever had. What he didn't know was that she was with him every day, holding the secrets that would finally set him free.

Stardust ****
She was a small town girl searching for a big time dream. All Mya ever wanted was to be an actress. So, she makes her way to Hollywood to co-star in a movie with Justin. Will she get the lead role and make her dreams come true?

Midnight Storm *****
While attending college, Ashley unexpectedly meets Justin at a club and they hit it off perfectly. Little did she or her best friend Christina know was that their sorority sisters were secretly plotting against them.

Kindred Spirits: Sequel to Midnight Storm *****
Two years later Ashley thought she had moved on and everything was ok. But her current boyfriend was secretly hurting her and Christina was the only one who knew. Will Justin be able to put their past aside and help her before it is too late?

Once Upon A Time **
Ambria and Justin were the perfect couple, both were celebrities and constantly in the media. But one thing could turn their perfect world into a tailspin and their future could end up in an unknown happily ever after.

Lucky Love **
Sara Brown wasn't really into music, let alone *NSYNC. But, everything changes once she goes to their concert.

Right Here Waiting ****
Lance and Nicole had been together forever, but, one day she suddenly moves away. Will she keep her promise and return to him again?

Sweet Dreams ***
Kaylee, Jordin, Shauna and Brandy had dreams of being with *NSYNC, almost like everyone does. But when their dreams come true, can they deal with and hang on to *NSYNC's busy and dramatic lifestyle?

Shadow Of A Doubt ****
Katie and Lance had planned on having another hot summer at Meadowlark Stables. But, when they are faced with something unexpected, it is up to Katie to save the farm.

The Lyricz Collection ****
October, Lexie, Erica and the boys of *NSYNC come together for a special part of their lives. Each story is based on a real song and includes the lyrics.

The Lyricz Collection 2 ****
JC's infatuation for a failing actress leads him into doubt and denial about his feelings once she uncovers her own. Each story is based on a real song and includes the lyrics.

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