| 13 |

Mya walked out from the Hollywood/Touchstone offices and was met by Amy and Drew. It was almost noon as Mya finished her final reading with the casting directors.

"So, how'd it go?" Amy asked as they all jumped in the rental car.

"It went good. I was a little nervous because of all the drama that happened back home but they seemed really comfortable and eager with me. Can you believe that out of the thousands that showed up the first day, that there are only ten of us left?"

Amy turned around and looked at her in the back seat. "Oh yeah? You are definately gonna make it. No one is better than you."

Mya laughed. "Thanks for the confidence builder. Too bad I don't have the ego to go with that."

"So, did they tell you when you are gonna hear from them?" Drew jumped in while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Actually, they said they would let everyone know by later this afternoon."

"Well, we gotta get ready to party!" Amy replied.

"Now, don't go jumping to conclusions."

"C'mon girl, you got it and you know it!" Drew laughed.

"Ugh, Drew, you're too much." Mya blushed and turned towards the window.

"Anyways, so, did Justin have his interview today?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, he had to do that and he had a doctors appointment. They wanna check up on his stitches. I guess he told them about that old woman last night so they wanted to get him in as soon as possible."

Amy snickered. "Talk about rude. That woman was such a grump. I mean, it looked like she was rich. I'm sure she could buy anything she wanted and yet she was arguing over wine. I don't understand how people can have everything but yet be so unhappy."

"I can understand it. Very well actually." Mya said softly.

"Yeah, but you don't flaunt your wealth around like it is next week's garbage. Anyone who doesnt know you back home wouldn't even know that you are rich. It doesn't take over your life like some people." Amy replied.

"Justin is more unhappy than the other way around. It doesn't seem like it but he holds that stuff inside."

Drew jumped in. "Why would he be unhappy? He has what everyone wants."

Mya slid to the middle of the backseat and leaned forward. "Maybe that's the problem. At first when everything is new, its exciting. But, after awhile, it just becomes the same 'ole routine."

"So, he doesn't enjoy doing what he does anymore?" Amy asked.

"Oh, he loves singing and dancing, don't get me wrong. But, he just misses the privacy and being able to do things without being attacked everywhere he goes."

Amy looked over to her. "But, isn't that part of the job? If you become famous then that's what is gonna happen."

"Yeah, I know. It's kinda making me think about everything, too. I need to make sure I know what I'm getting into."

"Well, Justin will be there for you if you need him. You both will be in the same boat, ya know?"

"Yeah, we definately will need each other. I wonder what I would have ever done without him." Mya sighed.

"Hey, now! What about us?" Drew exclaimed.

"Yeah, anyway!" Amy added.

"You guys know what I mean. I definately needed some love in my life."

"And you found it. I'm sure you made thousands of girls across the country very jealous. I hope you are proud of yourself." Amy snickered.

"I am. And, I wouldn't give him up for the world." Mya smiled as they entered the hotel parking lot.

"Hey, Mya, its Justin." Amy said as she handed the phone to Mya.


"Hey babe, what are ya up to?" he said, sounding extremely chipper.

Mya wore a puzzled expression on her face as she replied. "Uh...nothing really. Actually, I've been waiting for you. I was starting to get worried. Where are you?"

"I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm over at Touchstone right now. They were letting me know what was going on, stuff like that."

"Oh." she paused. "Well, I didn't hear from them so I figured that wasn't a good sign." she sighed.

"Did you ever hear of the saying that if you go to the doctor for something and you are waiting around for the results and they don't call you back then its supposed to be a good thing?"

"Uh, no?"

"Well, it's a good thing they didn't call you. I wanted to." he snickered.

"You wanted to what?" she said, obviously confused.

"Well, what did I just say? I wanted to call you."

"Justin, you are making no sense at all."

Justin sighed and then continued. "Ok, let me just get to the point. I'm glad Touchstone didn't call you because I wanted to call you and tell you."

"Tell me what?" she interrupted.

Justin didn't reply and left Mya hanging on a silent phone.

"Hello?" she yelled.

"Ok! Ok! Girl, you got the part!"

"What?" she said as if she didnt hear him.

"I said, you got the part. You are the official 'Emily Atwood'."

Mya's eyes lit up. "Are you serious?"

"What's going on?" Amy asked as she looked at her concerningly.

Justin replied. "I'm definately serious."

"I got the part!" Mya exclaimed to Amy and then stood up and started jumping around like a little girl. "I got the part!"

"Woohoo! I knew you'd get it!" Amy yelled as she gave her a quick hug.

"Give the phone to Amy. I need to talk to her quick." Justin added.

"Ok!" Mya said as she quickly gave the phone to Amy as she jumped on Drew from her excitement. Drew quickly peeled her off and she started to jump on Amy and Drew's bed.

"Hey! Jump on your own bed!" Amy yelled.

"What is she doing?" Justin asked.

"Don't ask." she laughed. "So, what do you need?"

"Well, I made reservations at a restuarant downtown. I need you to make sure Mya gets dressed up in something nice while I make my way over. I'll keep her busy if you and Drew can get the balloons I ordered and then meet us at the restuarant to surprise her with them."

Amy moved to the kitchen area of the room and talked quietly. "Ok, let me grab some paper and I can write all this down." she grabbed a pen and a tablet off the counter and awaited the information. "Ok, shoot."

"Ok. The restaurant is called Cicada. It's on South Olive Street. The reservations are at 7 'o' clock."

Amy looked at her watch. "It's almost 6 now. We better hurry up."

"Don't worry. It will only take you a minute to get to the restuarant."

"Ok, so what about the balloons?"

"Oh, the balloons are at M&M Balloons. That place is just right down the street so you wont miss it. I gave them your name and told them that you would be picking them up right before seven."

"Ok, good. So, are you on your way over now?"

"As soon as possible, yes."

Amy sighed as she walked back into the main room. "Ok, I'll let her know. Talk to ya later."

"Ok. Later!"

Amy clicked off the phone and pointed herself in Mya's direction just as she hung up her cell phone after calling her mother and telling her the good news. "Justin will be over in a few minutes to take you out. You are supposed to get dressed in something nice."

"Really?" she asked as she finally got her breath back after making laps around the room.

"Yep, hurry up!"

"Ok, ok!" she finished as she grabbed a nice dress from the closet and jumped into the bathroom.

After the door closed, Drew started interrogating. "So, what's up?"

"Well, we have to go down to this balloon place and then meet them at the restaurant." she whispered.

"What time is the reservation?"


"Wow. I hope he gets here quickly so that we can get ready and get all this done."

"Yeah, tell me about it." she sighed again and sat down. "I am so excited for her though. Just wait til it really sinks in. She is gonna be a huge star. A celebrity in a year. Her face is going to be on everything, especially since she is going to be in this movie with Justin. It's going to be promoted everywhere. She is definately going to become popular."

"Yeah, it's gonna be cool to say we know her and that we were with her every step of the way. They are gonna be so jealous back home."

"Well, luckily we don't have to worry about Brady. Justin will make sure he puts him away for awhile. But, I don't think we got rid of Jess that easily. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing her around here again." Amy finished.

Drew huffed. "Unfortunately, I feel the same way."

It was six thirty when Justin arrived and quickly whisked Mya away. Amy and Drew washed up and changed and hurried on their way to the balloon store.

"I wonder what kind of balloons Justin got." Drew wondered.

"Well, we'll find out shortly. I'll be right back." she added as she stepped out carefully in her gown and entered the store. She gave them her name and they handed her the three clear balloons that were filled with gold glitter and ribbons. The one balloon had a gold star on it. The other two read, 'Congratulations' and 'Stardust'.

"There ya go, ma'am." the cashier said with a smile on his face.

"They are really pretty. Thank you!"

"You're welcome! Have a nice night now!"

"I will!" she finished as she walked back out to the car. She put them in the back seat and let the little plastic star weight hold them down so they wouldn't drift away.

"Hey, they're pretty cool lookin'." Drew said as he pulled out of the parking space.

"Yeah they are." she quickly changed the subject. "Hey, you don't mind if we stop up here at this little store so we can pick out a card?"

"No I don't mind. We can do that quick. We only have ten minutes so we gotta hurry." he finished as they pulled into yet another parking spot.

They walked into the store and went straight to the card section. They picked out a few and read them back to each other.

"Ok, here's one." Drew started. "The front says, 'Congratulations! You have met the challenge with determination, strength, and total confidence.' The inside says, 'Typical.' "

Amy laughed as she looked at the card. "That is something her mom would say."

Drew put the card back as Amy picked up one and started to read. "How bout this one? The front says, 'Wow!' and the inside says, 'That's really something to celebrate!' "

Drew looked at her strangely. "That's pretty dull, dont ya think?"

"Yeah." she paused. "Do you have another one?"

"Yeah, here ya go. The front says, 'Congratulations!' and the inside says, 'With warm congratulations and best wishes for today, tomorrow and always.' "

Amy thought for a second and read it again. "That's really nice but a little too formal for us."

"Really?" Drew looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"Well, how bout the one I have? It goes along with the theme of stars."

"Ok, what's it say?" he asked as he leaned into her.

She showed him the front which held a gold star on a blue background and then opened the inside. 'Congratulations to a rising star!' "

"You're right, it matches the theme."

"Definately. The whole 'Stardust' title and becoming a movie star goes together. It's perfect!" she gleamed.

"It's simpler than the one I just read but I'm not going to argue with you." he laughed.

"Good. You're learning." she smiled.

"Ok, let's get that one and get out of here. We have like a minute."

"Okay, let's go!"

Amy and Drew arrived with balloons in tow and card in hand. The restaurant was illuminated by a dark glow with only the slight light from candles that adorned the centers of the tables. Soft music played in the background as they entered the dining area. Mya was extremely surprised by their arrival and by the helium balloons that they handed to her.

"Aww, guys, that is so sweet!" she blushed.

"Hey, it was all Justin's idea. Thank him." Amy replied as she and Drew sat down to join them.

Mya turned to Justin and gave him a quick kiss. "Thanks babe."

"No problem. They look even better than I imagined." he said, admiring the balloons that floated between them.

"They are really nice. The glitter is great!" she gleamed.

"We got you a card, too." Amy said, handing her the card.

"Thanks, you two didn't have to do that." she said as she took the card.

"Yeah we did. This is only once in a lifetime. We need to celebrate!" Drew added.

"Justin got me flowers too, but I left those in the car." Mya opened the card and read it and then showed Justin. "You guys and your star theme." she laughed. "I bet you couldn't guess what kind of flowers Justin gave me."

"I have no idea, what kind?" Amy asked.

"Lilies. Stargazers to be exact." she smirked and looked at Justin.

"That's sweet." Amy gushed.

"Is everyone ready to order?" Justin changed the subject.

Everyone agreed and ordered their meals. Fifteen minutes later they were served and they continued with their conversations.

"I was explaining to Mya earlier about some specifics about the movie and how filming it goes about." Justin talked in Amy and Drew's direction. "There are some things that I have to let you guys know about so that I can get the plans underway."

"Ok. What plans?" Drew asked.

"Well, the filming is going to start in about two to three weeks. Most of the scenes are going to be filmed out of California which means you will both be here in L.A. alone."

Amy and Drew looked at each other. "That's okay. We said we would be here with Mya for the auditions. We were going to go back home eventually anyway." Amy added.

"Well, you can go home if you want, but, i have another option if you'd like to hear it." Justin said as he picked some food off of his plate.

"Sure, go ahead." Amy replied as Justin's proposal perked Drew's head up.

"How would you two like to go to the Bahama's for two weeks. All expenses paid?"

Drew almost spit out his water and put it down quickly. "Are you serious?"

"Yep. Everything is on me. You can take my jet and soak in the sun for awhile. Anything you want down there will be already paid for."

"Anything?" Amy repeated.

Justin smirked. "Well, don't be maxing out my account or anything, but, mostly everything you need will be taken care of."

"Wow. How can we say no?"

"Well, we will be filming for a week at another location but the second week that you guys will be down there, we will be there to film a few scenes too."

"That's cool. We can all play around in the white sand for awhile." Amy added.

"Yeah, we can't have all work and no play, right?" Mya finally jumped in.

"Well, the filming won't be non-stop like one of our tours. We will get days off in between to get some rest."

"That's a good thing." Mya said.

"The rest of the guys are gonna hang out for a little while down there too, so it'll be a nice little vacation for everyone."

Mya looked at Justin. "Except that we will be the only ones working."

"It's still fun though." Justin replied as he pushed his empty plate away from him.

The waiter came back again ten minutes later and asked for desserts. Everyone passed and sat for another five minutes to finish up.

"I think I see the media starting to gather around the entrance. Maybe we should get going." Justin said as he eyed the camera's that hovered in the distance.

"That's a good idea. Wanna go out dancing or something?" Amy said as they all stood up.

"I'm not dancing in a good cocktail dress." Mya laughed.

"We can go home, get changed, and go party!"

Everyone looked at each other and agreed. They quickly walked past the media outside and made their way back to the hotel. Their long night had just begun.

~ Chapter 14 ~