| 3 |

"Are you almost ready?" Mya yelled through the bathroom door at Amy's house. It was two hours after they were at the beach and she was trying to convince Amy to go with her.
"You know, I don't think I can do this. I mean, I can't just take off work and drop everything here!" she yelled back.
"Wait a minute! Wasn't this your idea in the first place? And you know, I have a job, too! I need to do this. I have to now" she replied as Amy opened the door.
"You don't have to. I wanted you to go after your dreams because you wanted to, not to just plot some vendetta against Brady and Jess" Amy said as she walked across the hall and into her room.
"But this will be so fun. Even if I don't get to be in the movie, we can still have a kewl road trip!" she said, walking in front of her. "Since when are you so optimistic?" She replied with a strange look on her face.
"Come on. Give me a break. This is what you wanted and I'm agreeing for once. So, what are we waiting for?" Mya answered.
"Ok, so if I agreed to go with, first of all, I can't just leave Drew for that long, we're attached at the hip...." she started.
"We know this already" Mya exaggerated.
"And, second, we have no car, remember? Yours is totally trashed and I don't have one!" she finished.
"Well, Brady and the rest of them will pay to fix my car, but anyways, Drew has a car, so lets take his!" Mya said and looked at Drew who was laying on Amy's bed with headphones on. He couldn't hear what they were talking about.
"Drew isn't going to go with. He wouldn't drive his car that far, let alone if it even makes it that far" Amy explained as she looked at Drew. He finally realized they were talking about him and he took the headphones off.
"Why are you two looking at me?" Drew asked and sat up on the bed.
"We want to use your car to go to California" Mya said quickly.
"You mean you want to use the car to go to California, not me" Amy corrected her.
"I don't know about taking my car to California. I don't even know if it will get us there" he replied, combing his blonde hair back with his fingers and putting his hat on backwards.
"So, you want to go?" Mya asked him, totally out of the conversation.
"If Drew goes, I'll go" Amy said to both of them, hoping to get a decision soon.
"C'mon, please!" Mya pleaded as she sat beside Drew on the bed.
"I'll have to get back to ya" he replied, getting up off the bed and walking to the door.
"The auditions are next week. I need to know" she said sternly.
"Fine!" he exclaimed, walking back towards them. "But, we will leave tomorrow morning, not tonight. I'm tired and I want to go home"
"Ok, good!" she said, making herself comfortable on the bed. "Did you need a ride home?" he asked quickly, motioning Amy to follow him out to his car.
"No, I'm gonna stay for a bit yet" Mya replied, turning the tv on.
"Ok then, see ya tomorrow morning, at about 10 a.m."
"I'll be right back" Amy said to her as she left the room with Drew.
"Ok" she replied and turned her attention back to the tv.

"Are you sure you really want to do this?" Amy asked as she entered the room with two iced tea's.
"Not really, but it's just something I have to do now" she replied, sitting up and grabbing the glass. "I don't even think I can even walk outside without getting embarrased. I'm sure everyone knows about what happened with Brady by now. He's the big man now and I'm the loser"
"He's the loser by far. The whole group is. They have their heads so far up their asses that they think their shit dont stink. No pun intended" she smirked and sat down on her desk chair.
"Anyways, I better call my mom and tell her about the car, as if she didn't hear about it already" she leaned over and grabbed the phone.
"Probably not. She would have called here already"
"True, but I guess I'll see if she can get it repaired and if we can do anything about Brady" she replied.
"Your lucky your mom knows alot about legal matters and has the best lawyers"
"Yeah, well, I guess she learned alot from my father. I mean, we didn't live in a big house and have nice cars when he was a lawyer. He saved most of it, didn't use it for luxeries. But when he died, we were grateful to know that he saved it all for us and that we deserved to have the big house and the nice cars and that he would be happy if we took care of ourselves with it. She learned so much from him" she smiled, thinking of her father and then dialed the phone.
"That was nice of him. He was a great man" Amy replied, remembering the childhood days that she spent with Mya at Mya's old house.
"Mom?" Mya answered. "I have a problem with the car" she paused. "Brady and his friends trashed it. I mean, they totally vandalized it" she waited while her mom talked. "No, its not driveable. The tires are slashed and it was graffitied" her mom started to yell in the background. "Yes, I am serious. It's down at the boardwalk sitting, thats if no one ripped all the rims off or took the system out" her mom continued to yell. "Ok mom, thanks. Yeah, if you can, pick me up in about ten minutes. Ok, bye"
"Ok, so whats up?" Amy asked quickly, sitting at the edge of her seat.
"She is really pissed. She is calling the cops and reporting it. They probably won't do anything though. I think the prep's parents pay the cops off or something. They never get in trouble for anything. They dont believe they do anything wrong"
"But, we know he did it, and so do most of the people that were on the beach!" Amy exclaimed.
"Yeah, well they are all too scared to get involved. Powerful people intimidate them. You know what's funny? I am probably as rich as most of them put together, yet I'm not popular. Go figure" Mya said, standing up and walking to the door.
"It'll be ok though. You're gonna be a superstar!" she said with a valley accent and laughed.
"I'll see ya tomorrow! Don't forget, 10 a.m.!"
"I won't. See ya!" Amy replied as Mya walked out of her room.

Mya and her mother arrived at the boardwalk about a minute after she picked her up. It was completely dark out and the sands were empty. Her car was illuminated by the dim street lamp that hung overhead. A tow truck was already waiting, along with a police car.
"Oh my...." her mother trailed off as she walked around the car. It looked the same as Mya left it. Luckily, the rims and system were still intact.
"I need to get all the details on what happened" the police officer looked in Mya's direction.
"Ready to hook 'er up?" the truck driver asked Mya's mother, holding a clipboard in his hands, ready to deliver a big bill, knowing she could pay anything that he charged.
"Um, yeah" she stuttered, handing him her credit card. She continued to read the words, bitch, slut, and whore that were spray painted on the car.
"Ms. Anderson?" the officer addressed her formerly. "You are pressing charges, right?"
"Of course!" she answered and walked over to him and Mya. The truck driver started to hook up the Cabrio.
"You know that this should have been reported when it happened?" he tried to be smart with her.
"I'm sorry" Mya interrupted. "I was really mad at the time and I wasn't thinking"
"I'll see what I can do" he walked away and started talking into his radio.
"Mya, the car is a disaster. Why did Brady do this?" she crossed her arms as a cool wind started to blow.
"I don't know" she lied. Her mom knew about her relationship with Brady but she didn't know about the bet and the point system. "I guess he was mad"
"I dont think so. You guys broke up cleanly two weeks ago. If he would of done something, he would of done it then" she finished as the truck driver walked up to them.
"Where do you want 'er maam?" he asked as his clipboard propped itself against his protruding stomach.
"Just take it back to our house. I will deal with it in the morning" she waved her hands towards it with her head turned, trying not to look at it.
"Alrighty" he replied, handing the card back to her.
The officer walked back over to them with his notepad and pen. "Since Brady is the only one that you've seen with evidence, then he is the only one I can bring into the station with charges. The others you mentioned will be brought in for questioning, but without other witnesses who actually saw that they were doing anything, they will all most likely be released"
"Fine" Mya sighed, knowing that no one would tell on the preps. Her best effort would have to be going after Brady.
"One more crucial question. Where is the spray can that Brady had?" his eyes glared under the streetlight.
Mya remembered picking up the can and throwing it in the car. "Its in the car!" she exclaimed, looking at the empty spot where the car was. The truck driver took it away a couple minutes before.
"Okay. Well as long as you have it then. Go home, get the can, and rest for the night. Call to the station in the morning and we will do something about Brady" he finished and walked back to his car quickly as his radio started blaring.
"Something about Brady?" Mya's mother replied with an attitude. "What do you mean? Like a slap on the wrist and then send him home?"
"I'm sorry, I have to go now. I have a burglary in process. Do what I said and check in tomorrow. Bye now!" he exclaimed as he turned on his lights and sirens and tore out of the parking lot, leaving them standing alone under the streetlight.
"I don't believe this!" Mya's mother put her hand up to her head. "Let's get out of here. I'm tired"
They turned towards the BMW and quickly got in and left the boardwalk. During the five minute drive home, Mya told her mother her plans on heading to California. She wasn't too happy with her leaving, but only wanted her to be happy. She gave her, her support and stood behind her decision. When they finally arrived at the house, Mya searched the Cabrio for the paint can, and luckily, she found it. She headed to bed, excited on starting her journey in the morning.

~ Chapter 4 ~