| 6 |

She flipped the business card over and over through her fingers. Justin had grabbed the first thing he could find to write his cell phone number on after their steamy grind on the dancefloor the night before that had left the onlookers filled with jealousy.
"Are you gonna call him or are you gonna call Dale's TV?" Amy asked as she sat down beside her on the bed.
"What?" she flipped over the card that had the address for an electronics business. "Oh. Uh. I don't know."
"I think you'd rather call Dale."
Mya laughed. "I just don't want to bother him. I mean, I know he is busy and stuff."
"Come on, Mya. First you run into him in the hotel and then at the club where he singles you out from like 20 other girls. I think he wants you to bother him."
"But," she sat up. "He doesn't know why I'm here. If I tell him then he might think it will be unfair for the other actresses if we are friends."
"I don't know what to tell you. But, I wouldn't let this opportunity pass you by. Take every moment you can to hang out with him then casually bring up why you are here. Hopefully he'll understand."
"Or," she got up off the bed and walked towards the phone. "He will hate me after he figures out that I lied about why I was here."
"Just call him, girl. I don't think he is really gonna care." she stood up and walked towards her. "I have to go back down to gift shop and find Drew. I'll be right back."
Mya sighed as she stared at the phone. She looked back at the cell number. The card was shaking from her nervous hand. After 5 minutes she finally picked up the phone and dialed the number.
It rang 4 times before he finally answered. "Yo?"
She hesitated and almost decided to hang up before she replied. "Um, Justin?"
"That's me."
"Hi. It's Mya."
"Hey girl! I was just thinkin' bout ya."
Her stomach did flips and her adrenaline started to rush. "You were?"
"Yeah. I was gonna call you but, uh," he paused, almost sounding embarrased. "I kinda forgot your last name when you told me the other day so I couldn't page you in the hotel."
"Oh. Well, it's Anderson." she laughed lightly. "I hope I didn't bother you. I know you are busy."
"No, it's kewl. Actually I'm not even in town right now. Me and the guys have a TV interview in like 2 hours so we are all just chillin' in a hotel. Me, JC and Chris will be back in town tonight though to prowl the clubs and pick up chic's."
She looked at the floor and responded slowly. "Oh."
"Ok, so I'm kidding about the chic's part." he laughed. "So, what are you up to?"
"Oh, nothing, just pretty much being bored. But, actually I called to ask you something."
"Ok, shoot." he replied willingly.
She hesitated. "Um, I was thinking that maybe if you were coming back to town tonight, if I would be able to hang out with you for a bit?" she winced, hoping Justin wouldn't notice how much of a dork she just sounded.
"Actually that sounds pretty kewl. I would like to get to know you better, talk about what I'm doing in town."
"Really? That sounds great. Do you want me to meet you somewhere?"
He paused, the usuall sounds of Chris' big mouth was heard in the background. "Um, no. Just tell me what room you are in and I will get you in the hotel."
"Won't you be noticed though? I mean, I don't want you to get mobbed or anything."
"Well, you know I go out to clubs and stuff. It's not a problem to come to your room. Besides, I have the best security."
"Ok then. Well, I'm in room 314." she finished as Amy and Drew came back into the room.
"Ok, kewl. I'll be by like around 9. Is that okay?"
"That's fine." she smiled at Amy who gave her a thumbs up.
"Well, I gotta head out. I'll catch ya later."
"Ok. Bye!" she replied as he hung up.
"Well?" Amy yelled as she put the phone down.
"He is coming by at 9 to take me out clubbin'."
"Aaahhhh!" Amy exclaimed excitedly. "I can't believe you are going to go out with the Justin Timberlake. Like the one from *NSYNC, the one you have always dreamed about!"
"Shut up!" she exclaimed as her cheaks turned red from embarrasment.
"I mean, seriously, who ever gets that chance? Who ever gets that lucky?"
She rolled her eyes. "Obviously me."
"Oh my gosh! I am so jealous!"
"Gee thanks!" Drew laughed behind her.
"No, for real. This is a chance of a lifetime!"
"You're all excited. Maybe you should go out with him." she grinned.
"I'm just excited for you, thats all."
"And I'm just too stunned to be excited. It's like I was just at home, all the way across the country, dreaming about Justin, someone who I would never get in like a million years, and like bang, all of a sudden, he is going to be right here, going out with me tonight."
"Isn't it great!?" Amy exclaimed again.
"It's really weird."
"Well, anyway, I think we should go shopping for some new stuff, whadya say?"
"Sounds good to me!" Mya replied anxiously.
They changed and freshened up before they raided the shops along the busy city streets. Drew crashed on the bed by the time they were done. His decision to catch some sleep overweighed the one of being bagboy for the girls the rest of the afternoon. Without waking him, Amy and Mya slipped quietly out into the bright sunshiney day.

Five hours later, they noisly made their way back into their room, awakening Drew in the process. They plopped down ten bags onto the bed and quickly separated them, trying to figure out what would be the best outfit for Mya to wear that night.
"Justin called." Drew stumbled past them as he walked towards the bathroom.
"When? What did he say?" Mya replied quickly.
Drew yawned before he answered, making Mya aggravated from his hesitation. "About an hour ago. I think he said he was on his way back in town or something, he might be around a little earlier than you guys planned."
"Oh my gosh! You need to get ready!" Amy, acting like her date coordinator, hurried around behind her.
"He seemed pretty curious when I answered the phone, too." Drew continued. "Like he wanted to know who I was and if I was staying with you at the hotel."
Mya's heart seemed to stop in an instant. She wondered if Drew told him the truth about why they were staying there. "Um, did you tell him why we were here?"
He paused. "Uh, no. Was I supposed to?"
"It doesn't matter. Thanks for the message though."
"No prob." he replied and finally walked into the bathroom.
"Wow! I was this close on getting busted!" Mya described with her thumb and pointer finger.
"Tell me about it." she looked down at the bags on the bed. "Do you know that Justin could be here at any minute?"
"What? What did I do?"
"Stop gettin me all riled up!" she laughed.
"Sorry." she laughed with her.
"Well, I should get ready anyway. I can't wait to try on these new clothes!" With that said, they raveged through the bags like vultures, picking out the best outfit for Mya to wear.

"Justin! Hi!" Mya exclaimed as Justin showed up at her door an hour later. Standing behind him were two bodyguards who's eyes scanned the hallway cautiously as if they were protecting the president.
"Hey girl! You look really good!" he winked as she let him in.
Mya blushed lightly. She was hoping she wasn't overdoing it. She wore a short black mini skirt with black boots that went up to her knees and a short red belly shirt. Mya loved her short shirts so that she could show off her naval piercing. She also remembered from last time that Justin liked the view.
"Thanks. I hope I look okay."
"Don't worry, you look very nice." he smiled.
"So," she changed the subject. "Where is JC and Chris? Were'nt they coming along, too?"
"Oh, well I arranged for them to meet us at the club. I wanted to talk to you alone a bit without them. Or should I say Chris. Man, he can talk your ear off all day."
Mya laughed as Amy and Drew came back from hiding out on the balcony. "Oh, This is Amy and Drew."
"Hi." Justin said bluntly. Amy and Drew answered back in unison.
"Can I have your autograph?" Amy asked excitedly like she was 13 again. Mya rolled her eyes as Justin signed the piece of paper she grabbed. "Thanks!" she finished as she and Drew dissapeared again.
"I'm sorry." Mya said sincerely as she tried not to laugh.
Justin smirked. "It's ok. Believe me, I'm used to it." he paused. "So, are you ready to go?"
"Yes. Very."
"Ok, good." he finished as they walked back out into the hall, bodyguards in tow. They took the backway of the hotel and jumped into a black limo that was awaiting them in the parking lot.
"So, how was the interview today?" Mya started a conversation as they sat down on the soft leather seats.
"It went really well. We had fun."
"That's good. So, what are the other guys doing on their time off?"
"Well, besides having to do group things, JC is usually here in L.A. with me. Lance and Chris are working with their businesses and Joey is usually working on independent stuff like small movie rolls or music of his own."
"That's kewl. At least you guys aren't bored. You have lots of things to fall back on."
"Yeah, pretty much. I'm working on a few things in town, too."
"Like what, if you don't mind me asking."
Justin shifted his weight and turned towards her. "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about."
"Oh. Ok." Mya said softly as her eyes turned off of him and towards the ground.
"I am working on a new movie called Stardust. Have you heard about it?"
Mya paused. Her throat seemed as if it had started to swell. She swallowed hard. "Um, no."
Justin took a moment to look into her eyes. "Oh. Well it is being filmed at Hollywood/Touchstone. They are looking for an unknown lead actress. Someone that no one has seen yet."
"They are taking a chance like that? I mean, taking on someone new?"
"Yeah, they are really looking forward to it. But, of course the actresses have to have some sort of acting skills."
"Of course." she replied bluntly, not knowing what exactly to say.
"Interviews and try-outs are at the end of the week, maybe you should try."
Her swelling throat had now turned into a huge rock that had become stuck. She knew the truth was soon inevitable. "Um, I don't know how long we are staying in town though. Besides, I don't know the first thing about acting."
There was a twinkling in his eyes. "But of course you do. Isn't that why you are here?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You know what I'm talking about, Mya. Your friend Drew told me everything. He told you I called, didn't he?"
She didn't answer. Instead she looked back down at the plush black carpet. The truth was out. Justin has already known why she was there and now he knew that she lied. She looked back at him. Dissapointment had now taken the expression on his face. "I'm sorry." she managed to whisper through tear soaked eyes.
He took a sip of his water that he had with him and took a moment to look back at her. She stared intently into his crystal blue eyes but received no reply.

~ Chapter 7 ~