Updated ~ 01/28

Autumn Night ***
What is keeping JC awake in the middle of the night?

Funny Bone ***
Can Chris win the girl over and the Great Pumpkin?

Butterfly ***
Will Joey let his butterfly go free?

Space Cowboys: Encounter *
Can the guys survive their encounter of the 3rd kind?

Secret Admirer *****
Can Justin follow the scent to his sunflowery secret admirer?

Under You ****
Lance finds love where he least expects it.

The Darkest Hour ****
Will Justin ever be able to let go?

The Invitation ****
JC, Lance and Chris investigate a mysterious invitation.

Let It Snow *****
Will JC and Kayla's Christmas wishes come true?

At Every Rainbow's End : Sequel to TDH *****
Will Justin find more than a pot of gold at the end of his rainbow?

Walking In Silence *****
Will JC be able to soothe his heartache and regain a voice that is now a silent stranger?

The Queen
All Candy ever wanted was to be the queen.

Steel Blue No. 8
Cassie witnesses something that will change her life forever.

Pearl Moon
Will Chris wait for his Asian dancer to be free?

Melody ****
Joey's mental state was declining. Only love can bring it back.

Crystal Butterfly: Sequel To Butterfly
Alanna returns to Joey. But, will he accept her with open arms?

Fried Wontons and a Thong
Justin hates Chinese, his girlfriend hates Thongs. Who will win the debate?

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